lundi 22 septembre 2014

what does it mean to be authentic on planet earth?

In a world where we are given fake truths and where we generally fall for appearances,what does it mean to be authentic? i have been wondering about this question for a while now because this has been a personal struggle for a very long time.The answer to this question is beginning to appear in my mind as part of this very large picture the planet earth and humanity are definitely entangled with.

When i look at a beautiful mountain and walk through an organic and natural environment as a forest for instance this is what being authentic feels like,it really has nothing to do with a personality configuration that so many people on this earth invest so much of their focus on,not that i am against personality appeal or personal appearance but i am just saying that authenticity is so much beyond all of that,it is beyond appearances.And this is where the monad comes in.

The soul matrix is of course an important part of our genetic configuration and is connected to the oversoul matrix where the monad is stationed,i am still learning as i am writing these lines and i am gradually being guided by my higher self with each of my meditations,my higher self being the yanas themselves and the yanas emanating from source ( when i am able to perceive the yanas collectives that are the Grandayanas,the Wachayanas and the Ramyanas,they appear as these incredibly beautiful radiant colorful of multiple geometric patterns form that are called geomancies ).So when i am talking about being authentic i am not referring to a personal truth or a personality configuration to which the soul is bind to,i am referring to the GOD SPARK that is the inner sacred flame of the high heart complex,the MONAD.I see this as a lotus flower appearing at the thymus level and when i breathe from that place it tingles and i see the lotus flower expand and revealing the flowering of the god seed atom,the reader can find more information and specifics in more details on the azuritepress website.

Now that we are at this critical juncture in time,i feel this is such an important part of ourselves to understand and become aware of,the controllers of this planet do not want this information to come out ( amongst other things and i will come back on who are the controllers and how they control this reality in a future article ) and for a very good reason,awakening to your god self means that you awake your TRUE AND AUTHENTIC SELF which is beyond the personality matrix and the soul matrix,this is to be in link with the andromeda galaxy which is our true home,the milky way is NOT our home,from my personal point of view i see the milky way as the shadow self of the andromeda galaxy,as a "fallen" part of the andromeda galaxy,the milky way is like a universal glitch in this time matrix and this is also part of the monadic reversal event that took place a very long time ago.This is to be linked also with GAIA which is the oversoul of planet earth,we are not living on gaia as a lot of people are assuming,gaia is a planet of 7th-8th-9th dimensional reality fields and is from these timelines where the gaia/orion wars have occured.In this particular context,the damage produced at that level of consciousness is severe and it has created a major galactic split,the masculine and feminine god principles of the spirit being split/divided from their original god self embodiment.We can only imagine the incredible damage and suffering this has caused on these levels of consciousness but we can see this happenning on planet earth with the gender division and gender injustices.

Coming to this realization,it is clear that the healing of humanity also needs to take place at the monad level of their multidimensional anatomy,i think Lisa Renee on the energeticsynthesis website refers to this as the hieros gamos or the true marriage of the masculine and feminine god principles,she also says that the monad is the part of humanity that the negative alien agenda has tried and want to crush,i find this to be absolutely true.I do not know exactly how this monadic reversal occured but my higher self was showing this to me in a meditation where i was seeing a very ancient human being with long white hair ( ancient human Christos collective who fell from their Christos consciousness ) thrusting a sword in my spirit,the feeling and impression i have gotten from this vision was so uncomfortable and violent that i could not pursue my meditation,but i believe that my higher self wanted me to understand this event and to become aware of it so on the next days when i went into my meditations my higher self kept showing me this event and tried to make me become aware of it,in my research i came to find out that this was the blue sword technology,a alien technology that was used to split the monad or the monad reversal technology,to have felt it in my own spirit i can only say that this was a extremely violent event that took place at that level of consciousness.

The new-age community refer to the monad as the twin flames and they generally imply a romantic type of relationship but i doubt this is the case.If i understand well,the monad is the inner sacred flame of the god spark ( the god seed atom ) and this sacred inner flame is in the particle and anti-particle universes of our time matrix,one of these flames being the masculine part of the spirit self and the other flame being the feminine part of the spirit self,there is of course sacred and infinite love between the two but the love is not necessarely a romantic aspect of love it is much more a high level of spiritual love and incredible depth of respect and unity as i have seen this for myself in the early 2000s,the feminine god principle and the masculine god principle are actually true and very real consciousnesses that are like currents of energy and they ride on these frequency waves together where they radiate so much creativity and beauty and grace that it is impossible to describe,this experience resembled a telepathic communication between me and them but i am not sure that i can qualify it of telepathy.

In the healing of the monad,the human spirit will find its way back to authenticity,not denying the truth and telling the truth is essential to this healing process,in reality the human spirit is originally androgynous,it is the natural and organic state of being of the original human race,and i think this natural and organic state of being could be compared to being in a pure state of joy and creativity,a divine state of unity and love,and this is not a romantic type of union but a true spiritual and sacred union within our own heart,a timeless state of being.To heal at the monadic level of ourselves it is the reunification of the masculine and feminine god principles at the high heart complex which is the spirit body,the severe damage at this level is obvious on planet earth and needs so much healing.

Lyson Roy