mardi 26 avril 2016

satanic streaming of consciousness on earth

This earth mother Sophia transmission took me over a week to take in and digest as this was so much to take in,the way that i can describe this,i mean the communication/transmission from the goddess is very much like having your brain synchronized with the planetary brain and her consciousness...

I suddenly became fully aware and conscious within my sleep time and my visual function was brought to a specific location on the earth,the location is an island which i understand to be a spot where the streaming of satanic consciousness is happening,at this point everything i am seeing and looking at is shown onto a giant translucent bio-organic screen and they have a name for this island which was written onto the screen,after that my visual function was brought to the oceans of the planet and their water gates/portals network ( stargates/portals in the oceans ),then there was a whole map of the planet being projected and displayed onto the screen and it was clearly being shown that there is this huge garbage and waste dumpings heavily affecting not just the oceans but the water gates/portals of the planet.Simultaneously i was being shown each country ( in a zooming in manner ) that are involved in a global parallel financial system stemming from these garbage and waste dumpings all over the planet,all kinds of garbage and waste products,from what i understand this is done hand in hand with big corporations and companies who may also bribe governments of these countries to get an open door for their illegal activities,in other words the governments pay these corporations/companies to get rid of their garbage and waste products by illegal means,and in return the same corporations/companies may bribe the same governments to keep silent on their illegal activities.At this point i was shown how these corporations hide their illegal activities,for instance dumping animals that are still alive into crude oil facilities ( think of illegal deforestations here ),at that point within the communication i was feeling and perceiving everything the consciousness and i was filled with pain,despair and sadness,it was just too much and i snapped out of the communication.In a nutshell this is what earth mother Sophia was transmitting to me and i am still feeling disturbed and still digesting the information.

My feeling and impression at this moment is that the purpose of this communication was to point out to the source of this global problem of massive garbage and waste dumpings that are directly linked to our hyper consumerist culture and how it is destroying life on this planet,let`s face it they just don`t know what to do with all our garbage anymore.

But the intent of this article is not to perpetuate guilt programming or to hammer people with "green" slogans that really do not work,in most cases they don`t reduce our consuming of the planet`s natural resources...the fact is that we are 7 billions of people living on this planet and that the majority of earth population do not have much spiritual awareness and how this impacts the planet at all levels.In my perspective,the satanic consciousness also needs to be healed,i understand the satanic consciousness to be a Seraphim collective that fell from their original unity consciousness and they are a part of us in terms of our DNA matrix that is linked with this universal time matrix.The satanic consciousness or forces if you like is very real and not a joke ( i have described my encounter with Satan in a previous post ) and seems to be impacting the planetary consciousness within the horizontals most in terms of planetary grids which are the golden eagle guardian grids that are reversed to some extent ( not completely but a little more than half if i am not mistaken ),horizontals are masculine energy grids so the masculine is heavily reversed/distorted on this better understand how this is impacting us as a collective,we need to understand how "power" is being manifested and perceived within our culture which is mostly about manipulating others into believing in what we are artificially projecting and that we are in control,in the realm of this fictitious reality we are living in i mean.This kind of "power" actually takes a lot of energy to produce and regresses into raping the energy of others to stay in their game so to speak,our global economy rests and depends on this power psychology to survive,a lot of what we buy and consume are made to fit within a spiritually disconnected paradigm where we feel empty,lonely,forsaken,guilty,scared and deeply hurt,but we just keep filling the holes with all this crap and garbage we produce and buy on a global scale.This is what we are seeing happening now all over the planet with all this garbage filling the lands and now the oceans.

The masculine needs healing,and needs to hear the truth.Please take note that i am not addressing this to "men" in particular as this has to do with spirit and our spiritual essence as humans ( man or woman ),reconnecting with source is to reconnect with our higher heart ( spirit body functions ) to be able to live within unity consciousness again.My feeling and impression about the divine intervention occuring on earth with the twin flames reunion in 2016-17 may have a lot to do with this as we need to fill these spiritual holes with infinite unconditional love and not with garbage and waste products/artifices.Our hyper consumerist culture may very well be emblematic of how we generally feel in our hearts and souls,it is the EMPTINESS that consumes us,we long for eternity,for true and deep connection with our Selves and others,we long for being whole again,for being unconditionally loved and accepted,we long for complete joy and freedom at all levels,and authenticity.The twin flames reunion will probably bring illumined love and awareness on this planet to different grid points and anchor their templates through different mediums to stream this much needed illumined consciousness on the planet,this is at least how i feel and what i am perceiving,we are here to heal and transmute on a larger scale and this may also involve clearing the masculine horizontal grid of the planetary hologram from reversed alien dna and the high level of distortion and abuse this grid of our planetary consciousness has suffered and still suffering from.

