mardi 7 juillet 2015

cosmic geography

Just before my encounter with Satan i had had a HSP sequence where i was looking at a very large map consisting of star systems,planets,galaxies and so forth.The map was divided into multiple quadrants showing universes from our part of the universe to much more complex systems.It was as if i was the hubble space telescope but without me travelling through space,i was only looking at the map which was very much a type of 3d star map from the perspective of 3d physical instruments.At one point i was looking at what seemed to me the deep space field as shown through the hubble space telescope and there was a very thick line drawn there,each quadrant had a demarcation line but this line was very thick and i understood that this thick demarcation line was showing me a limit that could not be crossed,and it was also telling me that this is the further our "official" 3d science can go,meaning that their instruments cannot perceive beyond that.The map was showing universes beyond that limit and many many more cosmic universes which our "official" 3d science have no idea about and are really not there yet,and that was it.

I`m bringing this topic to surface because it is important to be aware of it in terms of this ascension cycle timeline,eventually i will share my experience of travelling through the Andromeda galaxy to the next universe but for now i want to write about how this relates to our universe and Satan.

For those who have studied or seriously looked into the occult it becomes apparent at some point that Saturn is Satan,or Saturn`s consciousness if you prefer.A bright researcher had made the connection before by suggesting that Saturn was once a sun in a remote past ( i apologize for not remembering the name of the researcher but you can find a documentary of this on youtube i think it is called ALIEN SKIES or ancient alien skies,i will gladly include the name of the researcher in this article when it comes to mind ).In astrology Saturn is considered to be the great maleficent by many astrologers and for very good reasons,Saturn is the god Kronos in mythology which implies that Saturn is the ruler of time.But time as we know it on planet earth has much more to do with TYRANNY and a dictatorship over our consciousness than time as a natural and organic structure coming from source,it was said by the gnostics that the earth was captured within this solar system and i tend to agree with their observation,the earth does not originate from this solar system but the Andromeda galaxy where Sophia`s consciousness resides ( earth star ).

we often hear that time is illusory and that existence or reality is illusory but i disagree with this statement which i find to be very misleading.I am now convinced that consciousnesses originate from suns,meaning that we are born from suns in terms of manifested worlds and incarnations within these manifested worlds,and that each sun has a particular DNA template which project genetic lineages through the timelines,but not all suns are the same as we know from astronomical research and database there are many different types of suns within the universe and many of these stars die and/or collapse onto themselves to create black holes...We know from the gnostics that the earth had been captured within this solar system and we also know from Guardian Alliance transmissions of our true historical records that the earth as we know it from a 3rd dimensional perspective is actually part of TARA which is the soul matrix of earth and that Tara had exploded in many parts which fell within this part of the universe and that these parts are many of the planets in our solar system,in other terms to put it simply EARTH`s soul had been captured here where Saturn had been in existence much before the 3d earth appeared onto the scene.Saturn is not just a gigantic ball with rings floating in the sky,it is a consciousness and a being,which to my understanding is Satan,which then brings me to the satanic lineages since i consider that suns are projections of consciousness.


we know of the black sun symbology in the occult system and this does not come from nowhere,the black sun matrix appears to be the planet SATURN which i find may very well be the origin of the satanic lineage that frequently incarnate on earth ( BELIAL SUN MATRIX is another sun/dna matrix and genetic lineages ).The satanic genetic lineages are in my understanding the same nature of satan`s consciousness which is hateful toward the human race and has a maleficent energetic signature as i have experienced myself,this does confirm the hatred and destruction intented upon the human race for ages and past histories with many of the dictactors that have incarnated upon this planet to inflict so much pain and suffering to the human race,we know of these dictators under the qualification of the anti-Christ which is the anti-life and anti-human force projected upon the planet.I think Adolph Hitler was one of these incarnations on earth for instance *and as a side note i would like to mention that i have been communicated of another future satanic incarnation on earth in the early 90s which was clearly a anti-Christ authority coming to take over the earth and cause a lot of destruction ( still studying this info in link with what is going on around the world in the context of timelines ( organic and inorganic ) and probable future,Satanic forces may "look" human in many respects but energetically are not spiritually inclined to humanitarian values that promote cosmic intelligence coming from source,it is not clear to me yet the origin of Satan or rather how did he end up here and why.Black sun matrix like the Belial sun matrix seems to be very hierarchy oriented in the sense of control and this is part of the controllers network on the earth,it seems to be imbedded in their dna matrix,the control is part of a highly elaborate ritual system that they cannot live without,it is their world and consciousness,these rituals are satanic on multiple levels and do not necessarely imply blood sacrifices on all occasions or sex rituals,but rituals that implicate time on a daily basis which are the basis to create this fictitious reality construct we are living in,this is all related to the tyranny of time and the rule of time over the human consciousness,basically making the humans slaves to the clock,or in the worst case automatons without any sense of our true Self.So in that context i find that time is yes illusory,but time on a cosmic scale has much more to do with organic timelines and being a integrated soul and oversoul and expressing god consciousness technologies through these organic timelines,this is not the case of course now and we are functionning on a linear time structure on a daily basis,this is a very flat and superficial time structure that does not give room for the development of consciousness on a cosmic scale which i think is very depressing.To me organic timelines relate to natural functioning and organic merkaba ( personal,planetary,planetary system,galactic,cosmic ) which is not the case as far as i know here on planet earth,people should know that the earth`s tilt is really not natural it`s supposed to be in a straight line so to me this consist of time displacement that occured in our past histories.

By time displacement this can mean many things on multiple levels individually and collectively,most importantly our connection to higher levels of consciousness was severed and thus communication links with ET races and our families of consciousness was also severed in my point of view,not only this but it fucked up our internal compass so we lost the perception of stargate culture and our natural connection with other star systems and our true cosmic place in the universe,well at least we lost the perception of it for ages.

Lyson Roy