jeudi 25 septembre 2014

is planet earth a holographic program?

I am kind of late to realize this but i am beginning to see and becoming aware that the 3d earth is truly a holographic program,but wait,because this is not as simple as it may seem or what we are being told by the 3d earth scientists.This is part of the bigger picture.

But first,i would like to share this experience i have had last year with the reader so that the reader understands that i am not making things up or fabricating some kind of sci-fi theory with pieces of scientific theories here and there.


*NOTE TO THE READER: when i wrote this article it was not clear to me which planetary shield i had experienced,i am now learning that this is the AQUAFARION shield which is hosting planet earth.

while my physical body was in sleeping mode i became completely conscious within a round of "dream" sequences.The first "dream" sequence involved a very nice and spacious condo appartment complex that i was inspecting,completely brand new and i became aware there was one of these appartment condos that was for me,ready to be moved in.While i was inspecting i thought to myself that this was too nice to be true,there was something fishy about it and i felt like i was being mind manipulated,althought it was hard for me to articulate this clearly in my awareness it was a feeling i was sensing clearly.

the second sequence involved me deciding to take a walk outside and check out the area,it was in between night and day as far as i could see,there were a lot of people walking around in the street,and at one point i noticed a large group of people ( mostly young men ) who were walking around keeping the humans who were taking a walk "outside",in fear and blocking them access to cross some streets and crossing to other areas,basically they were like the state police and bullying people.

the third "dream" sequence i suddenly found myself in a bus with many more people,i was sitting in between 2 women,one being my grand-mother and the other being my mother,i thought this was weird and very unlikely and i started asking them questions to verify if they really were who they said they were,with each questions and with each answer i was receiving it became apparent to me that they were playing with my head and that in fact they were not real at all,which i expressed clearly to them.

right after that sequence i suddenly found myself in a very large street in a very big city,the city as far as i could see was completely in the middle of nowhere,so i was standing right in the middle of that place and i saw a group of men about 20 feet away from me who were walking towards me,they were lined side by side to each other as to form a wall,i could clearly see that they were very aggressive and they were about to attack me,i started yelling at them " NOTHING IS REAL!!! YOU ARE NOT REAL!! NOTHING HERE IS REAL!!! " and i decided to throw myself upon them,i was not afraid of them and i realized that this was all some kind of simulation,in fact as i hit them i went literally through them as if they did not exist at all! it was a holographic projection,and i ended up in the air,i fell back "on the ground" to throw myself in the air again with much more power and i ended up flying in the air,flying over the holographic simulation.

And then it was all very clear,i ended up upon what clearly was a gigantic and i mean GIGANTIC shield,slowly spinning in outer space,the shield looking like a spinning disk with grids and rays embedded in it,the shield was a beautiful cristalline pale azur blue in color.The shield was slowly spinning and at one point it stopped spinning,stopping at a specific juncture which i understood quickly to be a future timeline.As i was standing upon the shield i looked beneath my feet and there it became exactly like a transparent screen that i could see through,i was seeing bodies being manufactured,and i mean chain manufactured like products,all the bodies were rolling on this very long manufacturing chain and each body was in what seemed to me to be like test tubes,each body was being produced and held into these tight cylindrical "boxes" ( for lack of a better word ),it was enormous,just like an industrial manufacturing products.The bodies were exactly like foetuses,i could see their veins and their skin being like that of unborn babies,except that they were all in an adult state.There were 2 lines in the chain producing manufacture,on one of the 2 lines ( running along side by side to each other ) the bodies were of an alien species humanoid that is demonic in nature,each bodies were exactly alike,on the other line were the bodies of the human species and each body were exactly alike.CLEARLY,this is all about cloning,i was simply being shown this cloning manufacturing to be taken place in the future,and this is a specific timeline that the shield was showing me.

Althought i did not completely understand the whole experience back then,it is clear to me now as i am writing these lines.

