mardi 7 juillet 2015

my encounters with Satan,Lucifer and Yaldabaoth ( the demiurge )

Basically,this is part of HSP sequences i have experienced just before waking up from sleep and i have decided to write about them because i find them very interesting and because they seem to express pieces of the bigger picture relating to the earth and our local universe.It is funny in a way that when you see things as they really are,the contrast it makes with what we are being told in this "official" reality construct of 3d earth.My encounter with Satan started when i became aware and conscious while my physical body was in sleeping mode,i was somewhere having a discussion with someone about religious endoctrination,i do not remember the exact words i was saying but i do remember that i was warning that person about religious endoctrination and the manipulation of people`s mind with false ideas and false truths which distort people`s perception of reality,at one point it seemed to get into a argument and the person i was talking to suddenly transformed and revealed himself as Satan,now,i want to make this very clear that this was not some kind of dream or some kind of revelation "from god" or like a symbolic or prophetic dream from my subconscious mind,it was very real and tangible experience,perhaps this would sound surprising to a lot of people but Satan does not look like a beast or a demonic being at all ( and should not be confounded with the baphomet which is an entirely different entity ),he looks human but not like a typical human,i would describe him as a very large being with humanoid features,not hideous at all like a lot of people imagine or how he is often portrayed in the entertainment industry or religious culture,i mean very large not only in size but from a consciousness level,what i mean by this ( and i should point out that upon waking-up a few details became vague because i woke-up almost in shock since it took me by complete surprise ) is i was perceiving that the consciousness that he his is from higher density than our own i was also perceiving a star or a source of light ( a sun ) from which he comes from that was behind him,right after the moment he revealed himself it all went fast,he was staring at me and i was staring at him and i was perceiving his energy or his energetic signature if you like and it was very maleficent,i would not say demonic but malignent and hateful in nature and intent,it is hard to describe into words that experience because it was otherworldly,the layers of energy around him started manifesting some kind of fumes and a heavy fire effect as he was staring at me and i could tell very clearly that he does not like me at all,it was like a sudden shot of total hate being shot into my whole body and it shook me to the bone and i felt a lot of fear,that is when i woke-up...( following is a drawing i made of Satan as far as i could remember,but i forgot to draw the sphere behind him which was very much like a sun )

My encounter with Lucifer occured just within a week after the one i had had with Satan,which i find peculiar to say the least and had me very worried for the next weeks after these 2 experiences,for a whole week my sleep was agitated and one day i felt overwhelmed with sadness ( and no it has nothing to do with PMS or menopause ),perhaps i was just over worrying or perhaps i am perceiving things that are indicative of possible future events?

It all started when i became completely conscious and aware during my sleep and took notice of my surroundings,i was inside what looked very much like a manufacturing center,there were a lot of people inside and at one point i was talking with the manager of the manufacturing center,i noticed there were many people in police uniforms sitting down with some people and they all had ( the police officers ) papers upon which they were writing down information when questionning the people inside the manufacturing center,the papers were what seemed to be government filing info source.At one point i found myself outside of the manufacturing center,on a balcony looking out from the third storey,while there i remembered that specific place and that i had been there before,i was about to turn around and share that with the others in the manufacturing center and as i turned around to speak to them i realized they locked me outside and they were all looking at me and they were all in fear,i did not understand,so i turned around again and all of a sudden a type of humanoid demon appeared out of nowhere with 3 rabid dogs on a leash,they were coming right after me running towards me to attack me,i was taken by surprise of course and did not know what to do,but as they got to about 3 feet from me i decided to not let fear and whatever they were to control me or hurt me,instantly i made a gesture with my hand and fingers to order them to comply to my command which they did,the dogs became quiet and fearful and the demon dissapeared.Next thing i know,i am walking on the ground and it is covered in snow,i am walking inside what seems to be a corridor and it is daylight,i notice there is an end to this corridor and at the end there is a white wolf attached to a chain and he is kept on a leash there,i feel compassion for the wolf because he seems lonely and i decide to walk towards him to see if he is well or not,as soon as i get close to him the wolf ( looking like a mix of wolf and a dog ) metamorphoses himself into a very large and tall being that i perceive to be lucifer a few moments later,but at that moment i almost have a heart attack because of the surprise effect he has on me,the being stares at me and i become aware that i am the size of a tiny peanut before him,i try to interact with him and i find it very difficult to verbalize my thought but i manage to speak telepathically somehow to him.So the being is staring at me and right away i become very aware of its energetic signature which is very bad and arrogant,no matter what i tell the being he/it never responds in terms of conversation or interacting with words,i tell him that i know who he is and that i am not scared of him at all,at the same time i feel that i am standing up for humanity as i stand up for myself, it seems to find this very funny and it laughs very hard at me,i also tell him that he is damned and inform it of what he is exactly and things like that,at one point the fear overcomes me from looking into his eyes which were like 2 very deep pits of darkness,it is like being overcome with a feeling of terror and horror,but i manage to take a hold of myself and keep on talking to him,at some point i get sick and tired of him and i yell at him to FUCK OFF and i show him my finger,at that point he looks lost like a small children who hears a new word for the first time not knowing what it i woke-up from sleep i was still yelling fuck off ( i know that this is not the best way or a spiritual way to respond and behave but this is how it came out spontaneously ).

NOTE; i describe Lucifer as "it" for the simple reason that he really looks like a conglomerate of forces,it did not look like a being with his own consciousness,it was like a very thick shapeshifting white cloud which took a humanoid form,the eyes were also shapeshifting sometimes like pits of darkness sometimes like artificial dots of light sometimes like shapeshifting holes,there was nothing human about it at all.

My encounter with Yaldabaoth/the Demiurge

this encounter occured in 2013,following some encounters with the Thetans.At the time it was not clear to me who that being was but eventually i did find out by studying some gnostic texts.The gnostics gave a description of the Demiurge which is exactly what the "being" looks like,very much like a Chimera with a lion`s head and the rest of the body like a serpent/dragon,i was just brought before him as far as i can remember by the Thetans through the parallel earth stargate which is like a neon triangle when opened.I do not remember a conversation or exchanging of words/thoughts but just standing there staring at him and him staring at me,it was so weird and out of this world experience to say the least.Following that encounter i remember 2 nights where i woke-up in my sleep and someone was trying to strangulate me and waking-up from sleep coughing and gasping for air.

Lyson Roy