jeudi 30 octobre 2014

healing the personality matrix of the human soul

I have touched on this subject a while ago and this time my higher self is asking me to write again about this,perhaps because this is such an important process ( and the first step ) in reclaiming our consciousness back and our sovereignty on a universal and cosmic scale.It takes work and dedicated love and compassion to reclaim one`s consciousness back and to fully rehabilitate ourselves to organic fields of consciousness,this is a constant work of rewiring the brain`s connections to the right circuitry,in other words we have to unlearn all this fake shit we have learned and reprogram the mind to its true nature.

To understand this,it is essential for the reader to learn about 15 dimensional physics and the 15 dimensional anatomy which is provided through the keylontic dictionary online ( NOTE; since the keylontic dictionary online has been taken down from the internet i highly suggest the reader to refer themselves to the energeticsynthesis website as a reference source of info ),this will give you a good start at comprehending the multi-dimensional body and its multi-dimensional fields of consciousness that we are part of.

Once this is assimilated information ( and this take time so be patient ) you will be confronted with mental blockages and perhaps some conflicting ideas that will clash with the perception of reality that you have been endoctrinated to believe,this is a hard and bumpy road,my advice is to remain in a detached observation mode and not engage emotionally.The reality is that unplugging from this fictitious 3d system is hard,to unplug the neurological structure from a highly toxic system can be very painful at times and for some people this will be practically impossible to do,the whole rewiring of the neurological structure of the human soul ( the brain is the 3d physical expression of the etheric body,which means that your etheric body is the neurological structure connected to the 3d physical brain ) is a process that takes time and we have to remember and keep in mind that it has been damaged over a very long period of time by the genetic distortions on the planet.One exemple of this is the frequency fence imposed on us by the annunaki races which creates heavy mental blockages,what does it mean? well it means that our mental abilities have been reduced to a very limited portion,cognitive abilities reduced to a 3d level of perception,meaning that it would be extremely hard for anyone on this planet to have a clear cognition of their mental body and its related consciousness field.Just last year i was able to perceive these mental blockages myself,the sensation is like hitting a wall but a wall that truly feels like a huge block in cognitive ability and this is a real perception.

Which brings us on the topic of the ego.

Personally i believe now that the ego narrative and the bashing of the ego is a new-age movement creation,i have come to believe that the ego is really a artificial overlay on the personality matrix of the human soul on this planet,that the personality matrix has become a artificial expression of itself over time with the help of the metatronic harness and the archontic rings around the earth planet.We have been modified to function as a slave species,i know this sounds ridiculous and farfetched but this is actually TRUE.The ego is actually an EpiGenetic Overlay which connects the human body and soul to the metatronic black hole matrix,this EpiGenetic Overlay is a synthetic construct that floats just a few inches above you,and that synthetic overlay was installed on the planet through an artificial geometry construct in a previous timeline,when that part of your Self awakens from that particular timeline you see a synthetic body that floats just a few inches above you it is larger in size and it has no head but it has a dark hole at the end of its spine which connects the consciousness to that black hole matrix.The archontic rings are the realms of the Archons parasiting the planet and these are entities attachments that are parasites to the human soul and the soul of the planet earth ( but more to come on this topic in a future article ).

The personality matrix was designed to be a free and sovereign individual to express god consciousness technologies in a natural and organic 3d reality field of consciousness,now we are only expressing the 3 lower chakras in their unnatural frequency patterns that are a composite of fear,power-control,survival,security/insecurity,etc,which in my point of view all take root in the incredible trauma we have experienced as a race over so many incarnations within this inhuman 3d system,these are all stored within our cellular memory and reflect the karmic garbage we have to deal with sooner or later at some point.

So,my perception of the ego is quite different from what we read and hear in general,in a way i see the human soul as this deeply and incredibly hurt individual which is not his/her natural state of being but much more a result of so much damage inflicted on the Self.Then how do we heal the soul would be a good question,the problem is that the answer is not as simple as 1 2 3,i mean this is not simply a matter of loving yourself and everything comes back to normal so to speak.What i mean is that we are interfacing with earth and the multiple damages earth has also endured,and that we are also connected on many other levels within the milky way that interface with our reality,but for not confusing the reader i will try to stick to our 3d earth as much as possible.Well,the first thing to become aware of is our multi dimensional anatomy with its multi dimensional fields of consciousness and to do a soul detox that will kickstart a serious healing process,remember that a detox is difficult and very painful at times,you will want to go back to your toxic and fake shit because this is all you`ve known so far and because your neurological structure will have to build NEW CIRCUITRY to plug into organic fields of consciousness,feelings of sadness,rage,confusion and sometimes feeling lost is quite normal until your brain makes new connections to navigate into new territory.

This is not easy,but then there are these moments when you really feel being connected back to your true self,your true nature and they become more and more frequent and more and more present within your perception,take note of them! you are plugging yourself back to your soul matrix which in turn will link you back to your natural and organic circuitry ( our true home is the andromeda galaxy not the milky way ).Having unconditional love and compassion towards ourselves and others is essential in this process,developing a detached observation standpoint is also important and freeing the mind from prejudices and judgmental behaviour are also essential tools,this does not mean a naive love and light new age philosophy but encouraging and nurturing the healing of our 3d personality matrix to its natural and organic state,as i have found out through personal experience we all have a dark shadow attached to our incarnation on earth, interestingly enough it looks very much like Darth Vader from the star wars movie trilogy ( well at least mine looked like something similar to that ),when i was in the process of detaching myself from it a couple of years ago,it started to cry and scream like a baby and did not want to let go of me,like a small child to its mother,this was happening in the astral plane at home at the time.I think that the shadow self is really part of the ego and is part of the much bigger network of the reversal grids on earth,this is why i am saying this is not as simple as 1 2 3,we are connected on so many levels to many other life forms and fields of consciousness who are also in need of healing and to return back to their original and organic state of being.This is only the beginning...

Lyson Roy