lundi 3 février 2014

what does it mean to wake-up and how do we wake-up? PART 1

I have been writing a lot in my previous articles about amnesia and waking-up,although i didn`t explain much in great details i have given some clues to guide my readers towards their own awakening,but let me share with you what i know based on my personal experiences and the observations i have made over the years within this process.But first it is only fair to say that i have received great help from the GUARDIAN ALLIANCE and THE INTERDIMENSIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FREE WORLDS,i don`t think that without their help i would have made it this far,and you should know that you can ask for their help and assistance anytime,especially in this time period that we are in now.

So apparently i am an indigo and if you don`t know what that is or what this means i highly recommend that you go research this topic for yourself in Ashayana Dean`s material and the keylontic dictionnary online but you should also research on lightworkers and starseeds while you`re at it because it may concern you.Although i am an indigo i find that it is very possible that i might have some anunnaki genetics,which means in this case that from past incarnations it is very possible that the human genetic lineage i had incarnated into was mixed with another anunnaki lineage to facilitate human evolution ( based on agreements and treaties to introduce peace and co-evolution in the remote past ) but i need to do more studying and research before i can come to this conclusion,well anyway,i know and understand from past lives memories ( and i have had many of them so far ) that i have been reincarnating on this planet for many precessional cycles,much to my amazement this completely corroborates what i am reading from the VOYAGERS VOL.2 book,which validates also my past lives memories from these incarnational episodes,but i also had past lives memories from other star systems,in particular the ORION system as i have shared in a previous article.Remembering your past lives is an important factor in the process of waking-up from this amnesia that i often refer to but not the only one of course.In my case these past lives memories started emerging from my consciousness when i was practicing a lot of meditation a couple of years ago,i think it helped me get access to a specific area of my consciousness ( some people would say a particular part of the brain ) where such memories are located,to me memories are not located in the brain and i view the brain as a biological computer that processes different levels of information.

I started practicing meditation in my teenage years,in conjunction with that i also started studying esoteric and occult sciences because i knew there was so much more to life than what we believe to be reality ( in this case,the physical reality ).I have also researched new-age litterature,history,ancient civilizations,religions,astronomy/archeoastronomy,ancient history and later in life ufology,astrotheology,sciences, etc...At the time i had no idea that i was trying to wake-up from this deep amnesia myself,but unconsciously i was on my way to do so,and it took me many years before it actually happened.The switch doesn`t get turned on easily,in my case i had to work hard at it,maybe for others it was easier,i do not know.For those that are struggling with this,my advice to you would be to not believe everything you read, so much of all of these books and sources of information is BULLSHIT or corrupted/manipulated to misinform and mislead the human populations,but you still have to do the research for yourself so that your consciousness proceeds to connect the dots,but you cannot come up with a rational and logical conclusion based on just a few hours or a few days here and there of research otherwise your conclusion will simply be based on opinions and assumptions.Take at the least 2 to 3 years of serious and investigative research.

Always take notes,speaking of which,this is also a very good practice,at least for me,taking notes over the years has helped me greatly,in particular when it comes to "dreams".Because yes,your sleeping hours are not just sleeping hours,this is in fact a time window just as active as our conscious state.From personal experience though it is good to know that this needs practice and patience,i always recommend to people to keep a journal where they will take note of their "dreams",at first they will seem like nothing in particular,just like regular mismatched and pieces of subconscious activity that we all usually dream of,but you have to keep at it,trust me it works,the point is to get passed that kind of subconscious and psychological interpretations of "dreamtime",this is kind of like stepping over a barrier that will take you to another level of consciousness,but like an athlete you will need practice.Once you get things going it will become a routine to write down your dreams in your journal/notebook,it is not necessary to understand all the details at once since it is almost impossible unless you`re already a pro,but with time you will be able to observe a lot of details and consequently remain perceptive within your sleeping hours,especially when it matters.

At this point,you should be able to realize that your dreams aren`t just "dreams" anymore.At one point for me,it became essential that i take notes of these episodes even if they were hard to understand,in fact,a lot of these very strange "dreams" i was having i could not understand at all at the time,and i am very glad that i wrote them down in my journals back then because it all makes sense today.I did not know what was alien abductions or astral projections,what were ETs and UFOs ( i didn`t have a computer or the internet ),and it took me a while before i understood i was having past lives memories.With more meditation practice came more strange and bizarre experiences,and the more i wanted to know what these were all about and the more i wanted to understand what the heck was going on,but little did i know at the time of the true nature of reality and what is going on on this planet.Anyway,i became more and more involved with my consciousness and eventually with the consciousness of this galaxy and of course the planet earth,i became aware that i was doing astral projections since very young child,i educated myself on the subject a little bit later in life and realized that so many of these strange "dreams" i was having were in fact astral projections,OBEs and alien abductions/encounters,the switch in my consciousness was not turned on yet so to speak.And yet again,i did not realize back then that i was being under many psychic attacks,which in some cases left me in a very bad shape and each time took me weeks or months to recover from,these attacks also involved the wiping out of memory ( important ET encounters and information ).

I think in general people have this inner knowing that life is not just about struggling to survive,working  for a job they barely like,making money,raise children,experiencing pain and suffering,and die,but they rarely take the time to listen to this inner knowing and go beyond what they believe to be reality ( that i call TRUTH ),and i don`t blame them,as the saying goes " at first the truth will piss you off,but it will set you free" it just doesn`t say that you have to be willing to hear and listen to the truth,this is really about consciousness and what an individual is willing to do to get his/her consciousness back.The reality is that humans on this planet have been stuck here for many precessional cycles ( for over 200,000 years ) they can`t remember this and they don`t know why,which is not a natural state of affairs,they don`t remember who they are and why they are here,much less what brought them here,they have been trapped here all this time,repeating the same reincarnation programming in the lower levels of existence ( the lower mind of their consciousness ),they are stuck in this repetitive cycles of pain and suffering that they call "life" and inflict that same pain and suffering in the same process to all other humans and life-forms of this planet consciously and unconsciously,they just don`t realize it because as i like to point out they are in a state of deep amnesia.

Lyson Roy