jeudi 7 février 2013


i have to write about something very real that the ufo community does not understand very well when it comes to the reptilians and the anunnaki.I have written 2 articles so far about my encounters with the anunnaki and i am not finished,i could write much more than i do about these encounters but i am not sharing everything to protect myself and my privacy,i`m sure my readers will understand...I have to first of all thank DAN WINTER and his contribution who brings great insight in his presentations on the topic,he made me realize some very important details in my own encounters with the anunnaki,and i feel it is important that i repeat myself once again but the ANUNNAKI are different races of genetic hybrids,it is not comparable to the regular human beings or the people who say they are hybrids ( genetically modified human beings ),the anunnaki and the reptilians ( and most probably the praying mantis and insectoid type of races ) are GENETICALLY ENGINEERED races of beings which make them highly psychic people as dan winter and some abductees put it which is another way of saying that they have supernatural abilities,but it is not the life of the party for them as you will see.As i was saying in one of my articles the anunnaki are not angels but they are not demons either,they have a soul and are spiritual too except they do not reincarnate over a very long period of time like reincarnated souls,they probably live for hundreds or thousands of years in the same body.Being highly psychic as they are has a horrible downside to it in my understanding,especially when they come in contact with humans of this planet for instance but probably any kind of race that are most likely like us,souls who reincarnate.Because they are psychic sponges.It is not like they set out to be like this "YEAH!!!! let`s go vampirize the human beings,let`s go destroy them and their planets YEAHHHH!!!! we love this and we will become the masters of the universe YEAHHHHH ),no it is not at all like that in my opinion.Their DNA is so potent and engineered in such a way that they just simply have no control over their psychic abilities,and as i have observed with some of them they have extreme compulsive behaviours because of this too.One of these abilities is they naturally read the mind of others,which again is not something they can control,it is just them,like breathing is to us,it is not comparable to the very good psychic you go see for a card reading for instance,it is much more deep and potent than that believe me!

Now try to imagine yourself being so psychic you can read every thought embedded or entertained in someone`s mind,and that you have no control over this because it is genetic and that is your DNA PROGRAMMING,now try to imagine yourself becoming a sponge that is being immersed in all of these thoughts the other person has in his/her mind and these thoughts consist of a lot of TOXIC emotions like fear,lust,anger,emotional pain,all kinds of sexual distortions like rape and child abuse,power and control issues,but you also have within your mind different thought patterns like belief systems,fantasies ( good and bad ),likes and dislikes of all sorts,thoughts you entertain about the past,present and future and about others ect ect the list just goes on,well imagine being submerged by all this toxic shit and schizophrenic thought patterns,like a sponge,try to imagine just how painful this may be on a spiritual level,and how dangerous this may feel and seem to you if you knew that races of beings actually live like that.This is a very short portrait of who are the reptilians,the anunnaki and the other genetically engineered races.I am just explaining the really "unpleasant" side of their reality and their genetics,they have the beehive mind genetics as dan winter explains in one of his presentations,which is not bad or wrong,it is simply different and does cause harm to themselves and to others as well,just as we cause harm to ourselves and others.The creators who have created them are those very ancient beings that we call and identify as angels in our human culture,they are the master races,they can duplicate their own DNA and genetically engineer life.As i have discovered and suspected,there is a very big conflict between 2 groups of these very ancient beings ( as far as i know ) who are part of the same family of master races,the conflict consist of 2 opposite philosophies on how they "farm" DNA as dan winter puts it and i agree with him completely.

I have been visited multiple times by these very ancient beings,i know who they are and they know who i am,one group is "malevolent" towards me,i am saying malevolent for the reason that they are hostile towards me but they are not really malevolent and they are not bad or wrong in my opinion,they simply disagree with the other group from which my soul originates from.The group i originate from has a fractal mind,being in tune with nature,the stars and the cosmos.The other group has a beehive mind,being into hierarchy,technology and rituals as dan winter explains,which totally seems to be the case,they are heavily involved into genetic engineering for instance...I also think and believe that this conflict causes a lot of trouble on both sides of the story,and that they are looking for a solution but this is not the type of solution we simple mortals would come up with,they are i think looking for a genetic solution,like finding DNA KEYS to fix the problem or the error,i might be wrong but this is what i think...i would like to say that i enjoy to be around the anunnaki races,i think they are amazing and very beautiful,i am actually learning a lot from them.I know that some of them really like me just as i really like them,but there is a great difficulty to find some kind of levelled relationship since their genetics is so potent and out of this world,it is kind of like being a politician trying to communicate with einstein on a very strong dose of acid and vice versa,i know this sounds ridiculous and maybe not very flattering but this is how it is,what seems a very simple conversation for us or a reasonable way of seeing things would sound like a foreign language to them,and in the end it is as much painful for them as it is for me ( and maybe others too ).

well,i think i have said enough for now,it is painful for me to write about this because i know both sides  suffer and feel the pain and i feel the sadness and the broken-hearts.I  hope they will find a solution which is probably not for tomorrow but this is my little contribution in this great ocean of consciousness we all share together,for the better and for the worse.

lyson roy