mercredi 20 août 2014

the ascension timeline

As i am writing this article my physical body is having ascension symptoms big time,i have to admit that when i was first exposed to this information including lists of ascension symptoms i was very skeptical,some of these symptoms reminded me of hostile alien abductions signs and symptoms and they are also sounding the same as chemtrails side effects ( from a list i read a while ago ),but my skepticism has changed drastically since the beginning of 2014 when i had embodied the gold wave infusion into my aura,and a few weeks later when i had embodied the hydroplasmic beam ( 12d current ) into my aura also,these happened quite spontaneously and did not come from conscious intent i just practice meditation regularly and my HSP ( higher sensory perceptions ) are developped enough to see this clearly.I also know that i am getting realigned with my soul matrix and my oversoul matrix which is also part of the ascension cycle that i am experiencing,many times i have direct cognition of my multiple selves/incarnations that are located in other timelines.

It is good to know that NOT ALL TIMELINES ARE ORGANIC,many of the timelines i experience are from artificial timelines ( timelines not created from source but from phantom matrix systems and alien machinery ).From my personal experience these false timelines are just as real as the organic timelines except that they are artificial,they are not based on organic light principles of freedom,love,co-creation and c0-evolution,a lot of our incarnates ( and we have many in the context of 12 souls,each of which has 12 incarnates which are also paired with incarnates in the anti-particle universe ) are annexed/trapped or lost in these artificial timelines and we may even have clones of ourselves in these timelines,this is like having body parts located in different spaces,which maybe used,abused and kept in slavery.Some of these artificial timelines that i`ve had direct cognition of are very brutal or very dark.

This ascension cycle is also about reclaiming all of these body parts ( as in multidimensional anatomy ) all of which by the way BELONG TO YOU AND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS and not to these fake and horrible timelines,this is a CHRISTOS-AVATAR realignement with true organic light matrix systems.It was brought to my awareness that the original rescue mission ( for this particular ascension cycle ) has had failures and challenges and that the guardian alliance had to come up with a plan B for the rescue mission,we are not on a "regular" ascension path if i can put it this way,because of all the mess and alien invasion on this planet we had to receive help,and a lot of help.We are receiving that much needed help from the guardian races from multiple universes and especially from the aurora races from the aurora matrix,the aurora races are Christos races and they re-encrypt our elemental body,i was told that this is Re-encryption of the crystal lattice work ( in short ) but you can find more information about this on Lisa Renee energetic synthesis website,i have met with the aurora races when i travelled  through the Krystal river so i know that this is real.

I have also become aware that i am a ORAPHIM,i originate from the Oraphim founders race DNA template,my incarnates within this universe is to heal and reclaim souls that are to be rehabilitated within a organic system,i have had direct cognition of this,one of my incarnates working as a healer in the Bourgha matrix,in that timeline i am actually risking my own life and i am doing this work as a undercover healer,i was helping an individual from one of the Bourgha races helping him heal from a very deep wound in the chest,basically his heart complex was demolished from the hurt,the brutality and the suffering he had experienced.So in a way,this ascension cycle at least from my point of view is not limited to the planet earth,we are also connected to other star systems which are also connected to other universes,some of which have fallen into polarity madness and sucked into these phantom and black hole systems.

So,this ascension cycle is not ordinary,there is incredible team work and unseen forces of guardian alliance races displaying untiring dedication to make this happen in the safest way possible for all ( not just the humans but all life forms on this planet ).The original ascension plan of 5th dimensional transition had to be changed since the 5th dimensional timelines have been adopted/highjacked by invader races from what i understand,i do not know if this means that ascension to Tara and Gaia have been compromised but this is likely to be the case in the context of timelines for each planet,we will most probably make the transition to the Aurora matrix and from there ascend to organic timelines/planets that are not compromised by alien invasion.The rescue mission consists of rescuing souls on planet earth that have been trapped here for many precessional cycles,mostly souls who fell from TARA ( from the Tara cataclysm episode ) but not exclusively.This was indicated to me many years ago as a teenager when i had this "dream" of hundreds of dolphins agonizing on beach shores,i knew i had to help them,there were so many of them,interestingly enough i have had discussions with some people before who have had these similar "dreams" but did not know what to make of them,it should be underlined that the Taran human race is from ORAPHIM genetic template,and that the Oraphim is a hybrid of elohei/seraphei and portion of bra-ha rama/cerez/pleiadian DNA,the Bra-ha rama founder race has cetacean template in their DNA,this does not mean that a human with cetacean genetics will have a dolphin head with a humanoid body,for instance some human ETs with cetacean genetics ( which is from the bra-ha rama race ) may have skin color and texture of a cetacean nature or they may have incredible beautiful blue eyes,some annunaki races have stolen from these founders race DNA or forced bred with ET races that have this DNA template in their genetics,so there are some annunaki races with cetacean skin too.

I will definitely write more about this ascension cycle in future articles as i am learning more and more about it.

Lyson Roy