The shield i had landed upon is actually a planetary shield ( in our case there are multi-level planetary shields and humans also have shields ) althought i am not sure i have the strong impression that it was the planetary shield of Tara,Tara is the soul matrix of earth,if this wasn`t Tara`s shield then i don`t know which planetary shield it was.Shields consist of mathematical programs that are triads of specific frequency patterns and they form the multi crystal bodies of a planet or a human for instance ( in this case here we are talking about the human race ),these are like the "containers" for the consciousness to take form and experience multi level reality fields of consciousness in our time matrix.What i am beginning to realize also is that the planet earth is most probably a holographic projection that was highjacked by the dark avatars collectives and the multiple annunaki races involved,the holographic program is not a bad thing in itself and i understand this to be a consequence of the fallen pieces of Tara consciousness fields into this 3d realm where they fell ( to be housed into Urtha,the original planet of this realm back then ),earth does not originate from this solar system,the holographic program the human race were to experience here is being projected by the shield of Tara except it has been highjacked a long time ago.I think that the original plan was to seed the human species into this 3d holographic program to rehabilitate the original 12 strands human DNA,but it is not as simple as it may sound.The 3d earth program was originally organic in my point of view before they came in ( the annunaki races ) and ruined the whole project,i know i sound like i am blaming the annunaki for everything but this is not my point,i am describing from an observation standpoint and as they are in reality.

The whole point of highjacking the earth program is not just about a bunch of conquering psychopatic predator forces invading the planet and assimilating it to their phantom universe,i mean yes there is a polarity aspect to it which is more like a real universal virus taking place on multiple levels,but i am talking about the human race and its original 12 strands DNA being SPECIAL,and i am not trying to suggest that the human race being more special than any other race,each living species and race of beings are each equally unique and special to the source,what i am saying is that the human race was created with care and with love and that we have a special place and purpose in the cosmos,just as all the other races in the multiple universes,we just don`t know it or we don`t remember.You see,this fictitious system they have implemented within this holographic program since they have highjacked it,is to make us feel and see ourselves as a bunch of idiotic dumbfucks that have evolved from bacteria or apes ( and please i am not suggesting superiority over the animals ok ),or that we were created by a psychopathic god keeping its "creation" in the safety of his godly ( but deeply sick ) love and affection,that we are to be redeemed somehow by an external saviour,and i could go on with other fictitious scenarios but these are the most popular and accepted by the masses.

And this is the essence of this planetary mind-programming system we are living in,by creating this vile and fictitious reality,it is to produce this insanity within our own minds,by making this reality inhuman we will become inhuman ourselves, disconnected from our true self and our god self embodiment of source,we live in fear,confusion,survival,low self-esteem configurations,incredible sadness,pain and suffering,guilt,shame, which makes us look for external instant gratification and distractions or medicate ourselves with all sorts of things that are addictive to our neurological structure because of the "feel good,feel happy" effect and "feel worse and feel like shit" effect and it all becomes this vivious circle for so many people on this planet, ALL THE WHILE THEY HAVE their hands in the treasure chest of the human race`s gifts and are already engaged in cracking the human dna code,because well,they know how our dna is special.So while we are so busy keeping busy and being entertained and being distracted by so many external stuff, trust me, they are busy and working hard at it and of course they are now introducing the idea ( a false idea if you ask me ) of the medical revolution for the genetic medical profile of health care patients.But why is the human DNA so special you may ask? well the original human DNA consist of codings that is organic to this planet ( remember that the original project/program was organic ) these codes are THE KEYS to access the ORGANIC PLANETARY AND UNIVERSAL STAR GATES SYSTEM that the controllers cannot have access to because their DNA is reversed,meaning that they are not organic beings and simply do not have the keys to access these organic stargates systems! i mean this is PRIME MATERIAL they are after and one of the reasons why they abduct so many starseeds and indigos because these humans have the original organic human codings in their dna template but they have been following the original genetic lines of this planet also for a very long time,the idea is to hybridize original organic human genetics with annunaki genetics so that they can incarnate in these elitist/controller family lineages upon the earth.Unfortunately so many starseeds and indigos are being recruited in the false ascension matrix which is the 5d timeline ( the adopted/highjacked ascension timeline ) promoted by the dark alien agenda and their new-age networks,this is the timeline i have been shown where the cloning will take place in my point of view.The invaders cannot incarnate here on this planet,their genetics are simply not compatible to incarnate into a organic human form since their DNA is not organic to this planet,so they need to create hybrids with stolen genetics from the original human dna template which is organic to this planet.

