mardi 3 décembre 2013

the truth is definitely stranger than fiction

i understand that i don`t make sense for most people with my articles and what i explain in them,well people are asleep and when these souls are so profoundly sleeping within their amnesia ther`s not much you can do to wake them up,and even so,if they start to wake-up they will have this reflex of remaining in denial because well,the REAL truth fucking hurts,there is no half measure here.

I have been under so many attacks since i was a child that i am convinced of what i have uncovered within my research and studies,in conjunction with my personal experiences,has now become very obvious to me.There are so many satellites orbiting the planet they can see you if you astral project or lightbody project yourself into another time vector,they will find out who you are and where you live and they also have your phone number.When i am talking of "they" i am of course referring to the Archons,the hostile alien factions,the Martians and their military secret services task force.They can come at night to abduct you and transport you to their secret military bases or within their phantom matrix which is located in different star systems,in my case i know that they use powerful electroshocks to short-circuit my memory so that i don`t remember my lightbody projections and where i have been to,but also the information i receive from the guardian alliance,they know that i can travel to different vectors of consciousness and that i meet with benevolent races.

Which brings me to the topic of ET-UFO disclosure.A lot of people asked the question why don`t the ETs reveal themselves and land on earth for all to see and wake us up,they just don`t get it,it has nothing to do with the planet earth being in some kind of quarantine,( well, kind of, but not really as it is explained to us in the UFO groups/community ),or that we are retards who need to evolve first before they can reveal themselves to us. First of all the planet earth as we know it does not originate from this solar system,it has been captured within this solar system a very long time ago.Now,the planet earth is under the control of the Archons and the hostile alien factions,they do not possess the earth,but they do have control over it and the populations that are located on it.The fact is that they have very advanced technology that they use to capture and entrap souls within their system,if you would understand this then you will understand that the benevolent races are very reluctant to come and land here,in fact when they do come for some operations they have to do in some cases, they are nervous and they have to be quick,the annunaki and annu-elohim races have such advanced technology that in this 3d and 4d systems ( and maybe even more ) they can create enough damage to scare the shit out of those benevolent ETs.But do not be mistaken,their technology is not organic,it is artificial which means that it does not come from the source of the true light,they do use geometry except that the geometry they use is a false configuration,it is not sacred geometry at all as it is being communicated and propagated by Drunvalo Melchisedek and the new-age movement,their "sacred geometry" is artificial and comes from this artificial universe that they have created,which means ARTIFICIAL LIGHT.

In a way we are cavemen playing with peebles when it comes to understanding reality,but the reality is that we are an inmate populations kept in so much ignorance,and so much confusion,that it is easy for them to manipulate our minds,in my point of view they have successfully achieved brainwashing people even those who consider themselves indigo and starseed.

We are bombarded with so much false information and so much distraction it is particularly hard to achieve a certain level of mental clarity,once you are able to achieve this,trust me,you will KNOW,there is no going back after that.And you will be on their radar of course,be certain of this.

Lyson Roy

lundi 21 octobre 2013

my progression towards reclaiming my soul and consciousness

From everything i have experienced,observed and studied so far,i am quite amaze at how far i`ve come.I used to subscribe to some of the the false information being spread all over this planet like reincarnation as a process of learning and the earth being a school for the soul for instance,which i really don`t believe anymore,i have also studied the whole concept of the precession of the equinoxes in relation with the cyclical ages to finally become very skeptic of it,at least from the standpoint of linear time and time as we understand it.Now that i have become completely aware of their traps and fallacious system,i am looking at this world very differently than i used to only 3 years ago.As a matter of fact,i am also becoming very skeptic of the chakra system ( as it is proposed and taught generally at least ) and the belief system related to it,since it is becoming very clear to me that this solar system is the universe of the Demiurge and under the control of the Archons and different annunaki genetic lines,i have to ask myself very serious questions,are we living in a completely fictitious construct created by the Demiurge and the Archons themselves or another type of intelligence Alien to the planet and the human race?

This is an update of my progression towards reclaiming my soul and consciousness,which has not been easy at all,and this is still a work in progress because it is not over.Trust me,when you REALLY WAKE-UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR SOUL you will experience things that are just out of this world but they will make you realize at how deep and far this all goes.To give you an idea,here is a quick and short sequence of events i have been through since waking-up from this artificial reality...
1-it all started when i began to notice puncture marks on my arm one morning when i woke-up from sleep ( knowing they were not there the night before ),and noticing that i would wake-up from sleep without my pyjamas on and all the bedsheets perfectly placed over me as if i did not move not even one finger during the whole night,etc...( you can read one of my first article where i give a list of all the other signs and symptoms of alien abductions )
2-i began a journey of 2 and a half years of intense and analytical research in parallel with what i was going thru and based on my personal experiences
3-at one point i was able to open my pineal gland channel and began to do many lightbody projections to the inner earth and different locations on this planet etc...
4-on MANY and different occasions i have been under severe attacks from very hostile alien factions entities ( the Draconians,the Martians,the occult shadow government/military secret intelligences,demonic entities,the Archons themselves etc, )
5-began to experience my multiple Selves on this planet and afterwards in parallel realities
6-major synchronistic events started happening
7-major healing process started to occur ( at the soul level )
8-encounters with the Demiurge and one of the Archons on seperate occasions,face to face.
9-more attacks
10-communications with the earth`s consciousness begins

This may sound very exciting and it is to a certain extent,but let me tell you that when i first embarked on this journey i had very little idea of what was waiting for me.First of all,THEY don`t want you to wake the fuck up,because if you do then you will start telling the truth and telling others about what is really going on which of course they have to stop at all cost ( fortunately i have my ET family groups and alien intelligences friends that are there to help me and protect me as much as they possibly can ).

