lundi 18 janvier 2016

Dark matter and black sentient inorganic fluid

It is very hard to say exactly where the black sentient inorganic fluid ( or black goo if you prefer ) comes from,from my perspective i would think that it is directly linked with the black cube software program and the cosmic geo-location where this program had been created,in this context i would say that it originates from another universal timeline ( another universe than our own ) which it does,but we would have to go even further back in time to an ancient solar system within that particular universal timeline matrix to pinpoint its true origin,in this case the Bourgha Budhara matrix.

*IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE TO THE READER: the data/information regarding the bourgha budhara matrix and the dark avatars collective comes from the body of work of E`asha Ashayana and used to be accessible through the azuritepress website and its related keylontic dictionary online website that have been taken down now because of intellectual property battle with her ex-husband over the ownership of her body of work ( her body of work prior to their divorce ).What i can say is that what i had the time to study before these websites were taken down is completely accurate with my own personal experiences.For those interested to know more and learn about the Bourgha Budhara matrix and their related races i highly suggest the work of Theresa Talea,her book is available to purchase online ( the title used to be The truth about god,2012-2022 Ascension,and who we really are but the new edition has a new title which i don`t remember now ) it is worth mentioning that a lot of what is described in her book is based on/taken from E`asha Ashayana`s material.

My feeling and impression is that this black goo/black sentient inorganic fluid is what used to be an organic plasma intelligence,a star and its related planetary bodies,most probably all of which were absorbed into the V/V program ( remember that this v/v program is an artificial hologram that took a whole life on its own ),think of plasma as multidimensional flows of energetic currents similar to blood,a flux and influx of hydroplasmic fluid ( from a 12th dimensional perspective ) which derives from organic light but in this case would turn black when absorbed into the V/V program...some speakers/researchers suggested that this black sentient fluid was brought on the planet by an asteroid that crashed here a very long time ago,which could be the case and could explain why that stuff is here.Planet earth has a very long history and a multidimensional story and existence for which there are no accounts or data available at least not in the public mainstrean domain,but we do know there have been asteroid impacts in prehistoric times which involved species extinction.

Scientists are now studying dark matter,this kind of research could lead to some very interesting observations but i doubt that the "official" 3d science perspective would come up with accurate and insightful observations pertaining to that dark matter,but this is mostly recent research so this remains to be seen.From a multidimensional perspective based on personal experience,i can tell you that this dark matter is very real and that its existence is far beyond what we could imagine on the basis of observation through scientific instruments,dark matter appears to be a universe all of its own,inhabited by beings that are very real and built with its own architecture,this architecture behaves as a caging structure at its atomic particle base that is similar to iron,i have seen it and touched it myself when i had to install the cosmic cube ( god`s mind ) within the planetary vertical,before i was able to do this i had to travel through some planetary layers at which point i was able to observe this dark matter universe attempting to take over the planetary vertical,it was like looking inside a dark fantasy manga world,very hostile and not to confuse with innocent manga anime,the caging behaviour of that dark matter is something that also struck me and was such a strange sight,but i still had to do my part and so i had to travel on a vertical upward motion once again and at that point i had to travel through such a dark space for a couple of meters within the planetary vertical it was really painful to breathe,but i had to breathe through the pain until i got to land in a large and open space within the vertical where i installed the cosmic cube,as soon as this was installed the cosmic cube special Ops came out of the cube and went on doing their job to clear the planetary fields from this dark matter i suppose.

But back on the black sentient inorganic fluid topic.It is very possible that in a very remote past remains of a planetary body that exploded ( perhaps Tiamat ) crashed here and those remains are what scientists believe to be asteroids,my question is though,was that particular planet assimilated into the V/V program,if that was the case it is very possible that the light quotient of that planetary body had turned into the black gooey and slimy plasma i am describing in my articles but from a dense matter based perspective its organic structure and composition is completely alien and inorganic,kind of like dead hostile blood running through planetary brain and veins,and dark crystal rock at mineral level.When you travel to the next universe you can actually observe the black sentient gooey fluid as you travel through the planetary vertical at gulf of mexico,there is a thick layer of black oil that you have to cross and there appears bio-plasma monitor communicating the type of intelligence this black sentient inorganic fluid has which is a invasive/infiltrating or divide and conquer strategy and intent,this was shown to me as the military roman empire.The roman empire and its military force have never ceased to exist ( strangely enough Philip K Dick had been exposed to such a state of affairs ) they are just wearing another mask.

The planetary brain was invaded by this V/V program through the ET races that i believe had been infiltrated and then assimilated by the black cube artificial software/hologram themselves,this goes so far back in time,further back before planet earth was even captured here in this part of the galaxy,the origin of the V/V program does not source from the milky way galaxy ( our universal time matrix ) for me this is very clear,what i have experienced and witnessed so far lead me to this conclusion.Apparently there is a black hole at the center of the milky way which is the Sagittarius A black hole,further investigation and studying may be required and may also confirm that the milky way is part of the Procyak matrix if i remember well ( based on the body of work of E`asha Ashayana ) i am not done studying and investigating this whole topic so i may return with more info in the future...For now i feel i have explored this enough and my next articles will elaborate a little more on the topic of the Archons,i have noticed that there is a lot of confusion about the identity of the Archons in the truth movement/ascension communities,the archons,Hostile ET races,the dark avatars collective and the black cube artificial software/hologram are NOT ONE AND THE SAME! the Archons are a completely different class of entities within themselves and they are not a ET race,from my perspective such "small" details are important in terms of understanding our reality and the bigger picture,so this will be one of my next topics i want to write about for the purpose of clarity,and helping in connecting the dots.

Lyson Roy