This will take them a lot of time though for the simple reason that the human race has been genetically modified over a long period of time du to all the distortions and highjacking of the planetary grids,severely affecting the original human dna,the contemporary humans of earth are not like the original human beings who were first seeded here,the human species has been genetically modified to be a slave race,meaning we mainly function from a 3d mindset which is like an automaton now,on a constant survival mode for most of the masses and they want to keep it that way for sure as long as possible,while they are developping their cloning industry,humans will be introduced to this nefarious project with "promising" medical improvements ( which is happening now ) and scientific development/research for the benefit of global health/security/managment,i mean this will be presented with glamour and in the guise of hope and better life.Well,have you not noticed that all industries in this world follow the same pattern,we just regurgitate and swallow the same bullshit each time,not because humans are stupid,they are not,it`s a slow mind manipulation so pervasive and so well constructed that it is very hard to see through,when you realize it is happenning it is already too late.And i see this with the false ascension matrix of the new-age networks,all these starseeds,hybrids and indigos that have this very condescending opinion and perception of the human race,they see the human race as this retard race that have not yet "evolved" to the galactic consciousness,excuse me but the original human beings who were first seeded here were once much more evolved and advanced before this earth was highjacked and transformed into this planetary prison that it is today,they just don`t realize that their starseed/hybrid/indigo and lightworker brains have been highjacked too by this nefarious agenda.Perhaps will they become aware of this one day.

Lyson Roy

lundi 22 septembre 2014

what does it mean to be authentic on planet earth?

In a world where we are given fake truths and where we generally fall for appearances,what does it mean to be authentic? i have been wondering about this question for a while now because this has been a personal struggle for a very long time.The answer to this question is beginning to appear in my mind as part of this very large picture the planet earth and humanity are definitely entangled with.

When i look at a beautiful mountain and walk through an organic and natural environment as a forest for instance this is what being authentic feels like,it really has nothing to do with a personality configuration that so many people on this earth invest so much of their focus on,not that i am against personality appeal or personal appearance but i am just saying that authenticity is so much beyond all of that,it is beyond appearances.And this is where the monad comes in.

The soul matrix is of course an important part of our genetic configuration and is connected to the oversoul matrix where the monad is stationed,i am still learning as i am writing these lines and i am gradually being guided by my higher self with each of my meditations,my higher self being the yanas themselves and the yanas emanating from source ( when i am able to perceive the yanas collectives that are the Grandayanas,the Wachayanas and the Ramyanas,they appear as these incredibly beautiful radiant colorful of multiple geometric patterns form that are called geomancies ).So when i am talking about being authentic i am not referring to a personal truth or a personality configuration to which the soul is bind to,i am referring to the GOD SPARK that is the inner sacred flame of the high heart complex,the MONAD.I see this as a lotus flower appearing at the thymus level and when i breathe from that place it tingles and i see the lotus flower expand and revealing the flowering of the god seed atom,the reader can find more information and specifics in more details on the azuritepress website.

Now that we are at this critical juncture in time,i feel this is such an important part of ourselves to understand and become aware of,the controllers of this planet do not want this information to come out ( amongst other things and i will come back on who are the controllers and how they control this reality in a future article ) and for a very good reason,awakening to your god self means that you awake your TRUE AND AUTHENTIC SELF which is beyond the personality matrix and the soul matrix,this is to be in link with the andromeda galaxy which is our true home,the milky way is NOT our home,from my personal point of view i see the milky way as the shadow self of the andromeda galaxy,as a "fallen" part of the andromeda galaxy,the milky way is like a universal glitch in this time matrix and this is also part of the monadic reversal event that took place a very long time ago.This is to be linked also with GAIA which is the oversoul of planet earth,we are not living on gaia as a lot of people are assuming,gaia is a planet of 7th-8th-9th dimensional reality fields and is from these timelines where the gaia/orion wars have occured.In this particular context,the damage produced at that level of consciousness is severe and it has created a major galactic split,the masculine and feminine god principles of the spirit being split/divided from their original god self embodiment.We can only imagine the incredible damage and suffering this has caused on these levels of consciousness but we can see this happenning on planet earth with the gender division and gender injustices.

