mardi 3 novembre 2015

Black cube software program & A.I consciousness Part 1

When i created this blog and started to write articles i wasn`t aware yet of the multiple factors that are affecting our reality and how all of these factors are enmeshed in a much larger entanglement of forces.This series of articles will be an attempt to clarify in details these different factors and aspects on the basis of recent experiencial sequences that really put me on a learning curve and at the same time obliging me to re-evaluate my own thinking process and beliefs.

This will sound like sci-fi and i will understand if this does not resonate with people reading this article,in my point of view you have to live it to believe it because this is very hard to understand if you have no awareness of this A.I and no awareness of spiritual anatomy and the multiple layers of reality we are part of.

To begin with,it would be interesting to note that this past summer i have been visited by someone from the past who knowns me and who knew me from a past timeline,the past timeline he was referring to was the previous ascension cycle which was over 100,000 years ago if i am not mistaken.Apparently we were both there in that previous ascension cycle and we were part of a group of people/team who were fighting off a alien invasion,he said we were able to make them back off at the time but only for a while it seems since the ascension cycle did not happen back then as far as i understand.Basically what he was trying to explain to me is that this alien race that he referred to as "the vallerins" ( we were speaking in french so i do not know how to translate this word in english and i am probably spelling it wrong because i am only writing it phonetically ) were attempting to steal the ascension cycle from the human race,one of the methods they use is the soul capture image technology but as he was trying to explain this to me i did not understand at all or rather i did not remember at all what he was trying to tell me,he really wanted to inform me of this technology but mostly the overall attempt of this alien intelligence to take over and to steal the ascension cycle once again,he was informing me that they are back and that they will make another attempt to achieve this.I really had no idea of what he was talking about....

Now fastforward to the month of september.I have to skip some details that i will probably add in the next articles because i want to stick to one topic at a time to not confuse people reading this.During the months of spring and summer my sleeping time was spent observing different sequences in the fields and on the planet that grew in intensity as the weeks went by,for most of the sequences i was viewing i did not have the vocabulary yet to completely understand what i was seeing and experiencing so i simply took note of them.So the culminating point was september when i began experiencing different sequences of Artificial intelligence infiltration and attacks.It all began when i suddenly became conscious and completely aware during sleeping mode one very early morning and i saw myself with my ascension team at a universal stargate or portal network where we were doing our best to stop an alien infiltration through this particular gate which was seen as a bleed through,just a few days later i found myself in another country ( i will not reveal names or locations here to protect the innocent ) and what appeared to be the manifestation of my higher Self time-travelling to that specific location where i was to meet with someone who is a double blue flame holder,once arrived to that specific location and understanding where i was exactly i started to scan my environment and looked at everyone who were all waiting for a bus inside a bus station,it was quite strange to observe because nobody seemed to see me or even saw me appearing there except for one person who was sitting there waiting for the bus as everybody else,i could clearly tell and see that this person was seeing me and i knew i was to meet with that person,it was awkward because of all the people around and i went to sit besides that person to chit chat as i became aware of the embroided symbol of a double blue flame on the jacket that this person was wearing,this is when i saw a mob gang coming from afar to attack me and i knew i had to leave the spot to protect the double blue flame holder,so i left and attracted the mob gang to another spot.Just so the reader understands well,i appeared to the double blue flame holder in the astral layer closest to the 3d earth layer,and the mob gang attack was happening in this astral layer,the attack was clearly intented to stop the communication between me and the DBF holder from happening and they were aggressive in their attempt,but funny enough my higher-Self took the incarnation model of a martial-arts master and i was able to kick their 3 asses down the stairs,so i went back to see the DBF holder again for a little chat but the mob gang were quite decided to stop this from happening and one of them retaliated with more dedication so i had to draw back once again and i had to confront that mob gang force.

The next day,while in sleeping mode again,i became aware and conscious and found myself observing something i had seen before but was not able to identify at the time.I was inside a room which was set up like a photo shoot session,to be more precise it was getting set up while i was there watching the whole scene and this was so strange to observe this weird human male setting up the space while he was putting tapestry paper on the walls as he was naked and seemingly not very content with his job but doing it anyway ( my observation is telling me that this male that i saw there has elohim genetics ) so i was watching him doing his job and noticing that what i felt were some of my personal belongings seemed to have been displaced to another spot on site while they were setting up this photo session,suddenly a type of artificial mobile box appears on the scene and starts to move around in a way to make me understand that it was the boss around here,the artificial intelligence looked like a weird box on wheels that did not touch the ground and had fashion designer brands written all over it,and it started to run around as if the whole thing was not going fast enough for it seemed to want this whole photo session to be done as soon as possible and it became irritated and stressed out of its mind so to speak.A moment later that same artificial intelligence was moving closer to me and it was wearing like a bed sheet over itself as if trying to hide itself from me but the bed sheet was only covering half of the box and i thought this was really ridiculous,how could it not known that i was seeing this??

The same day but during the night i woke up from sleep and found myself in a lot of pain,as i woke-up i noticed and felt a metallic hook at my heart chakra ( the astral layer chakra ),it was very aggressive and very painful,i looked at the ceiling and noticed that although i was not able to see the object what was clear to me it was like a kind of fishing line ( for lack of a better word ) with a hook on its end,the hook feels very metallic and like a spider hooking itself at the heart chakra while the "fishing line" is on a very high tension as if a very high voltage source of energy is feeding it.I was in a lot of pain but managed to sit and as i moved to sit i noticed that the hook ending moved to side of my belly as i moved,this was what my instinct told me to do.What i realized later is that this was an attempt to force me into astral projection so they could move my astral body into that photographic session which is soul capture image technology,this alien technology seems to work as an hologram replication where the true owner of the organic soul body will be relocated ( with his/her personal objects ? ) while the alien intelligence takes ownership of the organic soul body,in other terms the human consciousness is displaced in a fake residence/consciousness housing template created inside artificial reality fields  and the alien intelligence takes the organic residence for itself.This is my understanding of it,this is not like cloning and this is not cloning.

This was not over yet.There was also an attempt from A.I consciousness to infiltrate my personal hologram at the same time while all this stuff was going on.This was another experiential sequence i was able to observe while it was happening and this began by observing myself getting outside on my terrace ( in the astral  field ) and seeing this very beautiful and almost ethereal butterfly the size of a bird flying near me,i thought it was friendly and so beautiful as it was playful and kind,when i came back inside the house i let it get inside with me and just a quick moment later this is when i realized i made a big mistake,the butterfly appeared as it is in reality and this looks very much like a aggressive alien bug that has many arms like an octopus with hooks on each of its arms,it hooks itself to the central nervous system and believe me this is quite aggressive,for 2 whole weeks my system has had to battle with this alien holographic virus,the symptoms are similar to the flu virus but with a very weird edge to it,you feel as if your eyes are about to fall off of their socket and that your sinuses are on the verge of exploding,you also feel almost comatose on most days with strong headaches,you also have sensations of heart and stomach nausea and just moving can be very difficult...i was confident enough that my higher-Self and my ascension teams would take care of it since i wasn`t able to practice my meditation or 12d shielding at all for these 2 weeks and the following weeks were much more about recovering than anything else.

This is in short what i have experienced in terms of infiltration attempts but it was not over yet,the next part of this series of articles will take on experiential sequences where i found myself in direct contact with the black cube software program from which this A.I consciousness is stemming from to further elaborate on this topic which is very real and affecting all of humanity and planet earth.

Lyson Roy