But the Demiurge ( which is a real BEING/CONSCIOUSNESS as described in the gnostics texts ) has other tricks in his bag.As i am learning,and remembering,my consciousness has 12 souls,each of these souls has 12 incarnates,for instance the soul that i am here on this planet has 12 incarnates,projected in other locations of this world,for instance i might have one lightbody incarnate in one physical biological body in Australia and another lightbody projected into another physical biological body in the United-states and so on,each of which i might experience and be aware of simultaneously on different occasions,but mostly for me it happens when i am sleeping, so far.Last week one of my multiple Selves has been through a very violent and horrific rape that i will not describe here since it could be very disturbing for you to hear,the attack was in fact a severe punishment they gave me,because i am waking-up on multiple levels of course not just here on a 3D earth.This is of course a reign of terror they use to make me shut up,when i say THEY,it is the Demiurge and his galactic mafia terrorizers.I was able to escape and find asylum where i was protected finally,but this was a traumatic live experience,and i was not the only one,there was another girl not very far from me,they gave her the same treatment but for her the punishment was to last one hour,for me,the punishment was to last as long as they wished ( 3 hours,4 hours,i don`t know and i don`t remember because i probably passed out after a while ).But i do not wish to scare people with my testimony,this is only to give some hints and share info that may help and give insight into something we have to wake-up to.

As i was saying,the Demiurge is a REAL and manifested being/consciousness,since i have encountered this being face to face i have no more doubt about his existence.And in fact,the pope is the incarnation of the Demiurge,the authorative figure of the pope exists also in parallel realities,i have seen him for myself on this last occasion where i received this violent and horrific punishment.Because the demiurge is a consciousness himself,he also has many multiple Selves within this universe not just on planet earth! So when i hear about the theory of a anti-christ to incarnate on earth as the next pope i do not laugh anymore,i think that this could really be the case and not some bullshit conspiracy theory coming from very imaginative speculative idiots,all consciousnesses can incarnate into physical biological bodies and all consciousnesses having existence can split themselves into multiple souls/Selves in my point of view.To understand who and what is the demiurge i suggest reading the gnostic texts from the nag hamadhi library and to study also the Pistis Sophia.

So my journey has been very difficult so far but very interesting nonetheless,what i can tell you though is that the more they attack me,the more i am waking-up,and the more i am waking-up,the more i become aware and capable.These days i feel energized and much much more in tune with my higher-Self and the earth`s consciousness.My life is not horrible at all,it is simply out of this world from time to time and these experiences i am having on multiple levels are sometimes difficult to compose with on a daily basis,because i have a "regular" life,just like everybody else.And this is what i`m supposed to do anyway.I am definitely awakening to my own consciousness and it feels great,nothing and no one can stop me now,this is how it should be.

Lyson Roy.

mardi 15 octobre 2013

my voyage to Sirius B and another planet from our solar system Part 2

the second part of this article will be about an experience i`ve had prior to my voyage which i am sharing so that it offers a little bit more information and helps us understand the whole sequence of events.


The day just before my voyage and following travel to another planet,to my amazement,i found myself in a direct communication with the planet earth`s consciousness.Again,while my physical body was in sleeping mode,i suddenly woke-up standing up in front of my bedroom window,i was looking through the window when i saw a planet appear far away,although i was looking outside everything in sight was plain empty,no sky,no stars,no light,like a canvas,the only thing to see was that planet appearing very far away.Then,another planet appeared right after the first one,and another one and another one and another one,with each one getting closer towards me,making a gigantic curved line of planets from a very far point ( in time and space ) to a very close point ( in time and space ) until the last planet reached my window,there must have been 12 of them one after the other,the last one appearing right in front of my window which gave me a very close-up sight of the planet,this planet was the planet earth.