Coming to this realization,it is clear that the healing of humanity also needs to take place at the monad level of their multidimensional anatomy,i think Lisa Renee on the energeticsynthesis website refers to this as the hieros gamos or the true marriage of the masculine and feminine god principles,she also says that the monad is the part of humanity that the negative alien agenda has tried and want to crush,i find this to be absolutely true.I do not know exactly how this monadic reversal occured but my higher self was showing this to me in a meditation where i was seeing a very ancient human being with long white hair ( ancient human Christos collective who fell from their Christos consciousness ) thrusting a sword in my spirit,the feeling and impression i have gotten from this vision was so uncomfortable and violent that i could not pursue my meditation,but i believe that my higher self wanted me to understand this event and to become aware of it so on the next days when i went into my meditations my higher self kept showing me this event and tried to make me become aware of it,in my research i came to find out that this was the blue sword technology,a alien technology that was used to split the monad or the monad reversal technology,to have felt it in my own spirit i can only say that this was a extremely violent event that took place at that level of consciousness.

The new-age community refer to the monad as the twin flames and they generally imply a romantic type of relationship but i doubt this is the case.If i understand well,the monad is the inner sacred flame of the god spark ( the god seed atom ) and this sacred inner flame is in the particle and anti-particle universes of our time matrix,one of these flames being the masculine part of the spirit self and the other flame being the feminine part of the spirit self,there is of course sacred and infinite love between the two but the love is not necessarely a romantic aspect of love it is much more a high level of spiritual love and incredible depth of respect and unity as i have seen this for myself in the early 2000s,the feminine god principle and the masculine god principle are actually true and very real consciousnesses that are like currents of energy and they ride on these frequency waves together where they radiate so much creativity and beauty and grace that it is impossible to describe,this experience resembled a telepathic communication between me and them but i am not sure that i can qualify it of telepathy.

In the healing of the monad,the human spirit will find its way back to authenticity,not denying the truth and telling the truth is essential to this healing process,in reality the human spirit is originally androgynous,it is the natural and organic state of being of the original human race,and i think this natural and organic state of being could be compared to being in a pure state of joy and creativity,a divine state of unity and love,and this is not a romantic type of union but a true spiritual and sacred union within our own heart,a timeless state of being.To heal at the monadic level of ourselves it is the reunification of the masculine and feminine god principles at the high heart complex which is the spirit body,the severe damage at this level is obvious on planet earth and needs so much healing.

Lyson Roy

mardi 16 septembre 2014

planetary race memory

So i have been accessing the planetary race memory since 2010-2011,i had first thought that these memories were about my own past lives memories but it turns out that i was wrong,these are planetary race memories of the planet earth which if i am right are available to access since only recently.

Here is an exemple of a planetary race memory that i would like to share here in this article.

There were a group of humans sitting in a large rectangular structure made of stone,this large structure was laser cut and it was moving without touching the ground ( i wouldn`t say it was a spacecraft but rather a vehicle to transport things and people,like a bus type of vehicle ),the stone structure was very pale grey/white in color.The humans in the vehicle looked so terrified as being frozen in place,and there was a man in particular that i was looking at who seemed like he already knew that he was going to die.All the humans were wearing a white robe.The stone vehicle transported the humans to a certain location where there were many other humans living in a community,they were dressed in white robes too,and as soon that these humans saw the stone vehicle ( the humans in the stone vehicle were of the same genetic lines of the humans in that community as far as i could see ) approaching they looked totally panicked and started running away,i was seeing some people getting out of their home and running away with fear.The humans of this community seemed to live in some kind of encampment setting as far as i could see and it was clearly in a jungle type of environment,i could see trees and bushes around and the weather was sunny and bright.When the stone vehicle arrived at destination ( which was that human encampment setting ) it suddenly stopped,there was a woman in the vehicle standing up and as i was looking at her i could see far away a group of human looking giants running toward them,they definitely looked MAYANS or AZTECS,they had brown skin color and were dressed typically as jungle civilization dwellers,they were much bigger than the humans.They were running after the humans to hunt them and kill them,as a game.The woman standing in the stone vehicle was clearly aware of what was going on and what was about to happen and she started yelling to the other humans in the vehicle to run away now!

