jeudi 28 août 2014

close encounter with a man in black ( M.I.B )

This episode of my life has occured in the early 90s when i was living with 3 other roomates,at the time i was receiving welfare help for a few months when one day,someone rang our doorbell and i went to answer the door,there was a weird looking man standing in front of me all dressed in a old looking black suit,with a black hat and he was carrying this old suitcase with him also,the typical 50s look associated with the men in black.He was a bit fat and short,very pale looking and he looked like he was wearing some red lipstick,he was bald,around late 40s.He said he was working for the government and he had this fake smile that i didn`t like but i really wasn`t sure what to make of him,at the time i was very naive and unaware of what was going on and with hindsight i should have asked him to identify himself and show me a credible piece of identity to confirm his claim,but i didn`t know,i immediately associated him with the welfare assistance program who had probably send this man to check on me.I do not remember having a discussion with him at all,all i remember is that he asked to talk with my roomates for some kind of verification and i went along with it not knowing at all what was happening in reality.

2 of my roomates were home so he sat down in the living room with them,i left them with him and went into my room,i do not remember exactly but he probably asked me to be left alone with them to question them.The whole situation was bizarre,for me and my roomates,i didn`t know anything about ETs,Annunakis,or anything like that back then ( i was still in a very deep state of amnesia ) so i was completely unaware human.

He asked questions to my roomates and he left afterwards.When i came out of my room he already left and one of my roomates said to me " who the fuck are you!!! " sounding upset and a bit angry,i looked at my other roomate whom was very good friend with me and he was looking at me with a air of accusation in his eyes,the vibe was totally weird and i felt very uncomfortable with the situation not knowing what was going on so i was unable to articulate anything at all in thought or verbally,i didn`t asked them what had happened or what were the questions all about,i just went back into my room because i did not know what to say or what to think really.I also felt fear,but fear of what,i did not know!

My relationship with my roomates went downhill soon after that,we were pretty close and very good friends prior to this weird visit,based on everything that i know now,i am sure that they thought i was probably a criminal in the government`s radar.

This strange visit occured a few days after an out of body experience where i was taken out of my body and i was shown multiple sequences of things i didn`t understand at all,like video sequences.My bedroom window was used as the screen,i was floating in the air and something made me sit down on the floor before the screen,i was shown multiple sequences of people and events,the sequences did not have any sound so when people were talking in the video sequence i could not hear what they were saying,unfortunately i can`t remember most of what i was shown but what i can remember clearly is a man dressed in a white robe sitting on a chair ( the kind of chair a pope would sit on ) and that he was in a position of authority,the man looked diabolical in nature and it was clear to me that his intent was of complete dominion of earth.Some of the video sequences following were showing what seemed to be nuclear attacks,i also remember a sequence where there was a medical team composed of nurses of the 40s "working" on someone that i could not see in the sequence,it seemed to be a sequence of the past,the video sequences were all in black and white as far as i can remember and the whole picture was gloomy and sinister,i did not know what to make of that experience back then,i regret not taking notes as soon as i came back in my body.

So this little "visit" of the M.I.B was in direct connection to this experience,and it should be underlined that the MEN IN BLACK is one of the ANNUNAKI necromiton races which are the black sun agenda races.Black sun agenda is oppressive,exploitation,elitist occult system,black magic satanist culture.When we are talking of satanism as a culture i am also referring to the perversion of true knowledge which is from source ( remember,organic light vs artificial light ) and the perversion of the human spirit,the perversion of true knowledge and the human spirit can take on many forms,it is not exclusively limited to satanic rituals,all religions on this earth are satanic in my point of view but it is the endoctrination of the human soul into falsified perception of reality with dogmatic and oppressive thought processes which will mislead humans,those who think of themselves as intellectually honest and critical thinking type of people are also misled into believing they are so smart and more intelligent than the rest,well they should think again.

For a long time i was wondering just how these alien intelligences are able to locate me all the time,well it was shown to me recently where i was shown the SERPENT APIN ( an annunaki pylon implant network ) and its connection with the 3d reality field,unfortunately i was not able to remember the whole communication but i believe this to be able to read brain waves signatures through the ley lines,connected to the subconscious and astral reality fields,and i was shown that high tech towers for telecommunications are used on the 4d level of reality,this is also in connection with astral projections where they can detect you and intercept communications as i was given that day when i was taking a nap.Both of these technologies are surely used in concert with each other where data is communicated/relayed through their system,black ops/interior government/hostile ET races INTEL to find out where you live and identify you.The SERPENT APIN is not the only alien intruders network,each intruder group have created their own that they have implanted in the planetary grids,each of which links to their specific planetary system/phantom matrix system.These APIN and LPIN systems are vast networks all over the planetary grids,they run on reversal currents from 1d to 11d,networks used as devices and weapons for multiple purposes such as mass mind control,alien implants,holographic implants,torture and murder,spying,dna blockages,electrostatic fence,siphonning of energy to relay to phantom matrix system etc,just to name a few.

Lyson Roy