lundi 25 janvier 2016

Metatronic harness geometry

This article is to be understood in the context of a predatory mind matrix that is off-planet and may be linked with the black cube software program also off-planet A.I.

As usual i am writing this article based on personal experience and accurate sources of information that are helping me understanding these experiences,unfortunately these sources are very rare so i can only go as far as i am able to understand,and as far as what i have the opportunity to access,so for now i will go with what i know and what is available for me to study.

This past november i had the opportunity to astral travel at night outside,where i could observe the night sky,as you probably know in the north hemisphere sky gazing is very good between november and february.It is very astonishing to observe the night sky in the astral plane compared to the 3d plane of consciousness,the contrast is that in the astral you can observe and SEE that there is so much more going on "up there" compared to our 3d reality construct,you can see and observe different objects and activity that our "official" 3d science cannot see and observe,and if they do well they are not telling us.As i was looking at the sky i remember seeing "stars" moving in groups,of course they were not stars,and certainly not shooting stars or satellites.There were also what appeared to be groups of stars forming geometries ( as in energetic patterns ),one of which that struck me right away was a pentagram within a crooked circle,it was quite obvious that this was a anomaly in the sense of not natural or inorganic if you prefer,i could observe it long enough to realize that this is inorganic geometry but also that it was floating away further away from us,slowly.Next i could observe that the zodiac is very much like a carousel in the sky,to me it seemed strange that the zodiac constellations were like collages or a weird paper maché that made such a weird contrast with the rest of the sky,in the form of a carousel,it kind of felt alien,or fake would be a better word perhaps it was too much to see at the same time so my perception got a bit overwhelmed.

Nevertheless,the pentagram geometry really confirmed what i had experienced about 3 years ago when one day during sleep time i had this HSP sequence where i was layed down on a floor in what seemed to be a wide chamber,i suddenly became conscious and aware while still layed down on the ground and right away noticed a large synthetic body floating just a few inches above me,the synthetic body had no head and was in a fetus position.I also noticed there was a small black hole at the tail bone,like a dark dot,right away i knew that this was not right,this was not natural,so i gently grabbed the synthetic body and gently pushed it away,as i did so i could feel the synthetic material which felt artificial and looked like a light shimmering synthetic flesh.Next i got up,walked away,and as i walked away suddenly a thick and very gentle vapor came inside the room,it all seemed to be synchronized and in symbiosis with the consciousness that i am.Eventually i discovered through researching other topics ( again,no coincidences here ) Arhayas website and the dispensation given about Aurora ascension earth,where i learned about aurora ascension earth ( and also confirmed my visit to aurora ascension earth islands ),and the synchronistic events to help make this a reality.One of such events was the planetary silver seed awakening and the Arhayas flame fields to disable the metatronic harness over the planetary Al-Hum-Brah cathedrals complex of earth.

The metatronic harness is a large artificial geometry that was installed on the planet over the Al-Hum-Brah cathedrals complex,from what i could observe on the basis of what i`ve seen,it is as if we had received a solid uppercut that had put us completely unconscious,but not only that,the metatronic harness is a geometry that distorted one our fetal cells,if i understand well one of the 8 natural organic fetal cells at the tailbone,in the ascension community and starseeds community this is commonly referred to as the reptilian tailbone which is not entirely accurate,from my perspective the reptilian race is only another one of the predatory races who are profiting from this geometric harness control as there are many other ET races absorbed into the metatronic black hole,it is a distortion that takes place during our fetal integration and remains there when we are born into this world,in other words our lightbody was highjacked.Based on my knowledge,this has the effect of harnessing the metabolic function of the human body/consciousness and produces a metabolic transfer to an alien body/source ( in this case the synthetic body with the black hole at the tail bone ) which in my point of view connects to the the metatronic black hole universe,this may explain the essence of our demented consumerist culture,everything we consume is being metabolically transferred to a matrix that is predatory in nature,this is used as a form of energy supply for these predatory forces,this is not natural or organic to the human being and to the planet,but unfortunately all humans are under this metatronic control and consumerist culture influence,but not for always anymore,as the planetary flame of Arhayas that comes from the eye of god ( sun 8 plasma flame field ) and streaming through the Al-Hum_Brah cathedrals complex is assisting in dissolving the metatronic harness control,it won`t happen overnight but in stages in my understanding.

Metatronic harness is a pentagram geometry,a star pentagon ( 5 pointed star ) also seen and used in occult teachings and black magic rituals and symbolism,leonardo da vinci also used the 5 pointed star in his vituvian man drawing but most probably unconsciously in his case.This artificial geometry when observed through direct cognitive experience is very much like an overlay matrix which controls the consciousness that is harnessed,i would say that this type of control is very destructive to the planet as a whole and not just limited to an individual since the harness happens at the fetal stage of development the human is born with it,it is not something you acquire later in life or by a misfortune chains of events.In this context,the essence of the consumerist culture we are living in reveals its face and in my perspective is the reason why we have become part of or rather adopted a predatory mind matrix by having become a consumer species that plunders the planet of all her resources.It is a large synthetic overlay but not the only overlay on the human consciousness which from my perspective consist of the Epi Genetic Overlay that makes up what people call the EGO.

With the metatronic harness one must contemplate the story of the Archangel Metatron which is linked to the Bourgha-Buddhara matrix,i have not studied the story of Metatron enough yet to be able to present my view so i will not write about it for the moment,but what i can say for now is that the metatronic black hole matrix is a system that has no Kryst code sequence ( or at least lost it ) it is not a organic Krystal structure but has de-evolved into the fibonacci sequence,with the fibonacci sequence the monad is not there,and this is where the Kryst code sequence is held,within the monad body and template of the multidimensional consciousness,the monad is a higher spirit body that connects to the higher heart function and where the permanent god seed atom is,with the bourgha-buddhara races this seems to have been extremely damaged so they lost their higher heart function and consequently their connection to god-source.Metatronic black hole is a predatory system in nature and consumes life/light quotient as food source to sustain their existence since it is cut off from eternal flux and influx of organic light,they have created their own universe obviously,a very dark universe to say the least.


In between episodes of activating one of the planetary silver seed and anchoring the planetary Arhayas flame i also had the oportunity of visiting one of the al-hum-brah cathedrals,although i should mention that it is not clear to me yet if these cathedrals are located in 1d or 2d or beyond,nevertheless they are very real and again this has confirmed the information i have read on the topic via E`asha Ashayana on the Arhayas website.A very strange sight one may encounter when visiting one of the cathedrals is seeing dozens of humans floating around in a vertical position completely unconscious,i had to get very close to some of them to make sure that i was not hallucinating,i did not touch them or move them,it was such a strange sight but there they are floating around as if knocked out unconscious.This particular cathedral i saw was white and has magnificent and tall stained glass windows,there you can access time tunnels that lead to Aurora earth islands.The cathedrals complex are located in 5 different geo-locations of earth which i do not remember for now but i will come back to add this info later.The Metatronic harness geometry was overlayed on each of the cathedrals forming the planetary cathedrals complex around 100 A.D-200 A.D.

Lyson Roy