vendredi 2 novembre 2012

the secret war

I know that i have been postponing 2 important articles that i have to write about so i apologize for this delay,i only have to study some details in depth before i can write these articles as clearly as possible.

well,it has been quite a ride for me since i have been waking-up in 2010,very intense and sometimes very difficult.I have realized quickly enough that this ufo field of "research" is populated with many pseudo and self-improvised "researchers" that are not as honest and well intented as you would think.You can tell right away if they are true researchers/investigators or not when they start playing headgames and mindgames,or use subtle forms of bullying to diminish your own judgement and make you feel stupid in a subtle or aggressive way,especially if you do not agree with their interpretation they will become aggressive towards you or they will try to manipulate you into thinking in ways that are wrong.My god!,i was so naive,so naive,i just had no idea the level of bullshit and misinformation going on.The supposed "researchers" i was unfortunate to meet and talk to no matter how many years they have been investigating and researching are a bunch of amateurs in my opinion,they take themselves so seriously it stinks BAD,having said that there are a few exceptions of course,thank god...Because yes,once you delve into this world of UFOLOGY you realize just how the whole thing is like a labyrinth of lies,bullshit and headgames.With each new discovery i made it was like a piece of crust falling off my eyes,and then you start to see the light but there is another minotaur waiting around the corner to kick you in the teeth or ridicule you hard enough to instill fear and doubt in you,this is really disturbing.Not only the process of waking-up is hard enough but the hostility,the ridicule,the headgames/mindgames,the bullying ect,just make the whole thing even harder than it already is...Can you tell that i`m getting angry? because i am! but i really want to use this anger in a constructive way,this will be my last rant on this miserable side of the subject as i want to move on with my life.

well what appears to be more and more the reality is that there is a secret war going on and we just have no idea of how deep that is.Probably a war that has been going on for AGES and i mean millions and millions of years,a war perhaps stemming from very ancient beings that we call angels in our human culture,the same war that has probably occured millions of years ago in other parts of our galaxy ( have you had past lives memories of a war in Orion? ).Somehow or for some reasons this war is probably still going on here on earth but we all are in such a deep state of amnesia it is very difficult to see clearly.It appears  that some of us are advanced souls,souls that originate from these very ancient beings that we call angels,it appears that mine originates from the Oraphim race.But not all souls are the same,that means souls are created by these very ancient beings and they produce GENETIC LINES to incarnate into,at least this is what i understand so far.So there is a malevolent faction operating on the planet right now but it is very complex,so complex it is easy to get lost in the whole story.Years ago i was being abducted by this malevolent faction ( at least towards a genetic line that i am part of ) and they were very hostile towards me,at some point there has been an intervention to free me from their grip,but back then i just had no idea of what was happening to me,i just recorded everything i could remember in my journals.So yes i got abducted by these very ancient beings and their team and i don`t know what they did to me but you can bet that it was nothing good,it seems they too have their hybrids on earth,as i have seen in one of these abduction episodes there was one of their human-hybrid there but we were not allowed to talk to each other,it was a big no no to him,he was forbidden to talk or have any interaction with me.GENETICS are highly important in the whole story,they all are very interested in them,and we have another alien faction probably trying to produce a biological vehicle with a genetic line they are very interested in ( the indigos ) except that they are fraudulous in their attempt,what i mean by this is that they manipulate the people they are abducting and taking biological/genetic samples from to make them believe in something that is not true,what they are doing is they are trying to produce a biological vehicle into which to incarnate on this earth for malignent purposes.

I want to say that finding answers is really hard but with a lot of determination and patience it is possible.The more i got into this the more i realized that i have to keep some things for myself and to be very careful with whom i talk to and share my experiences with,because some people just distort the information you share with them,or they want to use your story/experiences for selling their books.Fortunately i have met wonderful people in the process,they are very few but they are there and i know i can trust them ( thank god! ).Something i have observed in many conversations/discussions is people are looking for validation of their experiences which is not bad and i went through the same process myself,they just don`t know where to go for such validation and unfortunately they fall on those pseudo researchers i was talking about and give their trust to them ( just like i did ) so what i`m saying is please be careful to who you open up to because trust me they are not as honest and experts as they want you to believe.Well i learned the hard way you see,a couple of really cold showers makes you wake-up a little more faster i suppose.

For now i am kind of taking a break with the studying i am doing related to my experiences in the matter,the last 2 years were extremely exhausting and i need to recuperate and just want to get back to my music and creating art,the benevolent alien intelligences involved in my case had to restore my endocrine system to normal which had been messed-up by the hostile faction,and i do think and believe they are doing the same thing to many others as well,simply put you get abducted by the malevolent faction who will mess-up with your dna and if you are lucky (?) the benevolent alien intelligences will too abduct you to restore your endocrine system/neurological structure back to normal,and believe me your nervous system will be in a wreck after all of this,your body and muscles will be in exhausted mode for a long time,i`m not even talking about the insomnia,the anxiety,the ptds syndrome ect that had been going on for many years,i am just making things short but you get the picture.

well that`s it for now,until next time!
take care and be well.

Lyson Roy.