mardi 15 octobre 2013

my voyage to Sirius B and another planet from our solar system Part 2

the second part of this article will be about an experience i`ve had prior to my voyage which i am sharing so that it offers a little bit more information and helps us understand the whole sequence of events.


The day just before my voyage and following travel to another planet,to my amazement,i found myself in a direct communication with the planet earth`s consciousness.Again,while my physical body was in sleeping mode,i suddenly woke-up standing up in front of my bedroom window,i was looking through the window when i saw a planet appear far away,although i was looking outside everything in sight was plain empty,no sky,no stars,no light,like a canvas,the only thing to see was that planet appearing very far away.Then,another planet appeared right after the first one,and another one and another one and another one,with each one getting closer towards me,making a gigantic curved line of planets from a very far point ( in time and space ) to a very close point ( in time and space ) until the last planet reached my window,there must have been 12 of them one after the other,the last one appearing right in front of my window which gave me a very close-up sight of the planet,this planet was the planet earth.

After seeing this,i did not know what to do but i knew something important was being shown to me,instantly i started to ask "what is going on?" "what is it you want me to know?",at this point i became aware that i was in direct communication with the earth`s consciousness and that she wanted to communicate something to me.As i was looking at the planet in front of me,the planet was revolving slowly on herself and i could see every continent pretty clearly,after a moment she stopped revolving and now i was looking at the map of the United-States of America,and there appeared  military type helicopters on the map one after the other,each helicopter appearing in different states,from what i could see,the strategic positioning was encircling the United-States at this moment IN TIME.The helicopters were quite big and were all camouflage type/design like this picture here

from what i was able to understand,this is going on RIGHT NOW,obviously this is a massive covert operation taking over the United-States of America.At that point,as i was seeing this information i began to wonder if this is going on somewhere else on the planet,i wanted to ask the permission of the earth`s consciousness first if she would allowed me to verify other locations,as i was articulating this thought to myself i instantly saw that my window became like a computer screen,that i could touch to verify other locations over the planet,which i did.I first wanted to check my area,Quebec,there was absolutely nothing going there,then i wanted to check the rest of Canada since we are neighboors with the United-States but i didn`t have the time as i woke-up,at least i do not remember anything after that.

Once back in this 3d reality,the impression of this information was still very strong,and VERY REAL.

If you wonder where does this fit in with the voyage i did the next day,well,it took me a while to understand why both of my hosts in the parallel earth seemed to be upset or uncomfortable with my question to them ( when i asked them "which planet is this?" ).It did not occured to me at that point,and i think they thought that i knew where i was,then perhaps although they considered me becoming really powerful ( in their own words ) they probably saw that i was not "really" awake yet,which i think made them feel very surprised and a little upset by it.This is at least my understanding and the impression i get.It is also a logical sequence of events because i have been experiencing my multiple selves here on this 3d earth since 2010-11,and more and more i am experiencing my multiple selves in alternate realities/parallel worlds.

I would like to point out that i am nobody special,i do not think that i was "picked" or chosen among the billions of people of this planet to receive such information,but it is fair to say that i am receiving this information because i am awake enough ( remember the deep amnesia i often talk about ),and also because i did my homework.I am also becoming more and more aware that the planet earth is an organic consciousness,it is not just a ball where stuff grow and live on it,that the planet earth does not originate from this solar system and that the earth is a superconsciousness having multiple existences in different star systems,which means that for instance when people talk of Gaia,they think that Gaia is the 3d earth when in fact it is a 7d earth planet.Once i did my research ( and boy did i work my ass off to find answers and find credible sources of information ) and was able to finally grasp this it is as if i had unlocked my own consciousness,not only this,i can honestly say that it truly helps to establish a truthful relationship with the earth`s consciousness,and to honor her,at the same time this establishes a truthful relationship with our higher self and honor the organic source of that higher self.On a last note,for those who wish to communicate with the earth`s consciousness,it is not complicated,do your homework,search for the truth and have pure intentions towards the earth,after a while she will let you know and she will support you.If this can help,in my meditations i often give thanks to the planet earth and all the elements who participate with her,for nourishing me,for all my meals,for her spirit and her joy,for supporting me and things like that,i believe it helps to resonate with her consciousness.She listens.She knows.She is.

Lyson Roy