jeudi 4 juin 2015

Remembering my Aeonic pair and the Sophia`s fall timeline

Back in the early 2000s i had this really strange experience that i could not understand at the time,it was such a powerful moment in my life that it always remained present in my mind reminding me from time to time that i ought to understand exactly what it was that i had "seen"...

Thanks to the internet i came accross information within the last 2 years or so that helped me understand and confirmed at the same time what i had experienced,as i have found out,it was much more about me remembering something than experiencing something,that "something" which i had felt spiritually all my life but was unable to articulate or even begin to articualte within my own mind.

I have to underline that this was an out of this world ( if i can put it that way ) moment simply meaning that this is hard to describe into words but i will do my best.To understand what Aeonic pairs are i strongly recommend the reader to go check website and to read and to investigate the amazing work and research of John Lash,the gnostics/gnostic texts,and find out about Sophia/Gaia.


I was standing before what clearly appeared to be a couple,there was a young looking man and a young looking woman,both had long hair,Christos had black hair and Sophia had light ash brown hair with light red copper tone color,both were looking straight at me.As i was standing in complete silence before them they were both moving in different positions from one second to the next effortlessly as if they were both energetic currents,they were sometimes sitting next to each other,or laying down next to each other,standing next to each other or were both on a strong white horse for instance,but they were NEVER apart,they were very very close to each other and i could clearly see the utmost respect and profound sacred love they have for one another.What was also clear to me is that although they looked very human they were like superhuman beings of divine origin,there was not a single spoken word between them as they were completely energetically in tune with one another,the profound love ( sometimes almost erotic ) they showed to each other really struck me as a love that can only be divine in nature and when i say divine i do not mean this with a religious connotation but in a cosmic spiritual reality.At some point the male divinity was expressing feminine aspects of himself and the female divinity was expressing male aspects of herself,in a long sequence they were both expressing themselves in different energetic configurations like wearing different types of clothes that showed what seemed to be archetype signatures which translated as something that i can only describe as this supernatural,sublime and out of this world creative force,the clothes were very similar to haute couture fashion and i remember they were also wearing a crown on their head,in that same long sequence they also were wearing different styles of make-up,for instance the make-up was supremely creative and highly colorful,weird,strangely sophisticated or it could be a kind of warrior type of make-up for instance as if expressing different types of genetic make-up...again, i have to underline that describing this experience into words does not give justice to what i had seen,all the time they were like currents of energy,effortlessly moving from one position to another,from one aspects of themselves to another,from a energetic configuration to another,non-stop,and as i was standing there ( somewhere that seemed like a place of divine organic nature ) looking at them and watching them silently they were always looking straight at me,it felt like a cosmic telepathy going on between us but what was really happening is that they were both streaming their energetic blueprint through me i just didn`t get it at the time.

The only time i saw Sophia by herself was when i witnessed this sequence where she was layed down on her back in the pleroma,it was such a strange sight seeing her like that as if almost drowning in her own thoughts,it was obviously her being completely immersed within her thoughts,but she seemed so overwhelmed by what she was experiencing,she was not desperate or becoming other than her divine blueprint but she was clearly super busy trying to figure out something that needed a solution,or rather her complete and total attention.

Christos and Sophia are divine beings with divine creative powers,they both form a Aeonic pair ( but are not the only one Aeonic pair ) and originate from the pleroma,the pleroma as perceived by John Lash appears to be the core of our galaxy ( although i agree with him i would like to propose that the Milky way is not their point of origin but that it is the Andromeda galaxy,but more on that later ).It is worth noting that Sophia looked younger than Christos,this implies that Sophia is a young Aeon,in our 3d earth years Christos looked like someone of 25 years old and Sophia looked like someone of 15 years old.Divine masculine and feminine principles of the eternal source,although one is male and the other one female in nature they both demonstrated androgynous qualities to their energetic signatures in their superluminal and sublime creativity,and beingness.The energetic streaming of Christos-Sophia as i have perceived and remembered seems to happen at the cosmic level,this being said i do not know if this was perceived through my spirit body or a higher level of consciousness like my avatar level of identity for instance,nevertheless i am now convinced that this Aeonic pair stream their energetic currents through the human genetic template of the Oraphim configuration.

Following this cosmic memory,it wasn`t long before i began experiencing some past events through the timelines related with Sophia`s fall,in particular with Gaia`s timelines,i remembered when in my original template as a Oraphim when i crashed on Gaia while i was in my spaceship,the crash was brutal but my spaceship was still in one piece and i wasn`t injured at all ( but i remember feeling upset and somewhat pissed-off ),the way that i understand this is i travelled from the 4th density ( 4th density is 10th-11th-12th dimensional fields of consciousness ) to Gaia ( which is the 7th-8th-9th dimensional fields of consciousness and their related timelines ) but perhaps my lack of experience with travelling caused me to land in a clumsy manner, and i had crashed on a location where there were many large stones were scattered around as if they were the remaining pieces of a destroyed temple,the stones were bearing many hieroglyphs very similar to ancient egyptian temples.Following that memory i was having memories from the Gaian-Orion wars,and next was memories from another timeline where i was receiving a sacred and highly secret initiation inside a temple.We know now that Gaia is earth but that Gaia is a third density planet ( 7th-8th-9th dimensional timelines ),and that Gaia is Sophia`s "body".Planet earth is a first density planet with her related 1st-2rd-3rd dimensional timelines,and that Gaia is also Tara but a second density planet with her related 4th-5th-6th dimensional timelines,when we look at Polaris it is actually Gaia that we are looking at,and when we look at Alcyone it is actually Tara that we are looking at.So when Sophia fell ( or rather wandered too far away from the pleroma by herself without a consort ) her fall appears to have created a cosmic error which produced simultaneous events in our universal time matrix,this is at least my understanding so far.This cosmic error also created a being born from Sophia`s named Ialdabaoth otherwise known as the Demiurge,the gnostics gave a accurate description of this being,i was brought before the Demiurge myself about 2 years ago and i know from experience that he is very real,but this will be another topic for a future article.

The milky way galaxy appears to be the Sophia`s fall timeline,that has spiralled down into polarity from the Lyran constellation,we know from Guardian Alliance transmissions that the original earth is from the Andromeda galaxy or at least the organic earth star,what appears to have occured is some kind of split,by accident of course,kind of like a limb from a body which split itself from the whole and took a life of its own but not completely seperated from its origin,but surviving without its spiritual integrity and its true organic identity.With that in mind it becomes relevant at this time to become aware of Sophia,to know about her and her story because it is us and it is our story.

Lyson Roy