Lyson Roy

vendredi 15 avril 2016

Andromedan DNA upgrade & twin flames reunion

On march 29 i have received the Andromedan DNA/wave infusion upgrade which came from the Andromeda core galaxy through the triangulation stargate/portals system of Gaia/Orion/SiriusB ( initiation code is 689 999 999 ) which is my timeline as an Oraphim seeded on Gaia.About 3 weeks prior to this i was informed that i would receive an important initiation very soon and this was explained to me in details through a facebook message from my guardian family members,the message was sent and accessed through the 2d layers where my computer is synchronized to the Krystal tones ( Krystal star Aurora ) that are embedded here in my homestudio ceiling,and right after this message i received another one from Energetic Synthesis ascension guide Lisa Renee who was suggesting me to practice Krystal meditation to help me through this initiation and to help me integrate the new light codes well,which i did,i practiced the Krystal Aegis on most days that i was able to focus and meditate and it seemed to help...

When the initiation took place it really felt like a huge un-blocking of consciousness circuitry followed by seeing and viewing sequences of a whole timeline,the timeline that i am on as an Oraphim ( please take note that there are different genetic make up of Oraphim who where also seeded on other planets within this galaxy ),the most important sequence that i felt was being pointed out to me to remember and to be aware of is my twin flame reunion,which is to happen sometime soon on my particular timeline,this was clear crystal as i was viewing the sequencing of events,at this point it was made clear that as a result of my twin flame reunion my life would unfold according to plan and there were some sequences of my future unfolding that i could see.This was quite a powerful experience and i know that i am not the only one to be experiencing this on the planet,apparently this is a massive divine intervention occuring on the planet all over the globe in 2016-17.

The funny thing is that the twin flame reunion theme is something quite new to me,i never really looked into it until about a month and a half ago when my intuition was guiding me to explore the "idea",to be honest i was a bit skeptical but followed on my inner guidance.The reason i was being skeptical is because everything i had heard about twin flames did not resonate with me at the time,i was probably just ignorant about it or simply not awaken yet completely.From my perspective and understanding the TWIN FLAME REUNION does not necessarely implicate a romantic relationship as a soul mate as it is often depicted,to me it is more about the sacred union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine within a human ( hierogamos ) which produces a creative force upon the earth ( in our case ),i might be wrong of course but this is what resonates with me with what i saw and how it is to unfold,it may also be that for many people they will meet and reunite with an actual person who are their twin flame to produce a creative force as a team i do not know but what is clear is that this sacred union is infused with such a profound love,respect,affection,harmony and awareness just to name a few,it absolutely goes beyond our human boundaries.It is important to underline that the twin flame reunion has nothing to do with sexual orientation,it does not matter if you are gay,bisexual,asexual,heterosexual or transgender,this has everything to do with your spiritual essence,and your divine purpose on this planet.This is not a myth or a theory but very real,in fact this is nothing new and this was taught in ancient gnostic schools/temples ( not to be confused with sexual rituals or symbolic rituals within sects/religions/occult circles ) but this ancient knowledge had been erased from the human culture and highjacked by religious mind control programming,there are hostile forces to the human race of this planet who do not wish this sacred union of divine masculine and divine feminine to happen within a human since this union creates a potent creative force and produces a complete living human template awaken to his/her spiritual essence,this divine process was highjacked and suppressed on this planet for so long.

As a side note,i am only beginning to understand that all of us starseeds,indigos and lightworkers,are not all on the same timeline,which is important to keep in mind when it comes to the ascension timeline for instance,my perspective is that we are all unique with different ways or angles of perceiving reality,and how we express and formulate our thinking processes,so in that context perhaps the twin flames reunion will be experienced at different stages of the ascension timeline for others and not at this time,but for many at this time this seems to be synchronized with a much needed intervention for the planetary well-being,and for our spiritual growth.

