mercredi 10 septembre 2014

my ascension path and process

So i was supposed to wake-up in 2000 for this ascension cycle but unfortunately under difficult circumstances i did not wake-up back then.I started waking-up in 2010 which since then until early 2014 has put me through a major learning curve.So much has happened within this short time period i am still amazed that i have remained sane,and in one piece so to speak.

I remember back in 2000 when i was receiving a lot of help from my Oraphim family,they seemed to know me very well and to know everything about me,but i was in such a state of amnesia i did not remember them at all!

My Oraphim genetics come from a hybrid DNA that had been created by the 3 founders races of our time matrix,the 3 founders races are the elohei-elohim,the seraphei-seraphim and the bra-ha rama.

                                         *image is from energeticsynthesis website but i do
                                           not know the name of the artist to give credits to.

Because of warring and damages caused from these wars,the Oraphim founders race was created so that the guardian Christos consciousnesses could incarnate in this time matrix.There is not just one and single Oraphim genotype,as i have seen myself there are different genetic lines of the Oraphim DNA template and the Oraphim prototype look like a humanoid bald albino who is extremely peaceful and loving in nature.

In this ascension cycle,that i am experiencing with more intensity now,it has recently occured to me that the Oraphim DNA consciousness that i am,is a cosmic healing consciousness,i am a cosmic healer.And i see this very clearly as i have direct cognition of my multiple incarnates in other timelines that have incarnated in different time fields to reclaim/rescue/save and heal beings that are trapped/annexed/imprisonned in these timelines,i am of course referring to the artificial and inorganic timelines of the PHANTOM MATRIX SYSTEMS,these beings are anywhere from human lineages,borgias/wesedrak lineages ( the borenthasala ),seraphim-annunaki lineages,annu-elohim annunaki lineages and braha-rama lineages.I will give some exemples of this in some future articles but basically the consciousness that i am has projected itself into these timelines which includes planet earth.These timelines are brutal,violent,inhuman and dark in nature,they are not from source,in one particular timeline,my incarnate over there has a complete awareness of the situation and is risking his own life to reclaim and heal as many beings as possible,it is an undercover work in the sense that his identity and purpose must remain a secret operation at all cost or he will be killed,and he knows this very well.

On earth the situation is a bit different,well perhaps largely different but still quite difficult.I mean i won`t get killed or harrassed if i wanted to open a spa center or sell organic healing oils,or practice crystal healing services,the real difficulty is when healing must occur on multidimensional levels of the being,not just physically,and for this to occur every being in existence has to wake-up to his/her multidimensional anatomy and the true nature of reality,which is a multidimensional fields of consciousness,in our time matrix it is a 15 dimensional matrix that we are part of.The multiple factors of this consciousness fields are of course hidden to us because we are locked into this 3d reality field for such a long time ( over 200,000 years ) and being kept in a such a state of ignorance and stupidity that we have no cognition of the multiple and higher reality fields,and they ( the controllers ) want to keep humans that way as much as possible and as long as possible,especially in this ascension cycle.Which means that when you start realizing what is truly going on on this planet and you open your mouth and start to tell the real TRUTH as opposed to fake truths,you know what healing means,and you understand what must be healed.

In particular,the incredible damage and suffering of humans,animals,biosphere on this earth and the severe damage and distortions of the planetary grids are also in need of assistance  at this critical time and i find that i am reminded of this with my beloved cat sasha who has this incredible stubborn scab that we are struggling to heal since these past 10 months! none of the vets we have consulted with him were able to heal his wound,we have been pretty much left on our own caring for him and finding ways to help him cope with his misery until now,as much as it is difficult for him to have to stay in the house and wear his elizabethan collar and be miserable,it is very hard on us too,just when i thought i have no more patience i always find some more and keep caring for him until it completely heals.This reminder seems to hit me at a critical time where i need TO REMEMBER what i have come to do here,to remember who i am,and to honor the promise i had made.I am a cosmic healer.

Apart from being a cosmic healer,i am also a living biological sound and light transducer/transmitter which is also exhausting work as i have experienced since early 2014 ( sound and light inaudible and unseeable from the 5 senses that are frequencies from living energetic currents coming from source ) ,this is anchoring incredibly high frequencies into the aura ( or bio-energetic field ) which is exhausting for the physical system ( central nervous system,endocrine system,muscles etc ),for instance i have anchored the gold wave infusion in the beginning of this year,some time after that i have anchored the hydroplasmic beam from the 12th dimensional current ( see the 12d shield ) and recently it was the 13th pillar mother magnetic aqua flame which is also the exit portal of this universal time matrix,all of this has left me incredibly and physically tired most of this year ( i am hoping it will slow down or subside for a while though ),my neurological structure has been on a high voltage activity for most of the time while i had kept studying and learning new things and while being sleep deprived.

My understanding and my knowledge of the ascension cycle has changed and has evolved over the last 4 years,like so many people i was very naive and ignorant about it with the many factors and variables involved from the beginning.The ascension seems to involve multiple timelines not just of planet earth but all of this time matrix which is of course involving the multiple artificial/inorganic annunaki timelines of their phantom matrix systems,it is the reclaiming of those consciousnesses/beings who fell from their Christos collectives a very very long time ago  and their rehabilitation back to source is also part of the big picture,the source it seems does not want to leave anyone behind,no matter who they are or "what" they are,the source does not have a value system based on prejudices and dualistic mentality so to speak as all life and all beings are equally precious and divine.Having said this it is equally important to be aware of what is going in this world and not be so naive that we are not seeing the bullshit and the lies we are being fed with on a regular basis,science is still debating the reality of extraterrestrials and multidimensional reality,and the dark avatars structures on this planet are still very much at work and being very effective at deceiving and misleading the masses,not to put fear in people`s mind and heart but simply being aware and remaining in that awareness with peace,compassion and truth can make a big difference,Lisa Renee refers to this ascension timeline as the God-Sovereing-Free ascension timeline ( not the false ascension matrix ) and i can only agree with her.

Lyson Roy