lundi 21 octobre 2013

my progression towards reclaiming my soul and consciousness

From everything i have experienced,observed and studied so far,i am quite amaze at how far i`ve come.I used to subscribe to some of the the false information being spread all over this planet like reincarnation as a process of learning and the earth being a school for the soul for instance,which i really don`t believe anymore,i have also studied the whole concept of the precession of the equinoxes in relation with the cyclical ages to finally become very skeptic of it,at least from the standpoint of linear time and time as we understand it.Now that i have become completely aware of their traps and fallacious system,i am looking at this world very differently than i used to only 3 years ago.As a matter of fact,i am also becoming very skeptic of the chakra system ( as it is proposed and taught generally at least ) and the belief system related to it,since it is becoming very clear to me that this solar system is the universe of the Demiurge and under the control of the Archons and different annunaki genetic lines,i have to ask myself very serious questions,are we living in a completely fictitious construct created by the Demiurge and the Archons themselves or another type of intelligence Alien to the planet and the human race?

This is an update of my progression towards reclaiming my soul and consciousness,which has not been easy at all,and this is still a work in progress because it is not over.Trust me,when you REALLY WAKE-UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR SOUL you will experience things that are just out of this world but they will make you realize at how deep and far this all goes.To give you an idea,here is a quick and short sequence of events i have been through since waking-up from this artificial reality...
1-it all started when i began to notice puncture marks on my arm one morning when i woke-up from sleep ( knowing they were not there the night before ),and noticing that i would wake-up from sleep without my pyjamas on and all the bedsheets perfectly placed over me as if i did not move not even one finger during the whole night,etc...( you can read one of my first article where i give a list of all the other signs and symptoms of alien abductions )
2-i began a journey of 2 and a half years of intense and analytical research in parallel with what i was going thru and based on my personal experiences
3-at one point i was able to open my pineal gland channel and began to do many lightbody projections to the inner earth and different locations on this planet etc...
4-on MANY and different occasions i have been under severe attacks from very hostile alien factions entities ( the Draconians,the Martians,the occult shadow government/military secret intelligences,demonic entities,the Archons themselves etc, )
5-began to experience my multiple Selves on this planet and afterwards in parallel realities
6-major synchronistic events started happening
7-major healing process started to occur ( at the soul level )
8-encounters with the Demiurge and one of the Archons on seperate occasions,face to face.
9-more attacks
10-communications with the earth`s consciousness begins

This may sound very exciting and it is to a certain extent,but let me tell you that when i first embarked on this journey i had very little idea of what was waiting for me.First of all,THEY don`t want you to wake the fuck up,because if you do then you will start telling the truth and telling others about what is really going on which of course they have to stop at all cost ( fortunately i have my ET family groups and alien intelligences friends that are there to help me and protect me as much as they possibly can ).

But the Demiurge ( which is a real BEING/CONSCIOUSNESS as described in the gnostics texts ) has other tricks in his bag.As i am learning,and remembering,my consciousness has 12 souls,each of these souls has 12 incarnates,for instance the soul that i am here on this planet has 12 incarnates,projected in other locations of this world,for instance i might have one lightbody incarnate in one physical biological body in Australia and another lightbody projected into another physical biological body in the United-states and so on,each of which i might experience and be aware of simultaneously on different occasions,but mostly for me it happens when i am sleeping, so far.Last week one of my multiple Selves has been through a very violent and horrific rape that i will not describe here since it could be very disturbing for you to hear,the attack was in fact a severe punishment they gave me,because i am waking-up on multiple levels of course not just here on a 3D earth.This is of course a reign of terror they use to make me shut up,when i say THEY,it is the Demiurge and his galactic mafia terrorizers.I was able to escape and find asylum where i was protected finally,but this was a traumatic live experience,and i was not the only one,there was another girl not very far from me,they gave her the same treatment but for her the punishment was to last one hour,for me,the punishment was to last as long as they wished ( 3 hours,4 hours,i don`t know and i don`t remember because i probably passed out after a while ).But i do not wish to scare people with my testimony,this is only to give some hints and share info that may help and give insight into something we have to wake-up to.

As i was saying,the Demiurge is a REAL and manifested being/consciousness,since i have encountered this being face to face i have no more doubt about his existence.And in fact,the pope is the incarnation of the Demiurge,the authorative figure of the pope exists also in parallel realities,i have seen him for myself on this last occasion where i received this violent and horrific punishment.Because the demiurge is a consciousness himself,he also has many multiple Selves within this universe not just on planet earth! So when i hear about the theory of a anti-christ to incarnate on earth as the next pope i do not laugh anymore,i think that this could really be the case and not some bullshit conspiracy theory coming from very imaginative speculative idiots,all consciousnesses can incarnate into physical biological bodies and all consciousnesses having existence can split themselves into multiple souls/Selves in my point of view.To understand who and what is the demiurge i suggest reading the gnostic texts from the nag hamadhi library and to study also the Pistis Sophia.

So my journey has been very difficult so far but very interesting nonetheless,what i can tell you though is that the more they attack me,the more i am waking-up,and the more i am waking-up,the more i become aware and capable.These days i feel energized and much much more in tune with my higher-Self and the earth`s consciousness.My life is not horrible at all,it is simply out of this world from time to time and these experiences i am having on multiple levels are sometimes difficult to compose with on a daily basis,because i have a "regular" life,just like everybody else.And this is what i`m supposed to do anyway.I am definitely awakening to my own consciousness and it feels great,nothing and no one can stop me now,this is how it should be.

Lyson Roy.