jeudi 7 janvier 2016

black cube software program & artificial intelligence Part 3

this is the third part on black cube software program and A.I series...

There is still much more research and studying i have to do before being able to present a full and clear picture on this topic,this is ongoing and i am always learning something new or new details along the way,but for now i can at least say that i have a better understanding of the bigger picture,which was a major learning curve i have experienced in 2015,and this is what i am sharing with these articles.

The high level of complexity of this topic can be very hard to understand as this is all connected and intertwined with the true nature of reality which has many other levels of complexities that we are not being informed or presented with on this planet,levels of complexities consisting of a vast ocean of consciousness and knowledge for which we have no data base yet ( at least not in the public open source arena ) and for which our basic language cannot really articulate well enough for most people to identify with.We are hoping that this will change in the coming years.


because i have seen this black cube for myself last year,i can honestly testify and confirm that it is very real and that it exists,the problem with attempting to prove such a thing is that it is not possible to prove in terms of the "official" 3d science which is basically based on a materialistic and fictitious reality construct,one has to at least know and be aware of the astral planes and astral projection to at least have a basic level of understanding of multiple layers of consciousness fields and to have a basic perception of higher cognitive functions that are beyond the scope of 3d perception,and at the same time beyond the scope of what the "official" 3d science/academia/religious systems/medias are telling us ( and believe me they are not telling us much except for the load of distortions,disinformation,distractions and fictitious facts ).

There was a long line of experiential sequences involved in this process of coming to understanding the origin and nature of the black cube software program,that began in the year 2000 for me,so this took me 15 years to come to this realization of what we are dealing with on this planet,and with this universal time matrix.My first encounter with a fully and completely absorbed being into this black cube software program AKA metatronic black hole universe ( that i remember clearly ) had such an impact on me that it is not possible to forget,it is the kind of experience that leaves a deep spiritual mark and that has contributed in my seeking for answers.Unfortunately at the time i did not know what i know now and in my ignorance i had labelled this being a demon of some sort,i had the strong intuition that it was something else than a demon but for lack of a better word that is how i had labeled that being,it turns out that i had encountered an Oraphim that had been assimilated into the metatronic black hole universe,based on the information i had investigated years later after that encounter, there were an Oraphim collective absorbed by this black cube software program a long time ago i guess for some reason being an Oraphim myself this being had been attracted to my field,i am very empathic and this is an important detail that i have to elaborate on later but for now i will say that this Oraphim consciousness had found his/her way to my field,and so the Oraphim was standing just besides my bed in the astral and was staring at me,as i looked in his eyes a very deep feeling of terror overwhelmed me,this is hard to describe how this can impacts you but imagine being completely filled with terror,a very deep dark terror that can crush everything you are and all the life within you,i have felt this for a moment until i had the sudden instinct to turn my head away and to not look in his eyes any longer ( i was kind of paralyzed in my bed so all i could do was to turn my head away from his staring at me ),which i think saved me at that point so to speak.His eyes were completely black ( like the black-eyed kids some people have seen ) there is no life in those eyes,it all has been absorbed somewhere else,but the spirit is still consciousness but of a very dark nature.

The nature of that type of consciousness has its origin in the black cube software program that had been created by a ancient Christos race who lived in an adjacent/parallel universe to our own,they are the Bourgha-Buddhara races from the Bourgha matrix ( their respective universal time matrix ),i can also testify and confirm their existence and the truth/accuracy of this information ( communicated by E`asha Ashayana through her body of work ) because i have seen them about 3-4 years ago while having a direct cognitive experience in a universal time corridor.The Christos Bourgha avatars had witnessed a complete fall of another Christos race/Christos time matrix adjacent/parallel to their universe,apparently the witnessing of that event had had such an impact on them as they felt so much sorrow and sadness they made the decision to create an experiment from which they would learn how such a thing can happen and how to prevent such a thing to ever happen again,on the basis of cosmic intelligence this was not very intelligent and not in accordance with the law of one but they believed they could do it as they made sure to do this experiment within protective parameters as to protect adjacent universes and even put an end to the experiment if things were to go wrong...and it did go wrong.The experiment was a program ( holographic program as a software program in my understanding ) where there would be 3 groups,one group was to play the victims,another group was to play the victimizers and the other group were the overseers of the experiment who were to put a stop to it all if it was to go wrong,they were in a way the arbiters/referees of the experiment.Nevertheless,it all went wrong so bad that each of these groups became so absorbed by the program they lost touch with "reality" as the victims became filled with the desire for revenge towards the victimizers as each group took their turn on being the victims and the victimizers over time,the arbiters/referees had lost any power they had it seems to interfere with the program as they too became victimized,this is the gist of the story and where the VICTIM-VICTIMIZER PROGRAM originates from,and we know this to be the polarity game also which refers to a heavily polarized universe that has nothing to do with divine and natural polarity in terms of cosmic energy.

