mardi 16 septembre 2014

planetary race memory

So i have been accessing the planetary race memory since 2010-2011,i had first thought that these memories were about my own past lives memories but it turns out that i was wrong,these are planetary race memories of the planet earth which if i am right are available to access since only recently.

Here is an exemple of a planetary race memory that i would like to share here in this article.

There were a group of humans sitting in a large rectangular structure made of stone,this large structure was laser cut and it was moving without touching the ground ( i wouldn`t say it was a spacecraft but rather a vehicle to transport things and people,like a bus type of vehicle ),the stone structure was very pale grey/white in color.The humans in the vehicle looked so terrified as being frozen in place,and there was a man in particular that i was looking at who seemed like he already knew that he was going to die.All the humans were wearing a white robe.The stone vehicle transported the humans to a certain location where there were many other humans living in a community,they were dressed in white robes too,and as soon that these humans saw the stone vehicle ( the humans in the stone vehicle were of the same genetic lines of the humans in that community as far as i could see ) approaching they looked totally panicked and started running away,i was seeing some people getting out of their home and running away with fear.The humans of this community seemed to live in some kind of encampment setting as far as i could see and it was clearly in a jungle type of environment,i could see trees and bushes around and the weather was sunny and bright.When the stone vehicle arrived at destination ( which was that human encampment setting ) it suddenly stopped,there was a woman in the vehicle standing up and as i was looking at her i could see far away a group of human looking giants running toward them,they definitely looked MAYANS or AZTECS,they had brown skin color and were dressed typically as jungle civilization dwellers,they were much bigger than the humans.They were running after the humans to hunt them and kill them,as a game.The woman standing in the stone vehicle was clearly aware of what was going on and what was about to happen and she started yelling to the other humans in the vehicle to run away now!

So,this planetary race memory was clearly showing me a piece of true planetary history which took place a very long time ago.There was a pre-ancient Mayan benevolent race and they are not to be confused with the reptilian-annunaki hybrid race of the bloodthirsty Mayans,these civilizations were Annunaki civilizations taking over the planetary grids on multiple occasions and relates to the planetary genocides of the original human race on this planet.Archeologists and scientists are so far away from conceiving and coming up with the truth of our origin and the true events of our past,unfortunately the masses believe their theories to be true or to be credible,we are incredibly mislead in many ways to "think" and "believe" the way the controllers want us to "think" and "believe",it is very beneficial for them to have humans being kept into such a level of ignorance and stupidity they can easily manipulate the human populations.The saddest part is when i observe so many people making fun and bashing individuals who are actually using their intelligence to find out the real truth,who are digging beneath the surface of consensual reality,and who are brave enough to think beyond preconceived ideas which are accepted as "facts" and "science".

The biggest leap someone can make in his/her evolution of consciousness is to break free from the norm,the norm being this official consensual reality we call "life",which is definitely a fictitious reality that has been constructed over thousands of years by the controllers.They have placed/created institutions as this authority system who think for us and manage our consciousness on multiple levels of reality,and this seems to work so well so far.If these institutions and authority system fail to control the consciousness that you are psychospiritual-warfare will be used against the consciousnesses,and this seems to work very well too,the ideal for the controllers is to make people remain in a deep state of amnesia that they will never wake-up from.

It is the strangest thing to wake-up from that deep amnesia.It feels like you had been truly blind all this time,but the most bizarre is seeing things others are not seeing while they have no awareness of being blind themselves and yet they tell you that are looking at things the wrong way.

Lyson Roy