So,this planetary race memory was clearly showing me a piece of true planetary history which took place a very long time ago.There was a pre-ancient Mayan benevolent race and they are not to be confused with the reptilian-annunaki hybrid race of the bloodthirsty Mayans,these civilizations were Annunaki civilizations taking over the planetary grids on multiple occasions and relates to the planetary genocides of the original human race on this planet.Archeologists and scientists are so far away from conceiving and coming up with the truth of our origin and the true events of our past,unfortunately the masses believe their theories to be true or to be credible,we are incredibly mislead in many ways to "think" and "believe" the way the controllers want us to "think" and "believe",it is very beneficial for them to have humans being kept into such a level of ignorance and stupidity they can easily manipulate the human populations.The saddest part is when i observe so many people making fun and bashing individuals who are actually using their intelligence to find out the real truth,who are digging beneath the surface of consensual reality,and who are brave enough to think beyond preconceived ideas which are accepted as "facts" and "science".

The biggest leap someone can make in his/her evolution of consciousness is to break free from the norm,the norm being this official consensual reality we call "life",which is definitely a fictitious reality that has been constructed over thousands of years by the controllers.They have placed/created institutions as this authority system who think for us and manage our consciousness on multiple levels of reality,and this seems to work so well so far.If these institutions and authority system fail to control the consciousness that you are psychospiritual-warfare will be used against the consciousnesses,and this seems to work very well too,the ideal for the controllers is to make people remain in a deep state of amnesia that they will never wake-up from.

It is the strangest thing to wake-up from that deep amnesia.It feels like you had been truly blind all this time,but the most bizarre is seeing things others are not seeing while they have no awareness of being blind themselves and yet they tell you that are looking at things the wrong way.

Lyson Roy

jeudi 11 septembre 2014

planetary architectures reconstruction

Because of my higher sensory perceptions i am able to see things and perceive things that are beyond the 3d reality fields and our 5 sensory mode of perceptions,most of the time i experience these sequences of HSP during physical sleeping mode when i am able to remain conscious while my body is at rest.In this particular sequence,i was seeing MAJOR reconstruction of architectures occuring right now on planet earth,it is very much like seeing massive building templates,and i mean MASSIVE,being under major reconstruction,it would be like observing a particular geographical location that you are familiar with,or where you live for instance and seeing all the apartment buildings and other housing architectures being under major reconstruction,everything look like a gigantic construction site.

I was able to see that a lot of the ancient architectures,and again these are MASSIVE ARCHITECTURES,were under reconstruction and being remodeled to "modern" and more advanced structures,some of these ancient architectures were being demolished while on other construction sites they were keeping some of the ancient structures within the new designs,the impression i was getting is that they wanted to keep some of the original blueprint of these ancient architectures because they are important and have an important value to the overall result,they cannot demolish everything and build everything from scratch is what i was also perceiving so they rebuild over these ancient structures that are still of great value,they are included within the new designs.