After seeing this,i did not know what to do but i knew something important was being shown to me,instantly i started to ask "what is going on?" "what is it you want me to know?",at this point i became aware that i was in direct communication with the earth`s consciousness and that she wanted to communicate something to me.As i was looking at the planet in front of me,the planet was revolving slowly on herself and i could see every continent pretty clearly,after a moment she stopped revolving and now i was looking at the map of the United-States of America,and there appeared  military type helicopters on the map one after the other,each helicopter appearing in different states,from what i could see,the strategic positioning was encircling the United-States at this moment IN TIME.The helicopters were quite big and were all camouflage type/design like this picture here

from what i was able to understand,this is going on RIGHT NOW,obviously this is a massive covert operation taking over the United-States of America.At that point,as i was seeing this information i began to wonder if this is going on somewhere else on the planet,i wanted to ask the permission of the earth`s consciousness first if she would allowed me to verify other locations,as i was articulating this thought to myself i instantly saw that my window became like a computer screen,that i could touch to verify other locations over the planet,which i did.I first wanted to check my area,Quebec,there was absolutely nothing going there,then i wanted to check the rest of Canada since we are neighboors with the United-States but i didn`t have the time as i woke-up,at least i do not remember anything after that.

Once back in this 3d reality,the impression of this information was still very strong,and VERY REAL.

If you wonder where does this fit in with the voyage i did the next day,well,it took me a while to understand why both of my hosts in the parallel earth seemed to be upset or uncomfortable with my question to them ( when i asked them "which planet is this?" ).It did not occured to me at that point,and i think they thought that i knew where i was,then perhaps although they considered me becoming really powerful ( in their own words ) they probably saw that i was not "really" awake yet,which i think made them feel very surprised and a little upset by it.This is at least my understanding and the impression i get.It is also a logical sequence of events because i have been experiencing my multiple selves here on this 3d earth since 2010-11,and more and more i am experiencing my multiple selves in alternate realities/parallel worlds.

I would like to point out that i am nobody special,i do not think that i was "picked" or chosen among the billions of people of this planet to receive such information,but it is fair to say that i am receiving this information because i am awake enough ( remember the deep amnesia i often talk about ),and also because i did my homework.I am also becoming more and more aware that the planet earth is an organic consciousness,it is not just a ball where stuff grow and live on it,that the planet earth does not originate from this solar system and that the earth is a superconsciousness having multiple existences in different star systems,which means that for instance when people talk of Gaia,they think that Gaia is the 3d earth when in fact it is a 7d earth planet.Once i did my research ( and boy did i work my ass off to find answers and find credible sources of information ) and was able to finally grasp this it is as if i had unlocked my own consciousness,not only this,i can honestly say that it truly helps to establish a truthful relationship with the earth`s consciousness,and to honor her,at the same time this establishes a truthful relationship with our higher self and honor the organic source of that higher self.On a last note,for those who wish to communicate with the earth`s consciousness,it is not complicated,do your homework,search for the truth and have pure intentions towards the earth,after a while she will let you know and she will support you.If this can help,in my meditations i often give thanks to the planet earth and all the elements who participate with her,for nourishing me,for all my meals,for her spirit and her joy,for supporting me and things like that,i believe it helps to resonate with her consciousness.She listens.She knows.She is.

Lyson Roy

mardi 8 octobre 2013

my voyage to Sirius B and another planet Part 1

A lot has been happening this year so far for me,not only am i making a lot of progress but i am also learning many things.I have been pretty busy this spring and summer so i haven`t been active on this blog as much as i would have liked to.With hindsight i find that my progress is going fast although i might find things are going super slow on most days like no matter what i do nothing changes and i feel like time is standing still,it is probably because i am experiencing my multiple Selves here on planet earth but also in alternate realities,and this article is about just that.


NOTE TO THE READER: this article has been updated a little as of january 2015 to better describe my experience,the hall/hallway i am describing in this article consist of the amoera passage that links to Sirius B,which is stargate 6.

While my physical body was in sleeping mode last night ( the night of saturday/sunday oct 5th ),i woke up to find myself in what seemed to be a land of the dead where i saw a family member who has passed away last year,as i addressed myself to her i realized she was like a zombie and it was no use that i try to talk with her,she didn`t even realized that i was there and she really appeared like a dead soul,soon after that i changed direction and found myself travelling in a hallway,the hall is difficult to describe unless you have experienced this for yourself,the walls were made of what looked to be very nice polished and decorated rocks of different colors and many hues,while i travelled i took the time to look at them and named each color i saw in my mind to help me memorize this experience,for a second i wanted to touch one of the rocks but decided not to because i felt that these hallway have a consciousness of its own and that could be disrespectful to this consciousness,so i just enjoyed the view and appreciated the hallway in all its beauty.Then i arrived at destination in a small room where someone greeted me,this person led me outside of the room to meet with 2 individuals i did not know and were waiting for me.I noticed once outside the room that i was stepping into a very large building where there were a lot of people walking in the same direction,to an event to which i was to attend too,and these 2 individuals were to bring me there,eventually i understood that this place was something like the UN ( united nations ) here on planet earth and a large meeting was about to begin.

