lundi 24 février 2014

what does it mean to wake-up and how do we wake-up Part 2

For a lot of people on this planet,waking-up is a difficult process,i can honestly say that it was difficult for me.I underline the difficulty not as a put down or to make it sound like people are stupid,but to make sure that people understand that it takes work and dedication to become fully aware of the true nature of reality.When i really started waking-up and began to become really aware,i have experienced an intense roller coaster of emotions for a couple of months,these emotions included rage,sadness,anger,excitement,surprise,confusion, just to name a few,in parallel with feelings of depression,despair,feeling lost and overwhelmed,i could hardly function normally within these particular months because i was processing so much at the same time on multiple levels of my consciousness,so emotionally,i was pretty exhausted after a while,and i became mentally exhausted after 2 years of intense investigative research and studying different sources of information.

Most of all,realizing that i had been lied to all my life,on purpose,was like a big slap in the face and this was a hard pill to swallow,it became very clear to me that we are in fact living in a fictitious reality construct which is meant to keep humans/humanity in a total state of ignorance,i mean,we have been dumbed down to the point of slavery and idiotic sheeple,if this doesn`t make you angry and pissed-off within all your being i don`t know what will...And so YES i am pissed-off and i am angry,except that i am channelling all this anger and rage in a constructive manner because i want to help others wake-up as much as possible and i want to contribute to the planetary ascension.

What do i mean by a fictitious reality construct? i mean that our contemporary human culture has been rooted into a falsified system of knowledge,this whole system had been implemented gradually for many thousands of years by hostile ET races/Archons/illuminati groups that are running this system,but to completely understand this people have to do their research to understand that so much information and data have been hidden from us and that a lot of it has been highjacked to corrupt the minds of people on this planet.When i look at this system,everything about it is geared towards a very materialistic view of the universe,to completely direct our attention away from the organic consciousness that we are,which in fact is the true nature of reality.REligions,sciences,educational systems,politics,all of them are tools that contribute to the construction of this fictitious reality that we believe to be real and to be "life".They gear our perception and our interpretation of the nature of reality into a finite and artificial format of existence that only serves those that are ruling over this system.I do not mean that everything is bad in our culture and in this world,there are many very smart and intelligent people doing great things and that are pushing ideas,but most of it is evil in the sense that over a certain period of time ( and timelines ) it all helps to disconnect us,our souls,from the organic source of our being and consciousness which is the true light.Having said that,i do enjoy many things in this world like watching good tv shows,a good glass of wine,road trips and things like that,i`m not some kind of better than thou spiritual moron,the point i am trying to make is that there is a universal and galactic level war over our consciousness ( and NO i do not suffer from mental disorders and i am not on drugs ).

And this is what it means to wake-up.

Let me repeat and let me be clear.THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO WAKE-UP,and i do not mean this in a symbolic manner or in a figure of speach fashion,this is REAL and this is the reality,this is not science-fiction litterature either.When these galactic terrorizers and their mafia factions appear in your bedroom to bully,attack and harrass you,or when these become life threatening tactics,you know how real this is.Which means that in this fictitious reality construct that we`re living in,people like me that are coming out with their story and what they experience will quickly be labelled as mentally disorder idiots or pathetic shitheads looking for attention,and in case you haven`t noticed yet,this is the same treatment people like me receive in the ufo "research" field and the new-age movement,well that is because these groups and "research" fields are embedded with individuals that are anunnaki races hybrids that are used as disinformation agents ( some of them considered an authority in these groups ) and that a lot of people are just being mind manipulated and recruited,if they really had all the information and data available to them,i think many of these people would reconsider what they are being told.Investigating your own experiences and everything you are being told related to these topics is KEY,after a certain period of time your awareness sharpens,and your ability to discern develops more and more.

Becoming more and more aware that we are in fact! multidimensional beings having multiple simultaneous existence in multiple levels of reality is also what it means to wake-up,that the human species were created by primordial races who have created many other living templates in many star systems,that they have created all these species with great love and great intelligence.We are in fact part of a very vast and complex living system and soul families that are all part of this organic universal system,we are part and living members of this vast living reality,we just have forgotten,and we have to remember because this memory was taken away from us over a very long period of time ( i will get into the details and mechanism of this machinery in future articles ) by very hostile ET races and alien intelligences for reasons i am not able to elaborate at this moment.We are supposed to be free beings enjoying our multiple abilities and enjoying co-creation with many other life forms and ET races all over the multiple levels of existence,and to be completely aware of this,we are not the adam and eve of the bible and we are not evolved from primates and we are not a haphazard accident that has emerged from the big-bang ( these are all theories and models based on a fictitious reality construct ).

Lyson Roy.