mardi 20 janvier 2015

Aurora ascension earth CONFIRMED! ( higher earth safe zones )

I am just learning since last year that this ascension cycle is much more about a very large rehabilitation project of humanity that will be extended over many years,900 years to be exact,i think this is great news and this will give the opportunity to many more people and life forms of planet earth to evolve back to their true consciousness and organic source of their being.

BEWARE though that this is not the false ascension matrix promoted by the dark alien agenda which is the FAKE fluffy love and light new-age network,this has to do with the organic ascension timeline  connected to source through the Aurora fields and Krystal River Host in concert with the Christos guardian collectives,who have deployed incredible efforts and work to make this project happen.As of now,this ascension cycle is to bring us back to our true cosmic timeline and for many people it will be necessary for them to first spend some time in the higher earth safe zones before transitioning to the next universe or planetary systems better suited for their evolution back towards organic timelines.Take note that the higher earth safe zones are not to be confused with the HIBERNATION ZONES which are inhabited by many different ET/alien factions that are part of the imposter spirit network who are the FALSE ASCENDED MATERS,FALSE GODS,external saviors,angels and archangels and all the fake lightbeings.


I have just learned this morning that i live within such protected areas.From what i gather the protected areas on the earth are to be linked with the higher earth safe zones and these safe zones are linked with the Aurora fields if i understand well.The other day i was walking in one of these higher earth safe zones,it looks very much like an island,what struck me while i was there were the peace and calm that are not comparable to the peace and calm we may experience on the 3d earth, it did not occured to me then where i was exactly but i took note of everything i saw,i was walking around the edge of the island and i could see some buildings located a couple of miles away behind me located more in the middle of the island ( very much looking like suburban and city areas ) and i noticed there wasn`t much activity going on,or perhaps i was just walking somewhere very quiet,i did not meet anyone while i was there as fas as i can remember but maybe because this island safe zone is not populated with people yet?,i kept walking and i noticed that the island was surrounded by water,as i walked closer to take a look i arrived at what seemed the end of the island and i noticed that the water is a river,in fact the river is a powerful energy current which looks like a river flowing and on the other side of the river i could see another island but i could not cross the river because of its powerful current.I have the impression that these river flows are protective energy currents to keep these islands safe from intruders/predator forces which is why they are called safe zones? these islands are very nice places by the way,the peace and calm are of much better quality what we see or experience on the 3d earth,there are also vast green areas and the higher earth has a much more natural quality than our 3d earth here.On that same experience i also saw enormous crop circle being created on the grass by a Krystal star being communicating with me,i understood that in these places we will see these enormous crop circles very clearly and it will be clear to us as to who are doing them,basically these beings,our star families,Krystal star guardians,Christos ET races will openly communicate with us and openly visit us in these safe zones,kind of like your family members stopping by for a coffee and say hi!

NOTE; as i said i did not meet anyone while i was there who was walking around as i did but i did see a krystal star being who communicated with me except that he was not "on" the island with me but appeared in the sky,i want to underline this so i do not sound contradictary to the reader.

Althought the consciousness that i am is from Oraphim dna template which makes me a cosmic healer force,when i came here in this time matrix i had to endure genetic damage and memory loss just as everybody who has incarnated within this time matrix,when i am talking about this time matrix i am referring to the falling matrix systems we are part of,a falling system refers to a time matrice that is being sucked/siphoned into the metatronic black hole of the predator forces also called phantom universe.The earth is located within the outside domain and the milky way is NOT our home,the milky way being part of a universal fallen/falling time matrix,our original home is ANDROMEDA GALAXY and this was the original home of earth,before it fell within the outside domain.

We are part of a vast cosmic story which involves multiple timelines and the genetic damage that has occured during these wars/conflicts.I have had memories of this so i know how real this is.Fortunately for us,the guardian alliance kept their promise and came back on time to help but not without any problems along the way as i have discovered.And this is where the ascension plan b comes in.It would not be possible for us to exit this phantom system without the help of the Krystal River Host and the Aurora forces,most planetary and galactic stargates are compromised or under the control of the predator races,in this context the natural ascension cycle was not possible and this is the reason why the amenti rescue mission had been aborted.I have seen many of these predator races very close and let me tell you that they are not fucking joking allright,in fact the war is going on to take over the planet right in front of our faces while we are being dumbed down and kept ignorant.

It has also occured to me recently that for pretty much the last 3 years i had been doing a lot of DNA cleansing,i really thought that this only concerned my personal DNA template but it turns out that i was doing cleaning work of the planetary grids! there is so much CRAP to clean up it sometimes look like going inside an apartment or house where there are rooms filled with shit or disgusting dirt ( the kitchens come up many times ) but there is also the messed-up configuration of these housing structures that you have to reconfigure to their original template or at least reconfigure in a way that makes sense,this is part of the rebuilding of the planetary housing structures of the earth that i was talking about in a previous article.

As you can see there is so much going on at this time,most of which people are not seeing since they live their "lives" according to this fictitious reality they are enslaved to,it is not their fault and i am only saying this as a point of observation.With developed HSP we can see a lot of things while the physical body is in sleeping mode,sometimes sliding to different places ( Orbing ) also helps to see things on other levels and have a larger perspective on these matters,this is very helpful because there is so much disinformation and bullshit being spread on the internet on the topics of ETs,Annunakis,ascension,spirituality,alien abductions,science,and those that are actually telling the truth.

Lyson Roy