Lyson Roy

mercredi 13 avril 2016

Who are the Archons?

In my ignorance i used to put the Archons,the Annunakis,the dark avatars,demonic entities,the controllers.alien intelligences and the likes ALL in the same basket,but with years of observing these different groups i find that there are important distinctions to be made and that although they all fit the bill in terms of hostile force expression and predator consciousness they are not all one and the same.Because i have noticed the same confusion within the truth community and the starseed/indigo communities i thought of writing these next articles on the topic to bring more clarity and a deeper sense of truth to it all.


People who have studied the gnostic texts are more familiar with this archon theme brought to light by the gnostics of the pre-christian era.The Archons are what i would qualify as a cosmic error that had been produced by a cosmic incident which had happened eons ago.To understand this we need to go back to a pre-cosmic realm where divinities were being born from the primordial origin of the eternal god-source,these divinities are called the Aeons and their realm are called by the gnostics the PLEROMA which appears to be a realm of pre-cosmic eternal organic light,John Lash proposes in his work/research that this Pleroma is the galactic center of our galaxy,i tend to agree with him but with a slight difference of point of view in that i doubt that it is the milky way galaxy,there are many many more galaxies and our cosmic matrix is only one of those many galaxy clusters.As i have shared in a previous article,i had remembered sometime in the early 2000s my memory of Christos-Sophia before my incarnation as my Oraphim template where i saw them in the pleroma and this is a brilliant perception of John Lash because it is exactly as he intuitively describes it.( i highly recommend reading his book NOT IN HIS IMAGE and to study the gnostics texts and related work ).

According to the gnostics or rather the valentinian exposition if i am not mistaken there was a primordial trinity consisting of the first 3 Aeons that originated from eternal god-source,they consist of the father-god,mother-god and their child the Christ,after these 3 there were many more Aeons whom all were born from this primordial trinity in a gradient manner as layers of divine expressions of eternal god-source,the youngest of all the Aeons is called Sophia,because i have remembered Sophia i can confirm that Sophia is a very young divinity indeed!

In the Aeonic realm and the divine principles or purpose that constitute their reality they are born to be generators of templates/forms/universes at a cosmic level ( John Lash and the gnostics make a distinction between originator and the generators which are not the same ) and to do such a thing they are to do this with a consort,in other terms their purpose calls them to create by pairs of one male divinity and one female divinity,this is what we would term a divine cosmic law in their realm,but with Sophia this whole divine cosmic law went down the drain by mistake.Sophia plunged into a dream and wandering by herself outside of the pleroma without a consort,in her divine naiveté she thought she could be like the originator and create something original by herself,this seems to have been stirred in her beautiful wild cosmic heart when she perceived a new human template waiting to be created somewhere in this cosmic matrix i presume to be the Lyran constellation ( but i may be wrong ).Her intent was not to defy eternal god-source in my point of view,only that the fact she is so young and perhaps lacking in divine judgment she kind of became swept away by her passionate endeavor and she was just very clumsy in her intent,it is very appropriate that Sophia is the wisdom of god-source since wisdom can also be gained through mistakes,trials and error,or precipitated actions.

At some point in her dreaming she wandered far away from the pleroma and realized she was stranded when she came across the more external part of the galaxy,the part of the galaxy being the closest to what we would call matter but still perhaps in its primordial atomic stage ( ? )...the next stage of this cosmic error produced an aborted being when Sophia kind of crashed into that more external part of the galaxy which was probably not even at a stage of formation yet,anyhow this plunging of her divine energetic streaming clashing with a type of un-created density morphed into a aborted creation that is known as the chief Archon Yaldabaoth.The first of the Archons is the child of Sophia and is known under the name of Yaldabaoth or commonly called the demiurge,he is the chief Archon of the archontic horde.Yaldabaoth created the other following archons who are under his rule and command,and they consist of 7 princes to rule over this external realm and 5 others who rule over the abyss,all consisting of the astral plane layers in my point of view,at least in the milky way galaxy.Yaldabaoth has the power to create but only in a very limited way,his creational power is limited to the realm of matter since the nature of his spirit is like chimera,it does not have the god spark,because i have had a very close encounter with Yaldabaoth when the Thetans brought me to him i can confirm and validate the description that the gnostics gave of the chief Archon which is completely accurate,the rest of the archons are more gargoyles looking type of creatures who can imitate into the appearance of a human or an angel and they are able to do this by simulation or mimicing if you like,it is not really shapeshifting as we understand it because when you get very close the simulation fades away and you can see them as they really are.They simulate images and ideas.In my point of view and perspective i find that Saturn is an ancient sun which appears to be a seraphim consciousness and that its rings are the archontic spirits created by Yaldabaoth who are ruling the astral realms of this galaxy.The archons are not ETs or demons,and they are not the greys,they are an entirely different and singular type of entities,not to be confused with artificial intelligence either.