The 2 individuals and the people i noticed all looked human,very similar to earthlings but with many differences,for instance one of the 2 hosts had a very light blue skin color but seemed to suffer from obesity and some strange skin problems,he had short brown hair,since i was doing most of the talking with him ( or him doing the talking with me ) i don`t remember the other one very well other than that he was slender,had short and somewhat grey hair and that he was wearing a robe,and that he was more shy.When they both greeted me they seemed excited and honored,the man with the blue skin took my hand and shook it and said to me " you are becoming really powerful,we are glad to see you here " ( NOTE; although i do not know what he meant by that exactly,and i would like to underline that i describe my experience as it was and i do not mean to be pretentious or to blow my horns about it  ).I also noticed that while walking i did not touch the ground like the others,as we walked and talked at some point in our conversation i asked them " which planet is this? " they both looked at each other and seemed very uncomfortable with my question and did not answer which i thought was odd,i did not ask again not wanting to push them or be disrespectful towards their hospitality.I did not understand why they seemed upset by my question until i realized something later today that i will explain in the second part of this article...Then they led me into what looked like a small conference room,they were talking with some other people in this room and i quickly noticed someone lying on the floor,quickly noticing it was a man strangely dressed,it caught my attention very much so i decided to let the others talk between themselves and went to take a look at the man lying on the floor.I was very intriged because i found it so strange to see this in this type of environment,as i approached him ( still not touching the ground as i walked ) i sat down near him, i wanted to know who he was and what he was doing there,i started talking with him and asking him questions and i quickly realized that what he was doing was a form of protest,people like him are considered low life there,just like homeless people on earth are considered low life and garbage of society,still during and after our conversation i could not figure out who these people are and why they are in this situation,anyhow soon into the conversation another one like him ( exactly the same genetic type ) joined the conversation he also remained lying on the floor,what struck me is that nobody paid attention to them except me,i figure that they are now perceived as just being part of the "landscape" of their everyday life.As we talked i discovered that these people were smart people not what they are considered to be like in their society/civilization,but that they did not question themselves or anything and accepted everything as it is,that they had given up.At this point i became a little pissed-off at them and took some rings i was wearing and threw them on their forehead to try to wake them up and provoke them in a way,which of course did nothing at all,they just became irritated,i was angry at them for a minute for wasting their intelligence and their potential,but who am i to judge! i did not know anything about them and their story or where they come from as people and individuals,and i decided to let go and just appreciate them as they are at the moment,we discussed music a bit,they know what rap and rock music are,they also know what heroin and crack are.In the end one of them told me he had a dog and i said to him that he should bring him next time i come over and that i would love to meet his dog also because i love animals and that i would really like to talk to them again because i find them very interesting.At that point,i don`t remember what happened next because soon after that while i was over there my consciousness split itself and went to another planet.

NOTE; all the conversations were telepathic and the people there are very real and did not look ethereal at all,what i mean is that the world i had travelled to is just as physical as the 3D planet earth,it was not a dreamy experience or strange experience.

Next i find myself in the interstellar space where i slowly dive into deep waters of a planet,as i submerged myself i could see clearly the rings of the planet on the horizon as well as a moon very far away,i could see that this planet is huge because although i could see the moon very well it was very far away which made me realize the vast distance between the moon itself and the planet,the rings covered a vast distance of many hundreds kilometers in between,it seemed to be nightime although i cannot be sure since it could have been the planetary atmosphere which gave me the impression of this.

Once in the waters i soon arrived to a location where i saw installations of some kind and a voice started talking to me,the voice was female and it sounded like it was coming through from an intercom or some kind of speaker,the voice was explaining this world to me and much of it i did not understand,as the voice was speaking i was trying to wrap my mind around what was going on and what i was doing there as i  saw 2 individuals climbing one of these underwater installations ( i apologize i do not know how to describe them other than that ),i quickly realized they were 2 girls and that they were trying to escape something or some people.The 2 girls were wearing hightech gear which resembled space astronaut suits but more complex,they looked young around their 20s,i also realized that one of the 2 was or seemed to be seriously injured and the other one was doing her very best to save her and to not leave her behind no matter what.This was clearly an underwater world and it clearly occured to me that these girls needed help.Then i saw a group of people coming fast behind those 2 girls and i realized they were chasing them,AT THIS POINT it became clear to me that i was not there physically and that all these people did not see me at all! it was me as A CONSCIOUSNESS who was there and seeing everything,and that i was there to help those 2 girls! ( i have the impression that i was one of those 2 girls ).Then the voice coming through the speaker switched to a male voice who went into explaining more stuff,unfortunately i am not able to remember anything that these voices said to me,but i do remember that they sounded robotic,these voices could have been part of this underwater world and talking to these 2 girls who were escaping,and if i was one of these 2 girls ( which i think is the case ) it is completely natural and logical that my consciousness perceived these voices talking to my consciousness.