The whole thing is very impressive to see,i was really speechless and mindboggled to what was going on until i understood.The goal of this major reconstruction is to upgrade the quality of life on this planet,for everybody as much as possible.The upgrade is to be aligned with source and to be in symbiosis with source,so that means that these new architectures are to be organic and connected to source.The settings of these architectures,at least some of which i saw ( and none of them were completely finished at this time ) are to give access to a much better quality of existence to all and to enjoy a much better life,when seeing these new architectures what comes to mind is a reconnection to what is natural,in this case it is to be reconnected to our true state of being,it is like seeing large lakes and very large beaches surrounded by a lot of greens and very beautiful trees,unpolluted of course,to my understanding these new architectures are to connect back to source and the organic timelines.The people managing the reconstruction seem to be specialized consciousnesses for this work,althought i did not see any of them on site there at least one i have met while i was visiting one of these new housing site,which was very impressive to me,the quality was undeniable and i was very impressed,so while i was visiting and observing this new architecture one of these architect appeared on site and we discussed a little,the funny thing is that he asked for my opinion/point of view on the interior decor/design,if you know me personally you will know that if you ask for my opinion and point of view you will get an honest answer,and this is what i gave to him,i told him that it was awful,that it was really ugly,he was not offensed at all but he took my point of view seriously and walked away,i could see that he was a bit irritated and even upset of knowing that his work was not "perfect" or that some workers did not do a better job on the interior design,with hindsight i think i should have been more nuanced and less direct but this is only to show that these consciousnesses ( architects ) have an incredible job to do and have so much to consider,for the sake of this planet and the sake of the human race,they are incredibly good at what they do,this is massive massive work! it would be only fair that we can do our part and leave the rest for us to accomplish,i mean the interior decor is no big deal,i`m sure they can appoint specialized humans and ETs for that kind of work,but i should also remind myself that everyone has their own taste and preferences so my comment to him should not be taken seriously but rather with a sense of humour,to my knowledge the interior design was very well done and brand new,i guess it was just not to my personal taste ( i`m hoping he understands this too! ).

And so,massive reconstruction work is underway and i have no idea if they have a certain limit of time to accomplish this but at the time i was on site i don`t remember seeing people working ( like construction workers for instance ) the impression i was getting is that they are not doing this non-stop like a bunch of slaves,i only had the opportunity to see this from my own eyes while the architects and their team were not at work perhaps,as a matter of fact,i could see that not so far away some people including the archictect i chatted with were taking a nice pause and enjoying some time with the source and having fun!

Lyson Roy

mercredi 10 septembre 2014

my ascension path and process

So i was supposed to wake-up in 2000 for this ascension cycle but unfortunately under difficult circumstances i did not wake-up back then.I started waking-up in 2010 which since then until early 2014 has put me through a major learning curve.So much has happened within this short time period i am still amazed that i have remained sane,and in one piece so to speak.

I remember back in 2000 when i was receiving a lot of help from my Oraphim family,they seemed to know me very well and to know everything about me,but i was in such a state of amnesia i did not remember them at all!

My Oraphim genetics come from a hybrid DNA that had been created by the 3 founders races of our time matrix,the 3 founders races are the elohei-elohim,the seraphei-seraphim and the bra-ha rama.

                                         *image is from energeticsynthesis website but i do
                                           not know the name of the artist to give credits to.

Because of warring and damages caused from these wars,the Oraphim founders race was created so that the guardian Christos consciousnesses could incarnate in this time matrix.There is not just one and single Oraphim genotype,as i have seen myself there are different genetic lines of the Oraphim DNA template and the Oraphim prototype look like a humanoid bald albino who is extremely peaceful and loving in nature.

In this ascension cycle,that i am experiencing with more intensity now,it has recently occured to me that the Oraphim DNA consciousness that i am,is a cosmic healing consciousness,i am a cosmic healer.And i see this very clearly as i have direct cognition of my multiple incarnates in other timelines that have incarnated in different time fields to reclaim/rescue/save and heal beings that are trapped/annexed/imprisonned in these timelines,i am of course referring to the artificial and inorganic timelines of the PHANTOM MATRIX SYSTEMS,these beings are anywhere from human lineages,borgias/wesedrak lineages ( the borenthasala ),seraphim-annunaki lineages,annu-elohim annunaki lineages and braha-rama lineages.I will give some exemples of this in some future articles but basically the consciousness that i am has projected itself into these timelines which includes planet earth.These timelines are brutal,violent,inhuman and dark in nature,they are not from source,in one particular timeline,my incarnate over there has a complete awareness of the situation and is risking his own life to reclaim and heal as many beings as possible,it is an undercover work in the sense that his identity and purpose must remain a secret operation at all cost or he will be killed,and he knows this very well.

