jeudi 11 octobre 2012

memories of interactions with the alien intelligences

NOTE: these experiences i am sharing in these articles are random and not in order,some of them could be from years ago and others just last week...i woke-up lying on a large table,the table was some type of metal material and i was totally naked.Right away i felt someone behind me holding my hand gently,(at this point i am coming out of a catatonic state but i am still paralyzed it seems).I could see the hand and the arm that was holding my hand,the arm was thin,the skin was the color of dark brown and the skin felt like hard rubber,the fingers were long and thin.Then i hear that being behind me tell me " no harm will be done to you ",and the voice was female.It occured to me that i knew her and that this was not the first time ( here i have to mention that much later in my life it was shown and explained to me that these beings as the one holding my hand in this episode,are in fact synthetic/biological interfaces,they are not a species or a race of aliens ) that moment i started to look around and there were a group of Draconians ( i have discovered this much later also that these were Draconians because i didn`t know at the time ) standing all around the table and staring at me,there was a pause at that moment and i felt that the being holding my hand felt pride and i understood she was showing me off,i do not mean to be pretentious i`m just telling it like it was.I don`t know how long that pause has been but i remember in the meantime looking at the group of draconians around me,there were about 8 of them and they were all looking at me in the eyes,believe me this experience has no comparison with seeing pictures of them on youtube,it is mindblowing just being in their presence and look at their faces and eyes.I have to make it clear here that for some reasons i did not feel scared of them at all,and i did not feel threatened,strangely,i could observe that it was them that were scared,i could see they were nervous and especially the one closest to me at my left.With hindsight i figured this episode was educational in nature,after a while ( and some telephatic conversation between them and the synthetic/biological interface that i did not hear ) they started to do medical check-up on me.The draconians were very cooperative,but i felt they were clumsy.The interface behind me told one of the draconians to make a genital inspection,which he did with reluctance,he didn`t really want to do this but he did it fast,he put his finger in my vagina and does the inspection ( there is absolutely NO SEXUAL or SENSUAL intention in this act,it was all medical for educational purpose and taking a look at genetics )...i can`t remember some detail here....then the interface starts to make a medical check-up in the area of my chest,at that point i start to think very silly thoughts to myself and i start to panick,because i was thinking that they will rip my chest apart and take my heart out of my body.The interface keeps doing the inspection but realizes something that puzzles her,she is wondering why it is still the same way as last time ( someting inside my chest ),at this point i begin to move my limbs in a panick manner like an idiot who doesn`t understand what is going on,the interface becomes irritated with me and tries to reason with me.She tells me it is only until ------------------ comes back,i hear what she is saying but my irrational fear takes over me and i want to get out of there,as i am struggling to get out of the paralysis the draconian that was very nervous and scared at my left starts to panick too,and out of his own irrational fear takes the sword out of his belt and gives a blow to my leg,then i wake up in my room and i still could feel the slash of the sword on my leg intensely.NOTE: i forgot to describe the draconians,they were all about 6 feet in height,their facial features are like those of an exotic lizard ( very beautiful ) not like a serpent ( draconians are not the  reptilians ),i do not remember their clothes but they were wearing clothes that seemed a little primitive to me,and they all were wearing a sword at their waist,i should say a sabre because it had a curve at the end of the blade,and i remember their eyes very well,there was nothing malicious in their eyes and nothing threatening or "evil" about them,i thought it was difficult to look at them because i had never seen people like that before and it defies our beauty standards here,they all seemed focus and i felt serene ( except for the incident of course ).