mardi 3 décembre 2013

the truth is definitely stranger than fiction

i understand that i don`t make sense for most people with my articles and what i explain in them,well people are asleep and when these souls are so profoundly sleeping within their amnesia ther`s not much you can do to wake them up,and even so,if they start to wake-up they will have this reflex of remaining in denial because well,the REAL truth fucking hurts,there is no half measure here.

I have been under so many attacks since i was a child that i am convinced of what i have uncovered within my research and studies,in conjunction with my personal experiences,has now become very obvious to me.There are so many satellites orbiting the planet they can see you if you astral project or lightbody project yourself into another time vector,they will find out who you are and where you live and they also have your phone number.When i am talking of "they" i am of course referring to the Archons,the hostile alien factions,the Martians and their military secret services task force.They can come at night to abduct you and transport you to their secret military bases or within their phantom matrix which is located in different star systems,in my case i know that they use powerful electroshocks to short-circuit my memory so that i don`t remember my lightbody projections and where i have been to,but also the information i receive from the guardian alliance,they know that i can travel to different vectors of consciousness and that i meet with benevolent races.

Which brings me to the topic of ET-UFO disclosure.A lot of people asked the question why don`t the ETs reveal themselves and land on earth for all to see and wake us up,they just don`t get it,it has nothing to do with the planet earth being in some kind of quarantine,( well, kind of, but not really as it is explained to us in the UFO groups/community ),or that we are retards who need to evolve first before they can reveal themselves to us. First of all the planet earth as we know it does not originate from this solar system,it has been captured within this solar system a very long time ago.Now,the planet earth is under the control of the Archons and the hostile alien factions,they do not possess the earth,but they do have control over it and the populations that are located on it.The fact is that they have very advanced technology that they use to capture and entrap souls within their system,if you would understand this then you will understand that the benevolent races are very reluctant to come and land here,in fact when they do come for some operations they have to do in some cases, they are nervous and they have to be quick,the annunaki and annu-elohim races have such advanced technology that in this 3d and 4d systems ( and maybe even more ) they can create enough damage to scare the shit out of those benevolent ETs.But do not be mistaken,their technology is not organic,it is artificial which means that it does not come from the source of the true light,they do use geometry except that the geometry they use is a false configuration,it is not sacred geometry at all as it is being communicated and propagated by Drunvalo Melchisedek and the new-age movement,their "sacred geometry" is artificial and comes from this artificial universe that they have created,which means ARTIFICIAL LIGHT.

In a way we are cavemen playing with peebles when it comes to understanding reality,but the reality is that we are an inmate populations kept in so much ignorance,and so much confusion,that it is easy for them to manipulate our minds,in my point of view they have successfully achieved brainwashing people even those who consider themselves indigo and starseed.

We are bombarded with so much false information and so much distraction it is particularly hard to achieve a certain level of mental clarity,once you are able to achieve this,trust me,you will KNOW,there is no going back after that.And you will be on their radar of course,be certain of this.

Lyson Roy