jeudi 5 juin 2014

anunnaki terrorizers and the men in grey suits

This article is about memories that have resurfaced to my awareness recently.I am usually reticent with sharing my encounters/experiences with different ET races since they are personal to me and also because i am still afraid of the ridicule and mocking from ignorant people,but since i am on a path of clearing and healing at multiple levels of my consciousness i am more and more aware of the fear programming that i am freeing myself from,and if they can help others remember and understand their own story or experiences than this is all for the best.

Something i have learned in life when it comes to these experiences is to trust my own judgment and to trust my intuition,i have also learned to make observations and to be honest about them,this may sound like something natural to do or even easy to do,but as i have realized this takes a lot of practice and determination.You see,the "official" construct of this fictitious reality system and the controllers behind it do not want people of this planet to wake-up and become completely aware of the true nature of reality,everything is done to keep us stupid and ignorant and gullible,so when you start to use your consciousness and your awareness,it is awkward first,it does not feel natural althought it is the natural thing to do.

Also,i would like to make it very clear as i underline this with every article on the subjects of the annunaki,the Archons and all hostile ET races,the intent is in making the effort of understanding who they are and where they come from,to reveal their tactics,their agenda,and their identity.As i have said before,i do not hate them ( but i do sometimes get pissed-off at them ) and i DO NOT PROMOTE hatred towards them,they too have the choice to enter bio-regenesis program for healing at multiple levels,if they wish to do so.


This episode took place when i was about 19,i was staying at my aunt`s house for a while back then.I was in my room when this weird and angry looking man appeared at the back door of the house,my aunt was in the kitchen with her daugther and my sister talking when she realized there was someone there looking through the door,waiting.Keep in mind that this is my memory of what happened and this is like having a observer view of the whole thing.Although the man did not say anything as far as i could remember,my aunt called me and said to me that there was someone at the door who wanted to see me.I came out of my room and went to the door,i did not know this man or at least did not remember him at all! and yet,he was standing there staring at me with so much anger in his eyes like he wanted to rip my head off,as i tried to remember who the fuck he was and why was he so fucking pissed-off at me.After a moment,i thought he should have at least went to the front door and not the back door,that was rude! so i made a sign to him to go to the front door and i would meet him there,i did not want to open the back door to this guy to keep others safe.I walked the hallway to the front door and opened the door to him,the look on his face did not change at all,and to my surprise there was a gang of men standing in the front of the house just as angry and pissed-off as him all staring at me,they all had a baseball bat in their hand,they were about 10 of them and they all looked the same,about 8 feet,short dark brown hair,white caucasian ( when i looked at them for some reason i identified them with russian genetics ),and they all wore the same outfit consisting of loose pants,t-shirt,a shirt and a trenchcoat,the man at the door looked exactly like them and wore the same outfit too,they were all about 28 years old as far as i could tell but the man at the door looked older in his 40s.So as i was standing at the door looking at all of them and trying to understand what the fuck was going on,i asked him who he was and what did he want??? he did not say a word at all,then he started to communicate something telepathically but i felt that his vocabulary was really rudimentary and that his way of communicating was otherworldly,then i had a snippet of memory appearing in my mind about somebody in my family who was discussing with them or had to confront them,as i was having this memory ( which was probably communicated by this man to my mind ) i remembered them from that particular memory i was not aware of,hard to describe but this is the only way i can describe this,so i exclaimed myself " oh! yeah,i remember you now! " and he nodded at me with this hateful grin i cannot forget.MY aunt came at the front door to see what was going on,when she got there and saw the whole gang of men with baseball bats ready to attack me and cause a lot of trouble ( and in fact they began hitting things around in front of the house ),she became terrified and froze in place,i took her inside the house and held her in my arms because she started crying,i started crying too because i hated to see her terrified and it broke my heart to see her like that,i told her that it will be fine and to not worry.That is all i can remember from this encounter.

One may ask how could i know they are anunnaki race,well these people should do their research because when it comes to the anunnaki races people only think of drakonians or reptilians when in fact there are many many other anunnaki races,most of which are hybrid races many of which are also human looking.

One may also ask,how could this happen in broad daylight without anybody noticing or seeing this like the neighboors for instance,well these people should again do their research and learn about the many layers/fields of consciousness surrounding the planet earth and the solar system,most people on this planet only have the physical awareness of the 3d earth plane and let`s not even talk about adjacent timelines where we also have incarnates of our Self.


from this memory,i could tell i was in my early 20s,again let`s keep in mind that this type of memory is like seeing the whole thing as if i was a observer ( this is not at all like past lives memories ).On this occasion,i was kept captive in what looked like some kind of warehouse,it was empty except for some shelves everywhere,which were also empty for most of them.I had a guitar with me,it seems they left me with a guitar to pass the time while i was being held captive.Then the rest of this episode all occured in my bedroom all of a sudden but perhaps there is a gap i did not remember between these 2 sequences.I could remember this was happening during the night.At one point a man in a grey suit with 50s type of hat ( just like the men in black but these guys are in a grey suit ),he is bald and he is about 30 years of age,white caucasian,the man walks through the wall and enters my bedroom.That man wants something from me,i can`t remember what exactly that he wants or should i say THEY WANT.This may sound odd,but he was in love with me,at one point he asked for a sexual interaction that i refused and i stepped back.He was not aggressive and he did not pushed it.We talked for a while but i cannot remember what we discussed.After that he decides to leave and when he leaves he tells me that if i`ll change my mind ( about what they want from me,not the sex interaction of course but something else far more important and valuable to them ),he would teach me/show me how to walk through the walls,but the way he tells me this i understood he meant how to manipulate matter,just as he does at the same moment when he walks through the wall of my bedroom,and i saw everything from the moment the wall became like liquid or fluid matter,when he walked through it and once on the "other side" of the wall he waved his hand at me and the material composition of the wall came back as it was.

Now,i want to underline that the men in grey suits are not little grey aliens projecting a holographic image of themselves in human forms in grey suits allright,they are a real ET race and i have been visited by these men a couple of times already,once at my job too where there were a lot of people around,i touched his hand so i know i was not dreaming or having hallucinations ok.

The impression i am getting from this ET race is they probably are from venus but it is very difficult to tell if they are another anunnaki race since they show some feelings and seem to have empathy.The problem with the anunnaki races is that they have invaded this solar system long ago,once they invade a planet and gain control over it they can assimilate the populations of this planet and of course assimilate and use the genetics/dna,they have done this with the planet mars and in case you don`t know this the martians have been on planet earth for a very long time already,i was informed by the guardian alliance that they can create disincarnate souls ( that are at work in this world ) and that they create a multitude of drugs ( medications ) that are specifically created and targeted for particular demographics,they actually gave me a list of some of these pills and to my amazement i went to check on the net to verify one of drugs in the list that i could remember and it`s a drug prescribed for people that are diagnosed with ADD,unfortunately i could not remember the rest of the list so i could not verify and research the other drugs.But this is to tell you how things may go downhill for an ET race that was once on the path of evolution and co-creation as it was meant to be from the start,i cannot remember all the conversations i have had with the men in grey suits but the impression i have from my experiences with them is they may have the same unfortunate story as the martians ( or maybe not ) and they may be desperate for solutions ( or maybe not,again,i cannot be sure at this point ).I will write a little bit more about them in future articles.

Lyson Roy