mercredi 12 mars 2014

parallel selves and parallel timelines/parallel universes

I was asked a very good question today as to how to differentiate regular dreams from parallel selves experiences and such.I will do my best to answer this question accurately but this might prove to be hard to do in a clear manner.It is necessary to keep in mind multiple factors that are important to consider ( or to take note of ) and one of these factors is that our present human culture does not acknowledge or even validate such things,consequently we do not possess a vocabulary system/language to explain these experiences,in other words we are ignorant to this type of reality so when it comes to understanding these experiences we are faced with a big intellectual gap.Another important factor to consider is to understand that we have been dumbed down to the point of not being able to think further than the consensual reality,and a third factor that i find most important to consider is the fact that we are now going through the ascension cycle,in this ascension cycle the consciousness that we are is reclaiming the multiple selves that have fractured from a higher dimensional reality ( Tara located in the HU 2 ) from which we have fallen.These multiple selves are located in different timelines/parallel earh timelines,and,all of these multiple selves are also incarnates just as real as the one living in 3d earth in this particular timeline,all having an simultaneous existence in their respective parallel realities.These copies of our consciousness ( not referring to clones ) can amount to 1728 incarnates and even more for indigo souls.

Being able to differentiate between regular dreams,parallel timelines/multiple selves and such is a combination of things one may use or learn to use such as; nonjudgemental observation,analytical observation,HSP ( higher sensory perception ),intuition,basic knowledge of consciousness components ect...

A lot of stuff that we experience while we are sleeping are not dreams at all but are considered and labelled as such for lack of references and knowledge,here is a list of what i have experienced and recorded myself over the years;

-astral projections
-OBEs ( out of body experience )
-memory screens from alien abductions ( malevolent and benevolent )
-holographic implants
-multiple selves
-future timelines
-past lives memories
-race memory ( akashic records of the planet )
-ET communications
-ET visitations and intrusions
-psychic attacks
-phantom earth
-remote viewing

I consider regular dreams to be a mix and match of snippets of information at the subconscious level,one can always use psychology to understand those dreams but in my opinion psychological interpretations can only explain a very limited aspect of reality.To differentiate those regular dreams from your parallel selves takes a while to register,but you will find that in those parallel selves episodes that what is happening seems very real to you,for instance you might experience a place such as a house or an apartment where you used to live years ago,although it looks like it,some details will appear to be not identical to the previous place you were living in,another exemple is experiencing some of these parallel timelines not just once but twice or more,like walking down a street you know very well but the street ( and stores for instance ) are not identical as the one you know,it all looks very much alike but many details you are able to observe are not identical to your life.Some of these episodes may also include people you personally know and even people you don`t actually know personally like actors and celebrities ( in these episodes you are in fact interacting with the parallel selves of these people,but it should be noted that some Anunnaki races look very much like actors or celebrities themselves and the way to differentiate them from the actual celebrity parallel self is that the Annunaki are much bigger in size, sometimes it is also cloning centers ).These are adjacent timelines or parallel earth timelines.Future timelines involve other types of experiences that involve future earth and some of these future timelines are invaded by hostile ET races and consequently under their control.You may also experience Phantom Earth,which is a real parallel universe too,except it is a darker place,which involves a de-evolving timeline ( a timeline of planet earth has been siphoned into the black hole phantom universe ) life there degenerates,it does not evolve.Other parallel selves you may experience is contact/interaction with ET races,or seeing UFOs,these ET races/alien intelligences may visit or interact with you on a parallel timeline,meaning with one or more of your parallel selves.These windows of awareness are not very long but long enough to have the time to observe and realize that these are not dreams.With time you learn to identify them quickly,in those episodes you are able to see yourself like what you are wearing for instance and see your own body just as in your regular life here but for past lives memories this is different,you are not seeing yourself,you are having very clear and vivid memory of a past incarnation as if you are re-living it completely with all the exact same details/emotions/feelings and these are very real too.Astral projections involve projecting your consciousness into the astral plane via the astral body,experiencing another realm of reality which is also very real,many people when they don`t know what astral projections are will label these experiences as very strange dreams,they usually struggle in identifying and articulating what they have experienced because they sure know that these were not "dreams" which involves conscious awareness,i have written an article on astral projections before that you can find in the archive area.

Future timelines involve future scenarios to occur on planet earth,some of the future timelines are possible outcomes ( which of course involves humanity and us personally ) of the choices we made/make and future timelines that are to occur based on the choices we had made in the past,some of these future scenarios cannot be avoided for the simple reason that if we have been on a path long enough a particular future scenario which is the natural result of a long sequence of events will occur,another way to put this is if for instance someone has become really fat over the years and does not change his/her condition by choosing health oriented habits,that person will certainly have very serious health problems like diabetes or even die from heart attack at some point,this is just a natural course of event,but this is a very simplified exemple to illustrate what i am trying to describe and explain.Many people on earth are having glimpses of these future time scenarios,especially those that are unavoidable that are to occur in the coming years,and for those who will be able to make the ascension and transit outside of this 3d reality,they will not experience these future earth scenarios,but those who will get stuck here will experience them.

Race memory involves the history of humanity and planet earth recorded into the planetary consciousness.Very much like personal past lives memory except that these are historical events which do not necessarely involve us personally.So you may experience seeing some historical events that have been recorded in our contemporary human culture ( but with much more details and accurate data than history books ) and also historical events that were not recorded or that have been omitted from history books and academia.

I am trying to describe things to give an idea of how to differentiate these experiences but i`m realizing this is not easy,it is kind of like trying to describe a plate of spaghetti to people that have never seen or eaten a plate of spaghetti,then how can they differentiate macaroni or fusilli from spaghetti? what i am trying to say is that one has to experience these things for themselves to "get it" and be aware of them by practicing non-judgemental observation.The more one applies herself/himself to this practice the more sharp the awareness will become.My understanding is that more and more people will experience these parallel and adjacent timelines/selves as we move closer and closer to the ascension peak phase,depending of each person`s evolution these experiences may differ in degree or quantity,some people are not looking to evolve spiritually so these experiences will probably be unnoticed or simply ignored,but for others who are looking and working for their spiritual evolution and the evolution of planet earth,for these people these experiences will become more and more frequent and will definitely have more meaning to them.

Another exemple of how to differentiate these parallel selves from regular dream is to notice how all these parallel incarnates express many of the qualities or some of your abilities into their respective timeline,they could be your taste in clothing,the friends you hang out with,the decor of your house or apartment,for instance if you are a fashion designer in your life and this is what you consider your work and your passion you will most probably notice that many of your parallel incarnates also are fashion designers.The personality is also the same in general but may express itself in a different manner in these parallel incarnates,for instance the haircut or haircolor is different while they are identical in physical features.All those incarnates are you,they are fragments of your soul identity that has fractured from a higher dimensional reality in a very remote past,we are to remember them so to speak or reclaime them as we move out of this third dimensional reality to transit to the HU2 ( harmonic universe dimensional reality system of 4d-5d-6d ) and that is why we are experiencing/witnessing them.

i am hoping this can help a little but i might be forgetting some details at the moment,since this is my first article specifically on this topic,i will probably write more about it in the future.I have also stuck to this particular topic and not went into too many directions ( remote viewing,holographic implants etc ) to not confuse the reader.

Lyson Roy