jeudi 19 mars 2015

unplugging from the mind control matrix Part 1

It has become crystal clear to me that we definitely live in a very large mind control matrix that has become what we generally call "life" on this planet.Of course,to come to such a conclusion one has to do a lot of investigative research with a sincere desire to seek the truth and to understand it,in my case this was seriously instigated by what i was living and experiencing and finding out that the official science and academia had no answers,and even in worst cases would ridicule such things as mental disorders or attention seeker syndrome,interestingly enough these labels would even come up in the UFO "community" as i have found out mostly coming from supposed experts and authority in the field.It didn`t take me very long to realize how far and deep the mind control goes,and at how this matrix victimizes the sincere truth seekers and at how its tentacles have a grip even on those who claim authority and expertise on such matters.

On this lonely path of uncovering the truth about this fictitious reality the temptation to go in denial can be very strong,because it is such a lonely path and because it is painful to realize and see at how the human race has been mislead,manipulated,victimized,raped,exploited,ridiculed,aggressed,violated on so many levels,this is actually the first step in unplugging from this mind control matrix,it is to acknowledge it and to feel the anger and the very deep sadness THIS IS HEALTHY and should not be avoided! i am not from the same school of thought as the new-age movement which encourages not seeing and not looking into the dark stuff and to avoid uncomfortable feelings which are completely legitimate in my point of view,this is part of the healing process of the soul and its personality matrix,but at a certain point you have to move on,to embrace the truth for what it is not for what you wish it to be,and learn new ways of interacting and navigating this reality.Personally,i had become bitter for a while,getting bullied,ridiculed,and lectured or just plainly ignored by supposed knowledgeable,loving and honest people,it was not helping me but made me feel sick,so i had decided to go on my own and accepted this lonely and isolated situation as part of my unplugging from the mind control matrix.

We refer to the mind control matrix as a very large implemented system which construct a FALSE AND FICTITIOUS REALITY that enslave the human race and all living beings.We were not meant to be born,to get brainwashed,get a job,produce babies,consume other living beings,get old,get sick,die and repeat.I have already written about this in a previous article.This system is a vast consciousness streaming that is Alien to this planet and the human consciousness,this is a global conglomerate that has created this oppressive system we live in now and which is linked to a artificial intelligence that i now understand to be the black cube matrix.

Because most humans are in a very deep state of amnesia everything that i am writing about will sound like sci-fi and even bullshit to most people,i wish it was the case.And because we live in a system created to brainwash people and keep them in their state of amnesia we are then made to believe in their false reality construct as the official and true reality.Then the second step is to educate and inform yourself as much as possible to gain a strong clarity of mind.Although i have received help and information from the guardian races i still had to do my homework and work on myself a lot and i still do,we do not live in a perfect world and it would be presomptuous to expect others to be perfect in that sense,remaining in a neutral observer position is key to gain a strong clarity of mind,this does not mean to be complacent or to become insensitive,the neutral observer helps in not letting oneself to be dragged into energy siphoning situations and to create inner clarity coherent with cosmic intelligence ( NOTE: there is a section on this blog that the reader can find on the right where i list the sources of information that i consider coherent with cosmic intelligence and on target with everything i write about on this blog ).

The false perception of having to be "someone" in this oppressive system reinforces the anti-human and anti-life ( terms that i am borrowing from Lisa Renee ) consciousness on this planet,first and foremost we are not being informed or told the truth on so many things and this is a way of misleading people into error constantly,to be perceived by others as a normal person may require different levels of compromises to fit in their value system ( depending on where you live ),value systems that are in most cases these dark avatars reality construct to lead humans to their own demise,what is important to underline is that these dark avatars structures are containers that are streaming their predator mind consciousness on earth,you need to understand what consciousness is in reality to grasp what this means on multiple levels,and consciousness is NOT produced by the brain as science wants us to believe! compromising our personal integrity is something being pushed on the human race constantly,this is done in many ways with psychological warfare and socio-political engineering,anyone can be a victim of this at anytime in their life but they ( the controllers ) now have a new type of technology that they are using to specifically target one individual at a time which functions like synthetic telepathy and they can use this to extremely disturbing levels of psychological warfare that inflicts extreme levels of stress to the targeted individuals ( and his/her neurological system ) and may cause such individuals to commit suicide.

To be "someone" in this oppressive system also requires a disconnection from soul and oversoul matrix,not because we are aware of this and that it is a personal decision but because we have to survive,survival is part of the mind control programming which is part of a much larger program called the VICTIM-VICTIMIZER PROGRAM software program.The victim-victimizer software program was created by a very ancient race who were living in a Christos matrix in an adjacent universe,this program has spread like a virus unfortunately although it had been created with good intent inside protective parameters except it did not go well as intented.They did this in the hope and intent to understand how another Christos matrix from an adjacent universe to their own universe completely fell.This event produced many other events which eventually produced the black hole and phantom universes,and we are here now,apparently some of us here on planet earth have been through this "war" many times before,it is as if we are on a repeat pattern on a multidimensional could be argued that this is all an illusion as i have heard so many times,that this is all a polarity game from which we are supposed to learn as i have heard many times before too,but to me this kind of simplistic conclusion can be very misleading.From the point of view of consciousness,everything is consciousness,it does not matter in which holographic reality you are projecting consciousness even if this holographic reality is not aligned with eternal organic source or if consciousness is disconnected from this source,you are still consciousness and consciousness is not illusory.The severe pain,agony and trauma i have seen on multiple timelines are very real and have repercussions on many other levels,if this were all a illusion/illusory we wouldn`t need to go through bio-regenesis programs to heal ourselves and to regain the wholeness of our consciousness to be able to return into organic timelines.

But there are illusions that are being constantly pushed on us nevertheless,and they consist of false interpretations of reality,false ideas,deceptive appearances and impressions,all of which lead the human race into error,for instance,the ageing process to which the human race is subjected to is not natural but it has been proclaimed to be a natural process by science,so now we have this culture of "eternal youth" developing which consist of making incredible efforts to remain youthful ( especially for women the pressure is very strong ) by raiding earth`s natural resources or going through time consuming procedures to attain a desirable youth preservation.And now the transhumanist ideology is next on the run against the ageing process but at what cost? the natural process of the human template was not to age and die,it was originally a synergetic process of embodying the soul,the oversoul,and the avatar matrix and these consist of god-Self consciousness technology not artificial and inorganic technology like we are being presented by the official 3d science,this consist of a major illusion that will lead us to cloning and cyborg/robot culture.If our endocrine system was functionning properly we would not physically deteriorate as we do now,the invasion of planetary grids with all the damage and DNA seals that have occured over the past histories of the planet has drastically modified the original human DNA,"junk DNA" is simply the codes that are not switched on or that are deactivated by blockages if you prefer.

By becoming engaged in unplugging from the mind control matrix of this fictitious reality we are asserting and proclaiming our sovereignty,and reclaiming our integrity,with this awareness in mind we then are able to connect to our Soul,Oversoul and Avatar to make the link with the cosmic christ consciousness eventually and this is not a figure of speech but i mean this literally although it does take work and some effort,but at this point i think it is safe to say that this is not really work but a lifestyle in symbiosis with cosmic consciousness.

Lyson Roy