Now i had to do something,which was very easy for me to do.The group of people chasing the girls were getting closer and closer to the girls,they all looked human as far as i could see but the woman right behind the girl still climbing the installations was about to grab her ankle and i saw her hand were like animal`s paws,like an eagle`s claws to be specific,then i stretched my arm at this right moment and pulled one of the woman`s fingers which made her miss her target and consequently gave the girls the fraction of a second they needed to completely escape these people and the underwater world.That is all i had to do.And i think they finally escaped as far as i could see...Right after that,my consciousness left the underwater world and went on the surface of the planet,it was clearly daylight on the surface.I did not stay very long but as my consciousness left the planet i could observe and see a group of people roaming a specific location,the group of people were all children around 8-9-10 years old and dressed in such an amazing fashion,they all were wearing a mohak like the punks of our 3D earth culture but much more extravagant,as i saw these kids roaming on the surface i saw a woman near them and i quickly understood that this woman took care of these kids because they are orphans or abandonned children on this planet,she is called the godmother ( not to be confused with the godfather of our mafia 3D earth culture ),this was really nice to see and i was very glad to have seen that.

Now,i do not know which planet this was but i am convinced this is a gas giant of our solar system,with a little research i understand not only saturn has rings but neptune and uranus as well,and jupiter too.These planets have "sheperd" moons,which are moons that orbit the planetary rings and i believe this is one of the moons that i saw.

In the second part of this article i will describe an experience i`ve had prior to this which will add some explanation to this whole experience.More to come!

Lyson Roy

mardi 6 août 2013

the collective denial

i was once a human in the Orion Gaian wars and i remember when at one point we had been suddenly attacked by  Luciferian anunnaki races, this oppressive system is still alive and well functionning all over this galaxy.This is a deeply oppressive system very hierarchical and malignent in nature,it is also super efficient in the sense that all the souls entrapped within this system have an extremely difficulty to wake-up from it and consequently to get out of it.This solar system has already been invaded millenias ago by predatory forces no doubt about it in my mind today.The planet earth is also invaded since at least the last 300,000 years as far as i know,but maybe even more than that.As i have pointed out before i have been under attack since very early in this incarnation,MANY TIMES,by the Thetans themselves and some annunaki and drakonian races but also by the secret military intelligences,once i have realized this completely and became aware of what was going on i could not close my eyes any longer on this fictitious reality we are all trapped into.

The denial is very very strong,you will get kicked in the teeth and be ridiculed for sure,expect this,and be prepared for all kinds of attacks.Everything on this planet has been corrupted and modified for the purpose of keeping souls in a deep state of amnesia and confused about this fictitious reality,a fictitious world created by the Archons themselves ( the archons are a group of very hostile elohim ).I find it very painful to see that so many so-called starseeds and indigos are all being manipulated by the new-age movement,which by the way is another invention of the Archons to mislead people.My research has lead me to find out that the esoteric/hermetic/occult schools of thought are tools used by this oppressive and hierarchical system,it has also became very apparent to me that many researchers in the UFO research movement have been programmed and manipulated big time by these hostile alien factions,no doubt about it in my mind also today.So this leaves not much space for any kind of freedom whatsoever you might think,which i think is really the case in my point of view.To my knowledge the only possible way to get out of this is to wake-up which is something very difficult to do,this takes time,and can be very depressing some days,the key is to rehabilitate the soul that you are into becoming aware of its true nature,which is part of a much much bigger reality than this fictitious and cruel world we are living in.The soul that you are is immortal and originates from very ancient races of beings who have seeded star systems,you do not originate from a star system as it is perceived by many so-called starseeds.Unfortunately for us human beings on this planet,the ancient wisdom and databases of knowledge have been destroyed,corrupted or hidden by those groups who have invaded this solar system,they are doing the same with the planet earth as a whole.It should be known that many annunaki souls have already incarnated in human physical interfaces and are doing their work very well by manipulating people and spreading false information evrywhere they can,this also counts for them infiltrating the UFO/abductees/starseeds/contactees groups,well they keep control over things and are doing a great job at dumbing down people i can tell you that!

For my part,althought i have looked up on some people that are considered the authority in the "truth movement" and for whom i have a lot of respect and admiration,i have come to the conclusion that those who really have the knowledge of what is really going on down here are exceptionally very few,today i can only count on 4 very credible sources of information that i use as references for their high quality and clarity of mind ( which are very hard find to find these days ).These sources of information come from Ashayana Deane`s material,Amitahk Stanford material,the Alien interview transcripts and Peggy Kane`s work which you can find on the web easily.

Regarding the esoteric/hermetic and occult schools of thought and doctrines/traditions,one has to be very careful to the information being spread by these systems,which in my point of view are tools of programming,which means FALSE INFORMATION pertaining to the universal consciousness.For a start,once you realize that this solar system has been invaded and that a synthetic/biological light is being projected into the planetary atmosphere,you have to ask yourself serious questions about the moon and all the other moons orbiting the outer planets as well.My suggestion is that the moons are very probably being used to hihjack the planetary atmospheres,if this is the case,then your view and understanding of astrology ( and astrotheology ) should be questionned,and your understanding of polarity and gravity should be questionned as well.This material world is evil and ruled by very malignent alien factions who really don`t care about you,you are only a resources and commodity to them,they know how the mind functions very well and they know how to manipulate us based on this knowledge,but we are so dumbed down that we think we know better,well welcome to reality because you are fooling yourself and you are in denial.Then again,we are left with not much choice when confronted with the truth of this reality and realizing that religions,sciences,politics and academia are all tools being used to manipulate and program souls into believing false information ( i believe some of these people actually know what is going on and are surely having a good laugh at our expense,or they are suffering greatly from this knowledge ).This is of course a dark picture,which is absolutely the case,and i am very sorry that it is that way,i wish i could say otherwise sincerely.At this point i am not hopeful but i am not desperate either,i know what i have to do which is my only consolation.

