lundi 27 octobre 2014

Corporate entities

Trying to describe something that goes way beyond our 3d perception of reality is a hard task,especially when this reality has been altered and damaged on so many levels for ages,these alterations and modifications have seriously damaged the human consciousness on earth and our abilities to perceive many other reality fields of consciousness,not only that but also the fact that the human race has been dumbed down to such a level of ignorance in the same process only adds to the difficulty of bringing a level of awareness that will perceive beyond this fake "official reality".

Any sane person on this earth realizes at some point in their lives that there is something seriously wrong with this world,i am pretty sure that the majority of the human populations are perceiving this at different stages of their lives but are simply not able to articulate this clearly within their own mind for lack of knowledge and of true information.When it comes to describing in clear details the true evil taking place in this world we have to consider that we have been endoctrinated  ( educated ) to think and perceive the nature of reality in a very limited and materialistic manner,the controllers of this fake reality are not giving us the true information of course and this way keep humanity ignorant and confused within restrictive cognitive parameters.To understand how this works we have to first understand the mechanisms at work in this world,and there are many of them but i want to first bring the attention to the reader these archontic structures that help to keep the human race of this earth enslaved to this fake 3d reality.

Most of these structures are industries that are based on the consumptive model that we have completely become accustomed to and obey to,these structures modify our perception of reality because they are implemented to modify our behaviour and our cognitive processes,they put us in some kind of a daze for the simple reason that we become automatons on a regular basis,and the endoctrination starts very young for all people on this earth and the reader should note that this goes far back into the atlantis timelines.Here are some of these structures that help modify the human consciousness for effective enslavement;

-academic institutions
-educational system
-religions and their institutions
-the banking system
-the monetary system
-the military industrial complex
-the food industry
-the medical system
-the media ( we are not being informed with the real and true information )
-secret intel/spy agencies
-secret societies and their occult systems
-the sex and drugs industries
-the entertainment industry

this is the world we live in,it is composed of a conglomerate corporate industries that promote a very materialistic and consumer world view through the enslavement of everything that lives and is alive on this earth,this is a inhuman reality we help build by our complete consent or by complete denial.There is so much fear involved in this type of reality construct that it is very hard for anyone to think outside these parameters,first of all you will get labelled pretty quick as someone with mental ilness or some kind of imbecile looking for attention.The fear of not fitting in society and to be rejected plays a big role in how we will develop as a human being and this is much related to survival issues ( and they know this ),and how we will perceive ourselves in the long run,if you do not fit in society or are rejected there is a lot of shame that comes with that,then this is followed by emotional issues that may affect your self-esteem and so on,this is a silent psycho-warfare being produced on a global scale to make the human race docile and obedient to this fake reality construct,this is like encasing the people`s consciousness in a box or different little boxes that don`t make much sense but we are happy to do so as long as it doesn`t shake our little world and our false sense of security.

In my point of view these corporate entities are a large network,it is a systematic system to enslave the human race,the human mind,the human consciousness.The damages are very real,and we as a collective consciousness are also creating so much damage to the earth by following this consumptive model,i mean the incredible amount of garbage we are producing and the incredible amount of pain and suffering inflicted through our consumer culture on a global scale are just insane,we have become insane really and we are barely aware of it all.To get an idea of what this article refers to and what i am trying to describe i highly recommend the reader to watch the documentary THE CORPORATION which is excellent

The documentary makes a very good description in establishing the psychopatic profiles of these corporate entities.Establishing the true identities behind these corporations is another thing since they are not visible to us,the powers that be as they are often referred to are a conglomerate of forces preying on the human race and the planet earth,and they do not really have a human face as we would imagine,it is much more complex in terms of the bigger picture.

Again i would like to underline that my intention by writing these articles is not to demonize these being or to promote fear and a dualistic mentality,but to help others in gaining awareness of these beings,they are very real just as we are real and they have an agenda,we are simply not informed about them because well they run the whole thing.

Lyson Roy