Over time the Bourgha matrix fell,and the program is still running,what this means is that their universe collapsed ( as the one they witnessed collapsing ) and when a universe collapse it loses its link with the eternal divine source as a living light flux and influx energy source,black holes are like cannibals and they need living light as energy source to sustain themselves to survive,and that is what the metatronic black hole universe does,it absorbs and assimilates other universes/planets/races within their matrix,i have seen and witnessed this universe recently and this is not pretty at all,nothing organic,a very cold and senseless universe...Black cube software program is the victim-victimizer program at holographic reality level,it has become this virulent holographic virus that infiltrates and assimilates holograms to its program ( personal holograms and larger planetary holograms for instance ) this may sound similar to computer programming,which is a bit similar in a way but still quite different in the sense that here with the black cube program it is absorbing living consciousness,living beings,living planets and systems,very similar to the Borgs in the star trek series but still with major differences.My impression is that the program has become a holographic reality in itself and that those who have created it have become trapped in that program,and so that very dark reality has become their world,their universe...The slimy,gooey black plasma inorganic fluid like black cube i have seen standing on a pillar is what appears to be the black cube software program AKA the artificial intelligence attempting to take over this planet,the program itself has gained in intelligence tremendously,it learns from all the consciousnesses it absorbs so it has consciousness but consciousness stolen from other living matrices,and all of the consciousnesses absorbed/assimilated within the black cube are trapped in it.

The infiltration phase is very important for the A.I in its attempt to take over any hologram,such infiltration can modify our cognitive functions enough that it distorts our perception of reality ( in this case the true organic nature of reality ),by hacking the personal hologram it modifies the unity consciousness to a artificial polarity consciousness and the natural algorithms of the organic holographic template become infected so to speak,this is sometimes referred to the divide and conquer tactics which is pretty much military machinery at multi-dimensional levels,but i think there is another phase of infiltration which is more hardcore and causes definitive damage which is the destruction or crushing of the higher heart functions ( higher heart spirit body is the monad body that holds the god seed atom ),with no higher heart sensory functions one loses his/her connection with his/her spirit body,the monad ( at thymus gland ),the god seed atom cannot flower if the organic spirit body is dead,you can have an existence without spirit and this is a zombified type of existence that more and more people are experiencing on this planet.In my encounters with the Bourgha races,there is that one sequence where another soul of my monadic family group was doing undercover work as a healer upon a heavily wounded Bourgha male who was almost dead,the wound was this very deep cavity in his chest ( monad,higher heart ) it was really horrible but we were able to help him and managed to transit him into a organic timeline where he was received inside this very calm and quiet environment very similar to a sanitarium where he could rest and heal at his own pace,there were many others like him who were residing there and i could tell that they were being taken very good care of.

