mardi 8 octobre 2013

my voyage to Sirius B and another planet Part 1

A lot has been happening this year so far for me,not only am i making a lot of progress but i am also learning many things.I have been pretty busy this spring and summer so i haven`t been active on this blog as much as i would have liked to.With hindsight i find that my progress is going fast although i might find things are going super slow on most days like no matter what i do nothing changes and i feel like time is standing still,it is probably because i am experiencing my multiple Selves here on planet earth but also in alternate realities,and this article is about just that.


NOTE TO THE READER: this article has been updated a little as of january 2015 to better describe my experience,the hall/hallway i am describing in this article consist of the amoera passage that links to Sirius B,which is stargate 6.

While my physical body was in sleeping mode last night ( the night of saturday/sunday oct 5th ),i woke up to find myself in what seemed to be a land of the dead where i saw a family member who has passed away last year,as i addressed myself to her i realized she was like a zombie and it was no use that i try to talk with her,she didn`t even realized that i was there and she really appeared like a dead soul,soon after that i changed direction and found myself travelling in a hallway,the hall is difficult to describe unless you have experienced this for yourself,the walls were made of what looked to be very nice polished and decorated rocks of different colors and many hues,while i travelled i took the time to look at them and named each color i saw in my mind to help me memorize this experience,for a second i wanted to touch one of the rocks but decided not to because i felt that these hallway have a consciousness of its own and that could be disrespectful to this consciousness,so i just enjoyed the view and appreciated the hallway in all its beauty.Then i arrived at destination in a small room where someone greeted me,this person led me outside of the room to meet with 2 individuals i did not know and were waiting for me.I noticed once outside the room that i was stepping into a very large building where there were a lot of people walking in the same direction,to an event to which i was to attend too,and these 2 individuals were to bring me there,eventually i understood that this place was something like the UN ( united nations ) here on planet earth and a large meeting was about to begin.

The 2 individuals and the people i noticed all looked human,very similar to earthlings but with many differences,for instance one of the 2 hosts had a very light blue skin color but seemed to suffer from obesity and some strange skin problems,he had short brown hair,since i was doing most of the talking with him ( or him doing the talking with me ) i don`t remember the other one very well other than that he was slender,had short and somewhat grey hair and that he was wearing a robe,and that he was more shy.When they both greeted me they seemed excited and honored,the man with the blue skin took my hand and shook it and said to me " you are becoming really powerful,we are glad to see you here " ( NOTE; although i do not know what he meant by that exactly,and i would like to underline that i describe my experience as it was and i do not mean to be pretentious or to blow my horns about it  ).I also noticed that while walking i did not touch the ground like the others,as we walked and talked at some point in our conversation i asked them " which planet is this? " they both looked at each other and seemed very uncomfortable with my question and did not answer which i thought was odd,i did not ask again not wanting to push them or be disrespectful towards their hospitality.I did not understand why they seemed upset by my question until i realized something later today that i will explain in the second part of this article...Then they led me into what looked like a small conference room,they were talking with some other people in this room and i quickly noticed someone lying on the floor,quickly noticing it was a man strangely dressed,it caught my attention very much so i decided to let the others talk between themselves and went to take a look at the man lying on the floor.I was very intriged because i found it so strange to see this in this type of environment,as i approached him ( still not touching the ground as i walked ) i sat down near him, i wanted to know who he was and what he was doing there,i started talking with him and asking him questions and i quickly realized that what he was doing was a form of protest,people like him are considered low life there,just like homeless people on earth are considered low life and garbage of society,still during and after our conversation i could not figure out who these people are and why they are in this situation,anyhow soon into the conversation another one like him ( exactly the same genetic type ) joined the conversation he also remained lying on the floor,what struck me is that nobody paid attention to them except me,i figure that they are now perceived as just being part of the "landscape" of their everyday life.As we talked i discovered that these people were smart people not what they are considered to be like in their society/civilization,but that they did not question themselves or anything and accepted everything as it is,that they had given up.At this point i became a little pissed-off at them and took some rings i was wearing and threw them on their forehead to try to wake them up and provoke them in a way,which of course did nothing at all,they just became irritated,i was angry at them for a minute for wasting their intelligence and their potential,but who am i to judge! i did not know anything about them and their story or where they come from as people and individuals,and i decided to let go and just appreciate them as they are at the moment,we discussed music a bit,they know what rap and rock music are,they also know what heroin and crack are.In the end one of them told me he had a dog and i said to him that he should bring him next time i come over and that i would love to meet his dog also because i love animals and that i would really like to talk to them again because i find them very interesting.At that point,i don`t remember what happened next because soon after that while i was over there my consciousness split itself and went to another planet.

