lundi 6 août 2012

encrypted code messages from the krystal star and cosmic intelligences

I haven`t been very active on this blog since it`s creation because i have so much on my plate and things to study before i can write my articles...My life reads like a science-fiction novel except that IT IS ALL REAL! People on this planet just have nooooooooo idea of what is going on in this world.I was on a vacation trip lately in a beautiful location here in Quebec,the second day i was there i received an encrypted code message while i was sleeping and this message was disturbing and it took me a couple of hours to figure out the meaning of it...But before i get to explain this to you let me first explain something very important here.For MANY years i have been receiving encrypted code messages from the benevolent intelligences,i never knew why they send me these complicated messages that i have to decipher/decode just until recently and they always come in the form of "dreams" ( but of course they are not dreams ).These ET races are so advanced they can speak and understand ANY LANGUAGE ON THIS PLANET,so why do they keep talking to me in a secret manner and just don`t speak to me in french or english so that i understand everything clearly and fast right? this would be so simple right? why send me encrypted code messages each time they are sharing information with me? well it is becoming clear to me that there is a war going on,i am not talking about the wars we hear about in the news,but a war we don`t hear about in the the same day after i received this encrypted code message i received a little visit from the BLACK OPS,yes you read right and i am not asking anyone to believe me,i am just telling it like it is and telling the truth.I was enjoying the water and the sun when i noticed a black helicopter flying by the lake 2 times before it started to come down over the lake ( the place i was having a vacation is a resort hotel near this very beautiful lake and beach ).There were people with children on the beach and nobody had received any indication or warning that a helicopter would come down flying very low over the lake that day,people began to freak out after a while because as you can imagine people and children swim in the water and there were also some boats driving around,but they were getting also freaked out because this made no sense and they were trying to see or understand what was going on.At first i thought this was so strange that a helicopter would fly so close to the beach and so low over the water,but mostly fucking dangerous for the people,i couldn`t understand,this was not just a small helicopter,so why the fuck the administration of the hotel didn`t warn people on the beach??? and thats when i started feeling a little weird and made a connection.They were looking for something,they went around the beach and the hotel without ever landing their helicopter,i was able to notice two bald guys sitting in the back of the helicopter,almost identical as far as i could see,they were looking down on something without even looking outside their window,and for a while the helicopter was flying at the level of the first and second floors of the hotel rooms near the beach and in front of our hotel room,where in fact me and my boyfriend were staying ( first floor ).You have to understand that the military industrial complex has the technology to sweep the electromagneic field of the earth to detect any signals entering the lower frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum,and that is how i think they knew where i was ( or where the signal/encrypted code message was sent to ).And this is how the M.I.B ( men in black ) were able to find me too some years ago.The military industrial complex being in different locations around the world and not exclusively in the united-states.Also,on the same night after this strange event at the beach,i began feeling very tired early,i went to bed as i felt like laying down and maybe catch some sleep earlier,after a while a reptilian face suddenly appeared in my mind,the image seemed to be immobile and i was really taken by surprise by it,and i didn`t like it at all.I am not particularly interested in the reptilian conspiracy theories and i don`t even listen to the stories on youtube and on the net about them,i just don`t have the time to investigate the topic ( yet ),but this took me by surprise and i just felt like this was not "natural",i don`t want to jump to conclusions too fast but my guess is that the military industrial complex bombarded the area of the hotel where they thought i was lodging with images of a reptilian face,( in the lower electromagnetic spectrum ),maybe to send me a message or to confuse me,i am not sure at the moment...

So getting back to the message.The message consisted of letting me know there is a power at work IN THIS WORLD that is subjugating the universal feminine force in a horrid and violent way on this planet,it goes beyond misoginy.For some people reading this,it is obvious to them and nothing new of course,just like it was to me.But i am not talking about a gender war or stupid feminine roles in society,i am speaking at a level of CONSCIOUSNESS.Our consciousness is a whole,part feminine,part masculine and of course for both MAN AND WOMAN ( again,for some of you reading this nothing new here ).The reality is that each one of us has this electromagnetic field interfaced to the biological human body and very few are aware of this.The electromagnetic field is a system made of 2 complementery forces,one being masculine/electric and the other being the feminine/magnetic,and here i would like to borrow a very good description made by Santos Bonacci when he says that the masculine only sees the tree,but the feminine sees the forest,and again this is not about gender competition,both are equally strong and important.When it comes to the feminine force,the powers of this fictitious world made it their goal it seems to subjugate and have dominion over that part of our consciousness which is feminine in nature and consequently is able to see the forest.When we look at the vatican and the catholic church for instance this comes as no surprise,but we still have to go deeper under the surface to realize just how deep this goes.

The message also told me that there are gardians/protectors of this knowledge and that these feminine properties are kept secret for a good reason.Then we only have to think at how the christian religion and the catholic church went into great lentghs to destroy ( erase this memory ) the schools in ancient times that were the places where you had to go to learn this knowledge...i keep saying to people that the ET intelligences put things on my plate to study,they are not telling me how to think or what to think but just guide me through what i have to know and what i have to remember.When it comes to electromagnetism,i am still learning and i highly suggest to anyone reading this to study it also.The electromagnetic field being part of your consciousness,your time studying it will not be wasted...So why destroy this knowledge and erase this from our memory you may wonder,and believe me that is a very good question.

But the level of confusion and disinformation on this planet makes it very hard for people to get all of this,and this war going on is a war over the human consciousness and consciousness as a whole,the controllers and the predator forces at work in this world do not want you to get the whole picture so that you remain in a state of confusion and of course can be easily manipulated and mislead in this way.Then i have to talk about the INDIGO CHILDREN,because i will go as far as to say that these souls have incarnated here to distribute and teach this ancient science,they are like secret agents containing this important information we have to remember,unfortunately many of them are being manipulated because they are very naive.And trust me,the dark powers at work in this world are on the lookout for these children and they do not like them.