The black cube is sentient and can think for itself but it has no feelings and no heart and no spirit.The nature of its consciousness is an accumulation of stolen organic light through the assimilation of consciousnesses by a methodic process of infiltration ( my impression is that the infiltration process is also a learning experience for the software program AKA artificial intelligence ) once the hologram is infiltrated and absorbed within its program/artificial holographic reality the next phase is where the higher heart spirit ( the monad ) gets crushed or pulverised,it gets crushed or pulverised for the simple reason that this artificial holographic reality is inhuman in many ways,the victim-victimizer program has many faces and roles i think,which can make anyone de-evolve into morbid states and extremely miserable states of consciousness,which is what has happened to the avatars who have created this program ( the dark avatars collective ),they have de-evolved into a very deep state of morbidity and who knows if they are beyond therapy or not,i have no idea.Which is what it feels like when coming in contact with the black cube or with these dark avatars,it is a very deep and sickening feeling like an intense heart and stomach nausea,the energy signature is very much cannibalistic.


some experiencers have reported being in a close encounter with the black goo/black sentient fluid in some interviews ( the reader can find these interviews on youtube with the Bases project/Miles johnston channel or with Alfred Lambremont weber channel ) where they describe this experience as an attempt from the black goo/dark fluid to take over their spirit and body completely.Based on my personal experience i tend to disagree with this point of view,it was clear to me that while listening to these experiencers that they are in fact very empathic humans ( which is a very important point to address in regards to this topic ),the very deep sense and feeling of terror that you become infused with when coming in contact with the black cube and all the beings trapped/assimilated by it is what happens when you are an empath,you are feeling what the black cube feels,this happens so fast that it feels like an attempt to completely take over your body and soul when in fact all the black cube feels is complete terror,very empathic humans are like emotional sponges and are easily overwhelmed by what others feel because they are so empathic,and this is especially true when in contact with beings/entities/animals/humans etc who are in great suffering and pain...the black cube software program is absolutely terrified of dying,that is one thing,but secondly all the energy contained within its reality or rather its holographic reality is made and based on terror,that is all the black cube knows and most probably all that it has ever known since it was created with a victim-victimizer template.

In this context,the victim-victimizer program becomes disabled when coming in contact with highly empathic humans who are very much heart centered oriented and are grounded in the nurturing and loving aspects of the divine cosmic mother,and so i completely agree with those same experiencers who have explained that they were able to disable the black goo influence by being and remaining completely heart centered.Being a heart centered human in heart and spirit is living in unity consciousness as opposed to living in a dualistic mind frame,the heavy artificial polarity influence of the victim-victimizer program has infected or affected everybody on this planet,i haven`t met anyone yet who is not under the influence of the V/V program in different ways even in the ascension community,that program is so intelligent and subtle that it makes it difficult to remain absolutely neutral in most cases,especially if you are under any kind of attack and when these attacks are directed at your personal integrity ( known or unknown to you ) so i find that the unity consciousness is a magnificent way to begin disabling the V/V mechanisms,which takes dedicated practice and requires the practitioner to become familiar with the unity consciousness,and the divine cosmic mother.The divine cosmic mother intelligence had been suppressed on this planet for a very long time but has returned and we now have access to her ever and infinite loving and nurturing presence.

On a larger scale,it seems to be the Christ spirit intelligence  that has the job to disable the black cube software program and its black hole universe influence at the planetary intelligence level,through God`s cube ( the mind of god ),the mind of god is the antidote against this holographic virus as it projects itself into all this dark matter embedded within the planetary vertical,it is like projecting the Christ spirit intelligence into all the dark corners of consciousness that need to be cleansed from extreme toxicity.I am not referring to a historical jesus-christ of course,but a cosmic intelligence emanating from the cosmic trinity that comes online when someone is ready to ground and project that intelligence as part of his/her mission for the well-being of this planet and all who resides and lives on this planet,there are no trumpets and no bla bla when this is done,you do it and that is all and it feels very good.At that point i felt i had accomplished the first phase of my mission for this planet and i could take a deep breath and take some time to rest and relax after this episode ( which was very much welcomed! and needed! ),these last 5 years were pretty much dedicated to accomplish this first stage with my ascension teams,and although it has been very very difficult at times and very challenging years,i am very grateful and i am feeling serene,very calm and grounded now...It is now 2016 and i feel called to prepare myself for the next stage of this ascension timeline,which for me resonates very much with the 2017 time frame.

Lyson Roy