On earth the situation is a bit different,well perhaps largely different but still quite difficult.I mean i won`t get killed or harrassed if i wanted to open a spa center or sell organic healing oils,or practice crystal healing services,the real difficulty is when healing must occur on multidimensional levels of the being,not just physically,and for this to occur every being in existence has to wake-up to his/her multidimensional anatomy and the true nature of reality,which is a multidimensional fields of consciousness,in our time matrix it is a 15 dimensional matrix that we are part of.The multiple factors of this consciousness fields are of course hidden to us because we are locked into this 3d reality field for such a long time ( over 200,000 years ) and being kept in a such a state of ignorance and stupidity that we have no cognition of the multiple and higher reality fields,and they ( the controllers ) want to keep humans that way as much as possible and as long as possible,especially in this ascension cycle.Which means that when you start realizing what is truly going on on this planet and you open your mouth and start to tell the real TRUTH as opposed to fake truths,you know what healing means,and you understand what must be healed.

In particular,the incredible damage and suffering of humans,animals,biosphere on this earth and the severe damage and distortions of the planetary grids are also in need of assistance  at this critical time and i find that i am reminded of this with my beloved cat sasha who has this incredible stubborn scab that we are struggling to heal since these past 10 months! none of the vets we have consulted with him were able to heal his wound,we have been pretty much left on our own caring for him and finding ways to help him cope with his misery until now,as much as it is difficult for him to have to stay in the house and wear his elizabethan collar and be miserable,it is very hard on us too,just when i thought i have no more patience i always find some more and keep caring for him until it completely heals.This reminder seems to hit me at a critical time where i need TO REMEMBER what i have come to do here,to remember who i am,and to honor the promise i had made.I am a cosmic healer.

Apart from being a cosmic healer,i am also a living biological sound and light transducer/transmitter which is also exhausting work as i have experienced since early 2014 ( sound and light inaudible and unseeable from the 5 senses that are frequencies from living energetic currents coming from source ) ,this is anchoring incredibly high frequencies into the aura ( or bio-energetic field ) which is exhausting for the physical system ( central nervous system,endocrine system,muscles etc ),for instance i have anchored the gold wave infusion in the beginning of this year,some time after that i have anchored the hydroplasmic beam from the 12th dimensional current ( see the 12d shield ) and recently it was the 13th pillar mother magnetic aqua flame which is also the exit portal of this universal time matrix,all of this has left me incredibly and physically tired most of this year ( i am hoping it will slow down or subside for a while though ),my neurological structure has been on a high voltage activity for most of the time while i had kept studying and learning new things and while being sleep deprived.

My understanding and my knowledge of the ascension cycle has changed and has evolved over the last 4 years,like so many people i was very naive and ignorant about it with the many factors and variables involved from the beginning.The ascension seems to involve multiple timelines not just of planet earth but all of this time matrix which is of course involving the multiple artificial/inorganic annunaki timelines of their phantom matrix systems,it is the reclaiming of those consciousnesses/beings who fell from their Christos collectives a very very long time ago  and their rehabilitation back to source is also part of the big picture,the source it seems does not want to leave anyone behind,no matter who they are or "what" they are,the source does not have a value system based on prejudices and dualistic mentality so to speak as all life and all beings are equally precious and divine.Having said this it is equally important to be aware of what is going in this world and not be so naive that we are not seeing the bullshit and the lies we are being fed with on a regular basis,science is still debating the reality of extraterrestrials and multidimensional reality,and the dark avatars structures on this planet are still very much at work and being very effective at deceiving and misleading the masses,not to put fear in people`s mind and heart but simply being aware and remaining in that awareness with peace,compassion and truth can make a big difference,Lisa Renee refers to this ascension timeline as the God-Sovereing-Free ascension timeline ( not the false ascension matrix ) and i can only agree with her.

Lyson Roy