Lyson Roy

mardi 16 juillet 2013

the importance of healing at the soul level

Before getting out of this false time matrix we are trapped into,the most important thing to do besides waking-up from this very deep amnesia we have been hexed with is to engage in a process of healing from all this toxic shit our souls have been subjected to.This could be a long road for some people but once you really wake-up the road gets clearer and easier as to what you are supposed to do,you will first learn and appreciate your own inner resources as tools of self-healing,self-expression and self-liberation.

The higher-Self plays a big role in this process as this is your connection with the all knowing source,establishing a communication with your higher-self will guide you towards what you have to know and what you have to do.From my own perspective based on personal experience the higher-self exists outside the visible spectrum and beyond the electromagnetic spectrum of our solar system,it may communicate with the soul that you are through meditation or in what we usually refer to as dreams.I understand that the soul that i am is a projection of this higher-self which is really the higher mind,while  the higher-self is a projection of soul groups existing within this galaxy,but i don`t want to get ahead of myself here so this will be another topic for a future article.

The reason healing is so important is because the souls that we are have been going through a very long process of reincarnations on this planet for many thousands of years,this reincarnations programming system has nothing to do with karma or learning for growth and progression as the new-age movement/religious philosophies are trying to make us believe,it has everything to do with your soul being encapsulated into a physical body to lock you down into this prison that this planet is being used for by a very hostile alien faction.Within this reincarnation programming system,the soul experiences very traumatic and painful existence over and over again which has caused so much pain and suffering on this planet,believe me they know what they are doing,and they really do not care about you,humanity and this planet.Having said that,my point is not to create hatred and despise towards these beings,but to make you become aware of your "ennemy".Personally i do not hate my ennemies ( and i know who they are ),i respect them and i am able to feel deep love for them,but bullies are not my friends,and occasionally i am truly pissed-off at them ( which they also know ),your ennemies can be your best friends in disguise in the sense that what you will learn from your encounters with them,you will learn about yourself in the same token.

Deprogramming oneself from low self-esteem,guilt,fear,pain,victim mentality,the feelings of loss and confusion,self-hatred,religious beliefs,false identities,survival etc,takes work and time,the thought to keep in mind is determination and patience,beating yourself up won`t help,and being completely angry at them won`t help either in my opinion.Once you are truly waking-up and taking your power back you will most probably receive a little visit from them,they appear in a very large space craft which is completely black and has the form of a key hole,with some kind of grid work all over it,they appear through a gigantic punch hole cloud and the cloud is very thick and dark,this is done by magnetic manipulation of the electromagnetic field of the planet,tall greys will appear and you will probably be taken onboard of the space craft where you will meet with one of the Archons,trust me they are REAL,one of these Archons is the god Jehovah of the bible.Well,i`ve had a short conversation with this being and let him know just how pissed-off i was with him,i did not feel afraid at all and felt completely at the same level as him in the sense that i am completely aware of their agenda and the whole "game" which is going on on this planet.When they left i understood something very profound which is hard to explain but it is kind of like feeling you are leaving a very toxic relationship and seeing the other person continuing on a path of total self-destruction,this was painful for me to see and i felt a lot of sadness,and i am not trying to pose as a self-righteous person because this is not what i`m trying to suggest,these beings come from the same source as we all do,and believe it or not i feel a deep and spiritual love for them even after all they did to me,but they are deluded.

And so,this healing has a lot to do with remembering who you truly are and where you come from,The Lyran wars are not sci-fi stories but are part of our galactic history that we have completely forgotten about since we have been kept locked into amnesia,but the war is still going on and in fact i personally believe that the so-called starseeds are from Lyran descent,they were genetic lines seeded in different star systems that were attacked and conquered by the annunaki legions.When i talk about the genetic lines we have to understand genetics as a gigantic information storage/library,genetics are not limited to a physical body.The DNA as far as i can understand so far,is an infinite string of information stemming from the galactic core,from the galatic core emerges the electromagnetic system which holds all stars and star systems,within all star systems are different sun types and these suns are portals ranging from the 15th dimension to the lower domains of reality.Which means that our DNA is electric AND magnetic in its composition,which means that we are truly made of stars,which means that we are this galaxy and that this galaxy is us! do you get it? the importance of getting to this understanding is that we have electric and magnetic channels that are part of our biological system,our physical body/biological system is an organic interface to interface with the electromagnetic spectrum created by the sun and planet earth ( the male and female principles ),and if you were to cut yourself from the feminine principle you are cutting yourself from the magnetic channels that are part of your DNA,which is really what this fictitious reality agenda is all about.

