lundi 3 mars 2014

what does it mean to wake-up and how do we wake-up Part 3

How do we wake-up? ( and how do we know if we`re woken-up )

I don`t think there is a one size fits all answer to this question.In my point of view,the ascension cycle offers different possibilities to the question.I do not want to go into the ascension mechanics for now because this is highly complex and i don`t think i would be able to describe or explain clearly at this moment in time since i am still learning and studying this information.However it is good to know that the ascension mechanics and 15 dimensional physics are part of the big picture just be careful not to be recruited into the false ascension mechanics which is a metatronic and black hole phantom system,simply use your discernment and an investigative approach when studying these sources of information.

Well,it should be noted that it appears that this ascension cycle triggers waking-up "calls" among the human populations,if you`re a starseed or a indigo i mean this is it for this particular demographic,but the ascension cycle includes everybody on the planet that are willing and ready to evolve into a higher level of consciousness/reality of existence really,from what i understand the starseeds and indigos are specifically here to anchor the frequency vibrational patterns into the planetary shields ( and help the planetary ascension in the same process ) that is their mission and their purpose in this incarnation,this does not mean they are the only people evolving to higher frequency of consciousness.And from what i am observing not everybody wakes-up at the same time either,personally i started really waking-up in 2010,more people have woken-up much before me and many more will wake-up in the years to come,my impression is that some people were timed to wake-up in the beginning of the ascension cycle,others were timed for the halfway and others are timed for the later phase.

As i have discussed in the first part of this article series,investigating,researching and studying different sources of information pertaining to the true nature of our reality is essential for the consciousness that we are may proceed to connect the dots together,sources of information including;
-occult sciences
-astronomy ( including cosmology and cosmogony )
-ancient civilizations
-new-age litterature
-sciences ( mainstream and non-mainstream )

There is a lot to cover and this is impossible to process all this information within just a few weeks that is why i recommend taking at least 2 years of research if one is new to this bigger picture.

The benevolent ET races have made it important for me to understand and study ELECTROMAGNETISM and the electromagnetic spectrum and MORPHOGENETIC FIELDS amongst other things in conjunction with the central nervous system/human brain,these are also important to study and to understand when it comes to the holographic inserts and holographic implants which is another topic that i will discuss in future articles.Electromagnetic fields and the morphogenetic fields are interdependent/interconnected at multiple levels of manifestation of the consciousness,in fact what we are able to see with our physical eyes is just a tiny fraction of what is out there,all of the scientific intruments we are using can only show us this tiny little fraction of the true reality which is a very small part in the electromagnetic spectrum.Unfortunately for us,we have been dumbed down for so long and have been indoctrinated to so many lies and falsified information and data,that this tiny little fraction of reality is all we know and consequently experience a very limited aspect of our selves.This is not because we are stupid,but we have lost a very large part of our memory over the ages du to the fact that this planet has been infiltrated by destructive forces who have lost their connection with the god-source.This disconnection they have suffered ( and still suffer from greatly ) has impacted us on many levels and on multiple levels of reality,i will describe these forces in a future article,this is not what i want to discuss today.

So,basically,the big picture is highly complex and involves multiple factors that are essential to understand when one is waking-up.There is not one way to wake-up in my point of view,each person is different and has a different story and personal baggage that impact how they will perceive things perhaps.One of the keys is to listen to your inner voice,and to honor it.We are raised to ignore it and to not take it seriously,this is a big mistake.Our inner voice is not only this intuitive input we get from time to time,it is another form of vocabulary system used by the soul to communicate information that the 3D human language cannot translate and this is linked with HIGHER SENSORY PERCEPTION which is linked with the neurological structure in higher reality system ( etheric level of being ),the controllers of this fictitious reality we are living in do not want you to remember this and do not want you to be aware of this,and the mind control programming system implanted on this earth ages ago have definitely helped in making humans become disconnected from this natural ability.Well i think i`ve said enough,i am sure i am forgetting something but i think it covers the topic of this article,i mean there is much more that i could say or explain but i made an effort to stick to the topic without going off topic too much,honestly,only you know,when you have woken-up from the planetary amnesia,at one point you completely realize what is really going on and the feeling you get is very hard to describe,it`s kind of like living in a cartoon,but a very strange one which involves a war over our consciousness,how do you describe this to people?

Lyson Roy