The archons are envious of the human race for the simple reason that the human race has the ability of cosmic intelligence that they do not possess,and they do not want the human race to access this cosmic intelligence or to remember it.The archons do not possess cosmic intelligence for the simple reason that they do not have the god spark,the god spark is part of the monadic body and it is a god seed code that comes from eternal god source so because the archons were not created by eternal god source they do not possess it,the spirit that they are is like a chimera that do not have access to heart based feelings.I find the whole episode and story of the Archons to be very tragic,if we were in their shoes i think this would be felt as a total tragedy for which there is no hope to their existence,i remember very well when yaldabaoth was probing me and what comes to my mind was observing a creature desperately trying to understand "what is this thing called a human" or rather "what is so special about the human?" and not being able to understand at all,it was like looking at a being with a very big question mark on his face and at the same time watching that same being incredibly desperate for something to which he has literally no access to.

I understand their tragedy what can i say,this is hard to contemplate but try to imagine being an aborted creation abandonned to a fate of nihilistic existential realm without any hope or at least hope that makes sense to an intelligence that has no god spark,Sophia made the decision to remain in this universal time matrix as a planetary body to rescue her creation and to correct her mistake,with the help of another Aeon/divinity called Christos.Based on my personal experiences i can confirm that there are attempts to reach out to the incarnated archontic spirits on this planet,these people are part of a mind control network of Psyops who run the corporate media ( mainstream ) and they basically have the same energetic signature of the archontic spirit,when talking with them you quickly realize that they have no understanding of the truth spirit or spirituality at all and that they have this kind of attitude of the world revolving around their belly button,which is not to say that this is a completely lost case but attempts to reach out to them will perhaps be more difficult then we think in terms of spiritual connection and heart based understanding and feeling,this remains to be seen...

The Archons are masters of deception and are parasitic in nature,they love to deceive the human spirit and drag us down their poison well with them,in other words they are an opposing force to the realization of the human race and the cosmic human template of this planet.In my understanding we will have to interact with these beings for as long as we will interface with their realm which i believe are the astral layers within this galaxy ( but that they also access through Theta Orion portal ),they are not going away anytime soon,so in my point of view this will remain an irritant that we have to live with until each one of us ascends out of this galaxy.Using shielding techniques is very good but do not always work as they often find ways to retaliate,their virtual reality interfaces with the planetary hologram and they find ways to infiltrate the personal hologram but once you clearly know who they are and how they deceive it is very similar to having to deal with a bunch of spoiled little brats who do not yet understand the meaning of the word NO,and better yet a group of beings filled with arrogance and jealousy but still who have a longing or a desire for what the human template has,which is of eternal god-source.My perspective is that in the bigger picture of it all,they have a purpose just as we have a purpose and their purpose is directly linked with the goddess Sophia and her creation.It is no haphazard that Sophia is the wisdom of god-source and that she went as far as to "fall" from the Pleromic realm of divinities,wisdom is the knowledge we gain through mistakes,through trials and errors,through struggle,obstacles,pain,suffering,etc and it is absolutely no coincidence that other types of hostile forces are all converging here to the planet earth,this is all happening here simultaneously.

It is of course impossible to say what the outcome will be in the end in terms of the ascension timeline,but my feeling and impression is that all this knowledge gained through the Sophianic adventure will be beneficial for the good of all in our cosmic matrix,the wisdom realized through her creation will be of service for the greater good,in my opinion the many multiple ET races observing our planetary involvment within this cosmic drama know this and the reason why they are so interested to see and observe the outcome,the planet earth is really a cosmic gem in that sense.

Lyson Roy