mardi 8 janvier 2013

My encounters with the ANNUNAKI PART2

This episode took place years ago,i still remember it vividly.Me and a group of girls were abducted ( some of them i knew ) and we all were in what seems to me now to be an underground facility i just can`t tell if it was military or not but i do not remember any soldiers or military personel being there with us.All the girls were in complete catatonic state except me.There was a group a chemists with us,chemists working for "THE BOSS" ( the boss being the specialized chemist who is from an Annunaki race ).They wanted to inject us something with a syringe,all the girls received the injection but at my turn things started going rough because i started asking questions and i was not shy,i was awake and completely aware of what was happening.I began asking what was that product they wanted to put in my system,what was in it,if there was side effects to it,if there were other people before us who received this injection ect ect,i was very assertive and i wouldn`t take any bullshit for an answer,i was really getting on their nerves now and they became hostile towards me,they just wanted me to shut up and get the job done.I refused,for some reasons i wouldn`t shut up and i kept pushing.They took me outside.We walked.There was a female chemist at my side,she was sympathetic to me and she was totally aggreeing with my behaviour and all my questionning.They decided to take me to THE BOSS who had created the chemistry.The boss in question is an individual from an Annunaki race,very attractive,around 26 years old,long blond hair,caucasian,slim and he had a princely attitude/manner,around 6 feet tall,you know the picture of these tall male blonds with blue eyes of the galactic federation of light? YES that`s them,they are one of the Annunaki races i am talking about and that ashayana deane is describing in her material.And i have to repeat,THE ANNUNAKI are NOT a single race of Ets,they are a group of different GENETIC HYBRID RACES,this one i am referring to here are the ones with the long blond hair and blue eyes but some of them have purple eyes...but getting back to my story.So they took me to see THE BOSS,and i started questionning him,he started to laugh first by complete surprise but also because he thought that this was ridiculous, there was a scoff in the way he laughed as if to say that i wouldn`t understand ANY OF THIS.He never answered any of my questions and just avoided us.I was so perplexed that he couldn`t answer any of my questions ( that was the way i perceived it at the time ) him the inventor of a product that everybody believed to be innofensive.Something else happened that i won`t try to describe here.So finally after a while,the woman who was being sympathetic with me and 2 men walked out of the facility,to an apartment in the area,they were friendly and it seems we became friends...the group of chemists working for the Annunaki in this episode were regular humans ( not ETs ).I want to say here that a lot has been said about the Annunaki but it is quite different from reading about them when you are actually face to face with them and exchanging/interacting with them,it doesn`t compare,the reality is simply mindblowing.Also when you hear people or see articles telling us that the Annunaki are to come back or that the Annunaki have left in the biblical times BE 100% SURE THAT THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT,these people have no idea of what they are talking about or they simply have been manipulated.THE ANNUNAKI are not to come back and never left the planet THEY ARE ALREADY HERE!!!,and again i want to point out that i am not writing these articles to demonize them,they do not seem to be an homogenous group,each group probably doing their own thing in different parts of the world.And again i have to say that they are the REAL GENETIC HYBRIDS,they have supernatural abilities that are out of this world,they can put you in a catatonic state in no time,or shapeshift into a dog while doing other stuff and never lose sight of you,i swear on my own life that i have seen all of this from my own eyes.So i have encountered those with the brown hair living inside the earth,the ones with the long blond hair and blue ( or purple ) eyes working in underground facilities but they may appear into your bedroom also,but there are those with black hair too and the MIBs that i have encountered too that i will talk about another time and there are more!They all are operating on the planet since i don`t know when but they sure know who i am and they probably get tired of me sometimes because of all my questions and because i would like to stick around them longer when i am in their company.Having said that,i don`t think they perceive me as their friend,some of them really like me,some are indifferent and others are just really intriged by me,they are not demons but they are not angels either.With this episode it is clear to me that this was not a vaccine or a vitamin shot they wanted to inject me with,if you think that your abductors are "not allowing" you to remember things for your own interest THINK AGAIN,it is for THEIR OWN INTEREST that they do not want you to remember.I will post my last article from my blog following this so you get an idea of what this means.Thank you and have a nice day. 


*NOTE; "the boss" i was describing above is a being like the one you see in this picture,they are one of the annunaki races,often referred to the galactic federation of light.

Lyson Roy