jeudi 11 septembre 2014

planetary architectures reconstruction

Because of my higher sensory perceptions i am able to see things and perceive things that are beyond the 3d reality fields and our 5 sensory mode of perceptions,most of the time i experience these sequences of HSP during physical sleeping mode when i am able to remain conscious while my body is at rest.In this particular sequence,i was seeing MAJOR reconstruction of architectures occuring right now on planet earth,it is very much like seeing massive building templates,and i mean MASSIVE,being under major reconstruction,it would be like observing a particular geographical location that you are familiar with,or where you live for instance and seeing all the apartment buildings and other housing architectures being under major reconstruction,everything look like a gigantic construction site.

I was able to see that a lot of the ancient architectures,and again these are MASSIVE ARCHITECTURES,were under reconstruction and being remodeled to "modern" and more advanced structures,some of these ancient architectures were being demolished while on other construction sites they were keeping some of the ancient structures within the new designs,the impression i was getting is that they wanted to keep some of the original blueprint of these ancient architectures because they are important and have an important value to the overall result,they cannot demolish everything and build everything from scratch is what i was also perceiving so they rebuild over these ancient structures that are still of great value,they are included within the new designs.

The whole thing is very impressive to see,i was really speechless and mindboggled to what was going on until i understood.The goal of this major reconstruction is to upgrade the quality of life on this planet,for everybody as much as possible.The upgrade is to be aligned with source and to be in symbiosis with source,so that means that these new architectures are to be organic and connected to source.The settings of these architectures,at least some of which i saw ( and none of them were completely finished at this time ) are to give access to a much better quality of existence to all and to enjoy a much better life,when seeing these new architectures what comes to mind is a reconnection to what is natural,in this case it is to be reconnected to our true state of being,it is like seeing large lakes and very large beaches surrounded by a lot of greens and very beautiful trees,unpolluted of course,to my understanding these new architectures are to connect back to source and the organic timelines.The people managing the reconstruction seem to be specialized consciousnesses for this work,althought i did not see any of them on site there at least one i have met while i was visiting one of these new housing site,which was very impressive to me,the quality was undeniable and i was very impressed,so while i was visiting and observing this new architecture one of these architect appeared on site and we discussed a little,the funny thing is that he asked for my opinion/point of view on the interior decor/design,if you know me personally you will know that if you ask for my opinion and point of view you will get an honest answer,and this is what i gave to him,i told him that it was awful,that it was really ugly,he was not offensed at all but he took my point of view seriously and walked away,i could see that he was a bit irritated and even upset of knowing that his work was not "perfect" or that some workers did not do a better job on the interior design,with hindsight i think i should have been more nuanced and less direct but this is only to show that these consciousnesses ( architects ) have an incredible job to do and have so much to consider,for the sake of this planet and the sake of the human race,they are incredibly good at what they do,this is massive massive work! it would be only fair that we can do our part and leave the rest for us to accomplish,i mean the interior decor is no big deal,i`m sure they can appoint specialized humans and ETs for that kind of work,but i should also remind myself that everyone has their own taste and preferences so my comment to him should not be taken seriously but rather with a sense of humour,to my knowledge the interior design was very well done and brand new,i guess it was just not to my personal taste ( i`m hoping he understands this too! ).

And so,massive reconstruction work is underway and i have no idea if they have a certain limit of time to accomplish this but at the time i was on site i don`t remember seeing people working ( like construction workers for instance ) the impression i was getting is that they are not doing this non-stop like a bunch of slaves,i only had the opportunity to see this from my own eyes while the architects and their team were not at work perhaps,as a matter of fact,i could see that not so far away some people including the archictect i chatted with were taking a nice pause and enjoying some time with the source and having fun!

Lyson Roy