dimanche 5 octobre 2014

aurora re-encryption upgrade

I remember meeting with the AQUAFARIANS in the beginning of 2013 when i came back travelling through the krystal river,but this was not my first encounter with them,the Christos guardian blue dragon race is the one that comes to mind most clearly ( not to be confused with the Annunaki dragon races that are from the phantom matrix systems ).Unfortunately i was not able to remember everything that has been said during this meeting but i do remember that i was told of the re-encryption of my crystal lattice work and i was shown that the human crystal body is a "container" for the consciousness to take form and that it is much older than the dinausors,the dinausors came on the scene much later apparently and i was also shown that the dinausors also had crystal bodies.To understand what is the aurora re-encryption upgrade i highly recommend the reader to visit the ENERGETICSYNTHESIS website where Lisa Renee explains this and where you will find the more detailed info,the reader should know that i write my articles on this blog based on my personal experiences and from the point of view of my own investigative research.


Lisa Renee explains this to be the re-encryption of the particle base of the elemental body ( more specifically the physical body ) which i find to be correct,it is the upgrade of the elemental particle base of our DNA which translate as the air/fire/earth/water or the atomic and sub-atomic of our physical body.I have been feeling that my body is changing lately very much,these last couple of months it has been this intense feeling of transmutation,the perception for me is physical within my body but it took me a while to understand and connect the dots with what i had been told and this is effectively what is happening to me,this aurora re-encryption upgrade is part of the ascension plan B as it is explained by Lisa Renee,because we are not transmuting fast enough ( the miasma/karmic imprints ).I do not know how others experience this aurora re encryption but for me it is exhausting so far with episodes of multiple symptoms that resemble cold and flu,waking up multiple times when sleeping at night,tossing and turning,feeling very tired at times and feeling like the body is really transmuting.It is also feeling disoriented in my own body on most days.While this is all very real the medical system is totally ignorant of what is occuring on the planet and what i am going through,so there is no way that i could go see a doctor and explain my situation for medical assistance and health support,which means that people like me are pretty much left on our own to deal with this,so my best advice to these people is to take good care of yourselves,be kind to yourself and rest as much as possible.Listen to your body`s messages,for instance on some days digestion could be too much work for the body,on some days i may drink smoothies and eat very light or no dense food at all,and this feels quite natural it does not feel like imposing a fast to the system,it is much more like cooperating with your own body and listening to its needs.

There is also much work at the cellular level going on,personally i experience this as my cellular memory being upgraded,it is like seeing bad memories being replaced with good memories so to speak,past memories that may have left a toxic imprint or a toxic emotional experience being transmuted to a much better experience in the cellular memory matrix.This is also to be linked with the subconscious level of our 3d personality,in my point of view all levels of the 1d-2d-3d consciousness fields will be affected by this re encryption upgrade,but i guess i`ll see how this goes next.

I find it is also affecting my behaviour in the sense that i cannot function like a automaton anymore,i need to take things on a slower pace for now and i function from a "be in the now" perception more and more.The upgrade seems to evacuate karmic imprints from my cellular memory i find,it is hard to describe but it is the feeling of evacuating garbage at the cellular level,if you have a lot of garbage to evacuate this may be a process that will take place over a certain period of time,for me i have noticed that this has begun in 2013 and still in the process of evacuating old garbage like a cleansing of a very big house,so on some days and some weeks it is very tiring,you need to give yourself a break,this could be perceived as a chakra cleansing and the evacuation of old/ancient modes of perception and old/ancient thinking patterns.For me,i find that i cannot be around artificial environments anymore or for very short period of time,it is as if my cells are screaming "get out of here!!" and that the consumerist model of society/culture is very oppressive to my system and soul more than ever,i can`t resonate with these artificial structures and models and my cellular body seems to scream in disgust in these type of environments,in fact my body needs more than ever to be around nature,it resonates with everything organic and natural and i truly feel the difference in my body when i`m around artificial places/structures and organic/natural places and structures.

Lyson Roy