We are organic beings,with this in mind,nature is our best ally to heal in that respect,it is also THE SOURCE,the source from which they are doing all they can to seperate us from.Then we understand quite easily how this war on women and the feminine principle is all about,if they can seperate your soul from nature than they can assimilate you into their hightech enginneering control system ( this is already happening by the way ) where you will be enslaved,i know this sounds like farfetched and like i`m trying to scare people with shit talk but i am not kidding.It seems they have done the same with the planet Mars,they are conquering the whole solar system in fact ( i was informed by much more advanced beings ),have you noticed the weather manipulation? we are on the same path as Mars it seems.

Until next time,take care and be well
Lyson Roy

jeudi 7 février 2013


i have to write about something very real that the ufo community does not understand very well when it comes to the reptilians and the anunnaki.I have written 2 articles so far about my encounters with the anunnaki and i am not finished,i could write much more than i do about these encounters but i am not sharing everything to protect myself and my privacy,i`m sure my readers will understand...I have to first of all thank DAN WINTER and his contribution who brings great insight in his presentations on the topic,he made me realize some very important details in my own encounters with the anunnaki,and i feel it is important that i repeat myself once again but the ANUNNAKI are different races of genetic hybrids,it is not comparable to the regular human beings or the people who say they are hybrids ( genetically modified human beings ),the anunnaki and the reptilians ( and most probably the praying mantis and insectoid type of races ) are GENETICALLY ENGINEERED races of beings which make them highly psychic people as dan winter and some abductees put it which is another way of saying that they have supernatural abilities,but it is not the life of the party for them as you will see.As i was saying in one of my articles the anunnaki are not angels but they are not demons either,they have a soul and are spiritual too except they do not reincarnate over a very long period of time like reincarnated souls,they probably live for hundreds or thousands of years in the same body.Being highly psychic as they are has a horrible downside to it in my understanding,especially when they come in contact with humans of this planet for instance but probably any kind of race that are most likely like us,souls who reincarnate.Because they are psychic sponges.It is not like they set out to be like this "YEAH!!!! let`s go vampirize the human beings,let`s go destroy them and their planets YEAHHHH!!!! we love this and we will become the masters of the universe YEAHHHHH ),no it is not at all like that in my opinion.Their DNA is so potent and engineered in such a way that they just simply have no control over their psychic abilities,and as i have observed with some of them they have extreme compulsive behaviours because of this too.One of these abilities is they naturally read the mind of others,which again is not something they can control,it is just them,like breathing is to us,it is not comparable to the very good psychic you go see for a card reading for instance,it is much more deep and potent than that believe me!

Now try to imagine yourself being so psychic you can read every thought embedded or entertained in someone`s mind,and that you have no control over this because it is genetic and that is your DNA PROGRAMMING,now try to imagine yourself becoming a sponge that is being immersed in all of these thoughts the other person has in his/her mind and these thoughts consist of a lot of TOXIC emotions like fear,lust,anger,emotional pain,all kinds of sexual distortions like rape and child abuse,power and control issues,but you also have within your mind different thought patterns like belief systems,fantasies ( good and bad ),likes and dislikes of all sorts,thoughts you entertain about the past,present and future and about others ect ect the list just goes on,well imagine being submerged by all this toxic shit and schizophrenic thought patterns,like a sponge,try to imagine just how painful this may be on a spiritual level,and how dangerous this may feel and seem to you if you knew that races of beings actually live like that.This is a very short portrait of who are the reptilians,the anunnaki and the other genetically engineered races.I am just explaining the really "unpleasant" side of their reality and their genetics,they have the beehive mind genetics as dan winter explains in one of his presentations,which is not bad or wrong,it is simply different and does cause harm to themselves and to others as well,just as we cause harm to ourselves and others.The creators who have created them are those very ancient beings that we call and identify as angels in our human culture,they are the master races,they can duplicate their own DNA and genetically engineer life.As i have discovered and suspected,there is a very big conflict between 2 groups of these very ancient beings ( as far as i know ) who are part of the same family of master races,the conflict consist of 2 opposite philosophies on how they "farm" DNA as dan winter puts it and i agree with him completely.

I have been visited multiple times by these very ancient beings,i know who they are and they know who i am,one group is "malevolent" towards me,i am saying malevolent for the reason that they are hostile towards me but they are not really malevolent and they are not bad or wrong in my opinion,they simply disagree with the other group from which my soul originates from.The group i originate from has a fractal mind,being in tune with nature,the stars and the cosmos.The other group has a beehive mind,being into hierarchy,technology and rituals as dan winter explains,which totally seems to be the case,they are heavily involved into genetic engineering for instance...I also think and believe that this conflict causes a lot of trouble on both sides of the story,and that they are looking for a solution but this is not the type of solution we simple mortals would come up with,they are i think looking for a genetic solution,like finding DNA KEYS to fix the problem or the error,i might be wrong but this is what i think...i would like to say that i enjoy to be around the anunnaki races,i think they are amazing and very beautiful,i am actually learning a lot from them.I know that some of them really like me just as i really like them,but there is a great difficulty to find some kind of levelled relationship since their genetics is so potent and out of this world,it is kind of like being a politician trying to communicate with einstein on a very strong dose of acid and vice versa,i know this sounds ridiculous and maybe not very flattering but this is how it is,what seems a very simple conversation for us or a reasonable way of seeing things would sound like a foreign language to them,and in the end it is as much painful for them as it is for me ( and maybe others too ).

