vendredi 10 juillet 2015

Sirius star key codes transmission happening now july 2015

I am experiencing powerful star key codes transmission this week and i thought of writing this article to link this information with those that are to ground and transmit these superb energies on planet earth.I first began seeing dolphins swimming or moving with cosmic waves of colors near the earth as i was in sleeping mode,it did not occur to me then that i was already receiving the Sirius key codes transmission,a couple of days prior i was having waves of cold and flu symptoms and feeling very tired at times.Then i started having more ascension symptoms from the beginning of this week,like cranium and jawbone pressure/headaches,vertigo,dizziness and suddenly having to lay down for a while for instance.

Sirian guardians are telling me that these star key codes are part of the original human dna and they call this the code of the blue nile and resurrection technology.

Sirian guardian key codes were here much much before Ancient egypt,before the egyptian dynasties and much before the nephilim and the annunaki were here ( annunaki invasion ).They are the very ancient codes of the blue nile,which were part of the original human dna template ( diamond sun matrix ).So i am guessing that what they were saying is that these key codes had not been available to the human race on this planet for a VERY LONG TIME,the codes had to be taken away or in other words put inactive to protect them from the predator forces? this is at least what i am understanding.

-blue star code technology
-Sirian guardian technology
-blue nile code technology
-resurrection technology ( not to be confused/confounded with cloning or immortality technology as in transhumanism/eugenics )

When receiving transmission i was also seeing that this is linked with Andromeda circuitry and seeing the andromedan council.I was also hearing that this will have the effect of DNA clearing ( i think they are referring to mutations ),clearing of past ancestries,past conflicts,past traumas and past dramas ( or at least help in doing clearing work ).

These star key codes are also sacred tones that are inaudible to the physical ears but may be heard as signals in ears,this may sound silly but if you have music or songs playing on repeat in your mind day and night,music and songs that you may be not listen to usually or normally,and there is nothing you can do to stop it or it just won`t go away this is a clear sign that you are being transmitted these codes ( the music and songs should be pleasant,joyful and transmit deep feelins/emotions that give a very uplifting vibe ).

People that are receiving these codes may experience during sleep time the running of axiatonal line on one side of their body ( i experienced right side on my back and neck ),at the same time experiencing and seeing timelines related with that particular planetary axiatonal line,but there may also be a less pleasant side to this which is the confrontation with parasitic/vampiristic beings that are lodge in that axiatonal line,you may have to do battle with these entities as they do not want to leave at all,if you are to face them you have to be ready to do battle with them as they are very ready to battle to keep their "territory",they may reveal themselves as their true nature which is very ferocious predatory spirit,my battle did not turn out well as i was not completely ready to do that type of battle with such ferocious force.

Higher soul connection is also to be experienced,the starseeds and indigos that are receiving these codes may experience weird dreams where family members/relatives are visiting you and trying to communicate with you,if you are having such dreams pay attention! communication line repair is happening within the planetary grids which i believe is part of the ascension plan B projects,you have to use 12d shielding technique and command your space to facilitate and help this communication line repair to be linked with personal kathara grid,but more on this topic later.You are bringing these codes to the planet and may be called to transmit them through art,music,god consciousness technologies practices,pre- ancient knowledge,healing modalities related to soul body layers,new cognitive abilities ( planetary brain circuitry linked with organic cosmic consciousness fields )...

it is important to rest well,sleep as much as possible and be kind and compassionate to yourself,these sacred transmission of our beloved guardians are in complete resonance with eternal cosmic consciousness and eternal organic source to be grounded slowly,with love and a open heart,you may dedicate some time once in a while during the day or during the week when possible for you in meditation practice to absorb these transmission and to establish a protected communication line with our beloved Sirian guardians,thank you.

Lyson Roy