mardi 16 juillet 2013

the importance of healing at the soul level

Before getting out of this false time matrix we are trapped into,the most important thing to do besides waking-up from this very deep amnesia we have been hexed with is to engage in a process of healing from all this toxic shit our souls have been subjected to.This could be a long road for some people but once you really wake-up the road gets clearer and easier as to what you are supposed to do,you will first learn and appreciate your own inner resources as tools of self-healing,self-expression and self-liberation.

The higher-Self plays a big role in this process as this is your connection with the all knowing source,establishing a communication with your higher-self will guide you towards what you have to know and what you have to do.From my own perspective based on personal experience the higher-self exists outside the visible spectrum and beyond the electromagnetic spectrum of our solar system,it may communicate with the soul that you are through meditation or in what we usually refer to as dreams.I understand that the soul that i am is a projection of this higher-self which is really the higher mind,while  the higher-self is a projection of soul groups existing within this galaxy,but i don`t want to get ahead of myself here so this will be another topic for a future article.

The reason healing is so important is because the souls that we are have been going through a very long process of reincarnations on this planet for many thousands of years,this reincarnations programming system has nothing to do with karma or learning for growth and progression as the new-age movement/religious philosophies are trying to make us believe,it has everything to do with your soul being encapsulated into a physical body to lock you down into this prison that this planet is being used for by a very hostile alien faction.Within this reincarnation programming system,the soul experiences very traumatic and painful existence over and over again which has caused so much pain and suffering on this planet,believe me they know what they are doing,and they really do not care about you,humanity and this planet.Having said that,my point is not to create hatred and despise towards these beings,but to make you become aware of your "ennemy".Personally i do not hate my ennemies ( and i know who they are ),i respect them and i am able to feel deep love for them,but bullies are not my friends,and occasionally i am truly pissed-off at them ( which they also know ),your ennemies can be your best friends in disguise in the sense that what you will learn from your encounters with them,you will learn about yourself in the same token.

Deprogramming oneself from low self-esteem,guilt,fear,pain,victim mentality,the feelings of loss and confusion,self-hatred,religious beliefs,false identities,survival etc,takes work and time,the thought to keep in mind is determination and patience,beating yourself up won`t help,and being completely angry at them won`t help either in my opinion.Once you are truly waking-up and taking your power back you will most probably receive a little visit from them,they appear in a very large space craft which is completely black and has the form of a key hole,with some kind of grid work all over it,they appear through a gigantic punch hole cloud and the cloud is very thick and dark,this is done by magnetic manipulation of the electromagnetic field of the planet,tall greys will appear and you will probably be taken onboard of the space craft where you will meet with one of the Archons,trust me they are REAL,one of these Archons is the god Jehovah of the bible.Well,i`ve had a short conversation with this being and let him know just how pissed-off i was with him,i did not feel afraid at all and felt completely at the same level as him in the sense that i am completely aware of their agenda and the whole "game" which is going on on this planet.When they left i understood something very profound which is hard to explain but it is kind of like feeling you are leaving a very toxic relationship and seeing the other person continuing on a path of total self-destruction,this was painful for me to see and i felt a lot of sadness,and i am not trying to pose as a self-righteous person because this is not what i`m trying to suggest,these beings come from the same source as we all do,and believe it or not i feel a deep and spiritual love for them even after all they did to me,but they are deluded.

And so,this healing has a lot to do with remembering who you truly are and where you come from,The Lyran wars are not sci-fi stories but are part of our galactic history that we have completely forgotten about since we have been kept locked into amnesia,but the war is still going on and in fact i personally believe that the so-called starseeds are from Lyran descent,they were genetic lines seeded in different star systems that were attacked and conquered by the annunaki legions.When i talk about the genetic lines we have to understand genetics as a gigantic information storage/library,genetics are not limited to a physical body.The DNA as far as i can understand so far,is an infinite string of information stemming from the galactic core,from the galatic core emerges the electromagnetic system which holds all stars and star systems,within all star systems are different sun types and these suns are portals ranging from the 15th dimension to the lower domains of reality.Which means that our DNA is electric AND magnetic in its composition,which means that we are truly made of stars,which means that we are this galaxy and that this galaxy is us! do you get it? the importance of getting to this understanding is that we have electric and magnetic channels that are part of our biological system,our physical body/biological system is an organic interface to interface with the electromagnetic spectrum created by the sun and planet earth ( the male and female principles ),and if you were to cut yourself from the feminine principle you are cutting yourself from the magnetic channels that are part of your DNA,which is really what this fictitious reality agenda is all about.

We are organic beings,with this in mind,nature is our best ally to heal in that respect,it is also THE SOURCE,the source from which they are doing all they can to seperate us from.Then we understand quite easily how this war on women and the feminine principle is all about,if they can seperate your soul from nature than they can assimilate you into their hightech enginneering control system ( this is already happening by the way ) where you will be enslaved,i know this sounds like farfetched and like i`m trying to scare people with shit talk but i am not kidding.It seems they have done the same with the planet Mars,they are conquering the whole solar system in fact ( i was informed by much more advanced beings ),have you noticed the weather manipulation? we are on the same path as Mars it seems.

Until next time,take care and be well
Lyson Roy