NOTE; all the conversations were telepathic and the people there are very real and did not look ethereal at all,what i mean is that the world i had travelled to is just as physical as the 3D planet earth,it was not a dreamy experience or strange experience.

Next i find myself in the interstellar space where i slowly dive into deep waters of a planet,as i submerged myself i could see clearly the rings of the planet on the horizon as well as a moon very far away,i could see that this planet is huge because although i could see the moon very well it was very far away which made me realize the vast distance between the moon itself and the planet,the rings covered a vast distance of many hundreds kilometers in between,it seemed to be nightime although i cannot be sure since it could have been the planetary atmosphere which gave me the impression of this.

Once in the waters i soon arrived to a location where i saw installations of some kind and a voice started talking to me,the voice was female and it sounded like it was coming through from an intercom or some kind of speaker,the voice was explaining this world to me and much of it i did not understand,as the voice was speaking i was trying to wrap my mind around what was going on and what i was doing there as i  saw 2 individuals climbing one of these underwater installations ( i apologize i do not know how to describe them other than that ),i quickly realized they were 2 girls and that they were trying to escape something or some people.The 2 girls were wearing hightech gear which resembled space astronaut suits but more complex,they looked young around their 20s,i also realized that one of the 2 was or seemed to be seriously injured and the other one was doing her very best to save her and to not leave her behind no matter what.This was clearly an underwater world and it clearly occured to me that these girls needed help.Then i saw a group of people coming fast behind those 2 girls and i realized they were chasing them,AT THIS POINT it became clear to me that i was not there physically and that all these people did not see me at all! it was me as A CONSCIOUSNESS who was there and seeing everything,and that i was there to help those 2 girls! ( i have the impression that i was one of those 2 girls ).Then the voice coming through the speaker switched to a male voice who went into explaining more stuff,unfortunately i am not able to remember anything that these voices said to me,but i do remember that they sounded robotic,these voices could have been part of this underwater world and talking to these 2 girls who were escaping,and if i was one of these 2 girls ( which i think is the case ) it is completely natural and logical that my consciousness perceived these voices talking to my consciousness.

Now i had to do something,which was very easy for me to do.The group of people chasing the girls were getting closer and closer to the girls,they all looked human as far as i could see but the woman right behind the girl still climbing the installations was about to grab her ankle and i saw her hand were like animal`s paws,like an eagle`s claws to be specific,then i stretched my arm at this right moment and pulled one of the woman`s fingers which made her miss her target and consequently gave the girls the fraction of a second they needed to completely escape these people and the underwater world.That is all i had to do.And i think they finally escaped as far as i could see...Right after that,my consciousness left the underwater world and went on the surface of the planet,it was clearly daylight on the surface.I did not stay very long but as my consciousness left the planet i could observe and see a group of people roaming a specific location,the group of people were all children around 8-9-10 years old and dressed in such an amazing fashion,they all were wearing a mohak like the punks of our 3D earth culture but much more extravagant,as i saw these kids roaming on the surface i saw a woman near them and i quickly understood that this woman took care of these kids because they are orphans or abandonned children on this planet,she is called the godmother ( not to be confused with the godfather of our mafia 3D earth culture ),this was really nice to see and i was very glad to have seen that.

Now,i do not know which planet this was but i am convinced this is a gas giant of our solar system,with a little research i understand not only saturn has rings but neptune and uranus as well,and jupiter too.These planets have "sheperd" moons,which are moons that orbit the planetary rings and i believe this is one of the moons that i saw.

In the second part of this article i will describe an experience i`ve had prior to this which will add some explanation to this whole experience.More to come!

Lyson Roy