well,i think i have said enough for now,it is painful for me to write about this because i know both sides  suffer and feel the pain and i feel the sadness and the broken-hearts.I  hope they will find a solution which is probably not for tomorrow but this is my little contribution in this great ocean of consciousness we all share together,for the better and for the worse.

lyson roy

mardi 8 janvier 2013

My encounters with the ANNUNAKI PART2

This episode took place years ago,i still remember it vividly.Me and a group of girls were abducted ( some of them i knew ) and we all were in what seems to me now to be an underground facility i just can`t tell if it was military or not but i do not remember any soldiers or military personel being there with us.All the girls were in complete catatonic state except me.There was a group a chemists with us,chemists working for "THE BOSS" ( the boss being the specialized chemist who is from an Annunaki race ).They wanted to inject us something with a syringe,all the girls received the injection but at my turn things started going rough because i started asking questions and i was not shy,i was awake and completely aware of what was happening.I began asking what was that product they wanted to put in my system,what was in it,if there was side effects to it,if there were other people before us who received this injection ect ect,i was very assertive and i wouldn`t take any bullshit for an answer,i was really getting on their nerves now and they became hostile towards me,they just wanted me to shut up and get the job done.I refused,for some reasons i wouldn`t shut up and i kept pushing.They took me outside.We walked.There was a female chemist at my side,she was sympathetic to me and she was totally aggreeing with my behaviour and all my questionning.They decided to take me to THE BOSS who had created the chemistry.The boss in question is an individual from an Annunaki race,very attractive,around 26 years old,long blond hair,caucasian,slim and he had a princely attitude/manner,around 6 feet tall,you know the picture of these tall male blonds with blue eyes of the galactic federation of light? YES that`s them,they are one of the Annunaki races i am talking about and that ashayana deane is describing in her material.And i have to repeat,THE ANNUNAKI are NOT a single race of Ets,they are a group of different GENETIC HYBRID RACES,this one i am referring to here are the ones with the long blond hair and blue eyes but some of them have purple eyes...but getting back to my story.So they took me to see THE BOSS,and i started questionning him,he started to laugh first by complete surprise but also because he thought that this was ridiculous, there was a scoff in the way he laughed as if to say that i wouldn`t understand ANY OF THIS.He never answered any of my questions and just avoided us.I was so perplexed that he couldn`t answer any of my questions ( that was the way i perceived it at the time ) him the inventor of a product that everybody believed to be innofensive.Something else happened that i won`t try to describe here.So finally after a while,the woman who was being sympathetic with me and 2 men walked out of the facility,to an apartment in the area,they were friendly and it seems we became friends...the group of chemists working for the Annunaki in this episode were regular humans ( not ETs ).I want to say here that a lot has been said about the Annunaki but it is quite different from reading about them when you are actually face to face with them and exchanging/interacting with them,it doesn`t compare,the reality is simply mindblowing.Also when you hear people or see articles telling us that the Annunaki are to come back or that the Annunaki have left in the biblical times BE 100% SURE THAT THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT,these people have no idea of what they are talking about or they simply have been manipulated.THE ANNUNAKI are not to come back and never left the planet THEY ARE ALREADY HERE!!!,and again i want to point out that i am not writing these articles to demonize them,they do not seem to be an homogenous group,each group probably doing their own thing in different parts of the world.And again i have to say that they are the REAL GENETIC HYBRIDS,they have supernatural abilities that are out of this world,they can put you in a catatonic state in no time,or shapeshift into a dog while doing other stuff and never lose sight of you,i swear on my own life that i have seen all of this from my own eyes.So i have encountered those with the brown hair living inside the earth,the ones with the long blond hair and blue ( or purple ) eyes working in underground facilities but they may appear into your bedroom also,but there are those with black hair too and the MIBs that i have encountered too that i will talk about another time and there are more!They all are operating on the planet since i don`t know when but they sure know who i am and they probably get tired of me sometimes because of all my questions and because i would like to stick around them longer when i am in their company.Having said that,i don`t think they perceive me as their friend,some of them really like me,some are indifferent and others are just really intriged by me,they are not demons but they are not angels either.With this episode it is clear to me that this was not a vaccine or a vitamin shot they wanted to inject me with,if you think that your abductors are "not allowing" you to remember things for your own interest THINK AGAIN,it is for THEIR OWN INTEREST that they do not want you to remember.I will post my last article from my blog following this so you get an idea of what this means.Thank you and have a nice day. 


*NOTE; "the boss" i was describing above is a being like the one you see in this picture,they are one of the annunaki races,often referred to the galactic federation of light.

Lyson Roy