mardi 6 août 2013

the collective denial

i was once a human in the Orion Gaian wars and i remember when at one point we had been suddenly attacked by  Luciferian anunnaki races, this oppressive system is still alive and well functionning all over this galaxy.This is a deeply oppressive system very hierarchical and malignent in nature,it is also super efficient in the sense that all the souls entrapped within this system have an extremely difficulty to wake-up from it and consequently to get out of it.This solar system has already been invaded millenias ago by predatory forces no doubt about it in my mind today.The planet earth is also invaded since at least the last 300,000 years as far as i know,but maybe even more than that.As i have pointed out before i have been under attack since very early in this incarnation,MANY TIMES,by the Thetans themselves and some annunaki and drakonian races but also by the secret military intelligences,once i have realized this completely and became aware of what was going on i could not close my eyes any longer on this fictitious reality we are all trapped into.

The denial is very very strong,you will get kicked in the teeth and be ridiculed for sure,expect this,and be prepared for all kinds of attacks.Everything on this planet has been corrupted and modified for the purpose of keeping souls in a deep state of amnesia and confused about this fictitious reality,a fictitious world created by the Archons themselves ( the archons are a group of very hostile elohim ).I find it very painful to see that so many so-called starseeds and indigos are all being manipulated by the new-age movement,which by the way is another invention of the Archons to mislead people.My research has lead me to find out that the esoteric/hermetic/occult schools of thought are tools used by this oppressive and hierarchical system,it has also became very apparent to me that many researchers in the UFO research movement have been programmed and manipulated big time by these hostile alien factions,no doubt about it in my mind also today.So this leaves not much space for any kind of freedom whatsoever you might think,which i think is really the case in my point of view.To my knowledge the only possible way to get out of this is to wake-up which is something very difficult to do,this takes time,and can be very depressing some days,the key is to rehabilitate the soul that you are into becoming aware of its true nature,which is part of a much much bigger reality than this fictitious and cruel world we are living in.The soul that you are is immortal and originates from very ancient races of beings who have seeded star systems,you do not originate from a star system as it is perceived by many so-called starseeds.Unfortunately for us human beings on this planet,the ancient wisdom and databases of knowledge have been destroyed,corrupted or hidden by those groups who have invaded this solar system,they are doing the same with the planet earth as a whole.It should be known that many annunaki souls have already incarnated in human physical interfaces and are doing their work very well by manipulating people and spreading false information evrywhere they can,this also counts for them infiltrating the UFO/abductees/starseeds/contactees groups,well they keep control over things and are doing a great job at dumbing down people i can tell you that!

For my part,althought i have looked up on some people that are considered the authority in the "truth movement" and for whom i have a lot of respect and admiration,i have come to the conclusion that those who really have the knowledge of what is really going on down here are exceptionally very few,today i can only count on 4 very credible sources of information that i use as references for their high quality and clarity of mind ( which are very hard find to find these days ).These sources of information come from Ashayana Deane`s material,Amitahk Stanford material,the Alien interview transcripts and Peggy Kane`s work which you can find on the web easily.

Regarding the esoteric/hermetic and occult schools of thought and doctrines/traditions,one has to be very careful to the information being spread by these systems,which in my point of view are tools of programming,which means FALSE INFORMATION pertaining to the universal consciousness.For a start,once you realize that this solar system has been invaded and that a synthetic/biological light is being projected into the planetary atmosphere,you have to ask yourself serious questions about the moon and all the other moons orbiting the outer planets as well.My suggestion is that the moons are very probably being used to hihjack the planetary atmospheres,if this is the case,then your view and understanding of astrology ( and astrotheology ) should be questionned,and your understanding of polarity and gravity should be questionned as well.This material world is evil and ruled by very malignent alien factions who really don`t care about you,you are only a resources and commodity to them,they know how the mind functions very well and they know how to manipulate us based on this knowledge,but we are so dumbed down that we think we know better,well welcome to reality because you are fooling yourself and you are in denial.Then again,we are left with not much choice when confronted with the truth of this reality and realizing that religions,sciences,politics and academia are all tools being used to manipulate and program souls into believing false information ( i believe some of these people actually know what is going on and are surely having a good laugh at our expense,or they are suffering greatly from this knowledge ).This is of course a dark picture,which is absolutely the case,and i am very sorry that it is that way,i wish i could say otherwise sincerely.At this point i am not hopeful but i am not desperate either,i know what i have to do which is my only consolation.

Lyson Roy