vendredi 15 avril 2016

Andromedan DNA upgrade & twin flames reunion

On march 29 i have received the Andromedan DNA/wave infusion upgrade which came from the Andromeda core galaxy through the triangulation stargate/portals system of Gaia/Orion/SiriusB ( initiation code is 689 999 999 ) which is my timeline as an Oraphim seeded on Gaia.About 3 weeks prior to this i was informed that i would receive an important initiation very soon and this was explained to me in details through a facebook message from my guardian family members,the message was sent and accessed through the 2d layers where my computer is synchronized to the Krystal tones ( Krystal star Aurora ) that are embedded here in my homestudio ceiling,and right after this message i received another one from Energetic Synthesis ascension guide Lisa Renee who was suggesting me to practice Krystal meditation to help me through this initiation and to help me integrate the new light codes well,which i did,i practiced the Krystal Aegis on most days that i was able to focus and meditate and it seemed to help...

When the initiation took place it really felt like a huge un-blocking of consciousness circuitry followed by seeing and viewing sequences of a whole timeline,the timeline that i am on as an Oraphim ( please take note that there are different genetic make up of Oraphim who where also seeded on other planets within this galaxy ),the most important sequence that i felt was being pointed out to me to remember and to be aware of is my twin flame reunion,which is to happen sometime soon on my particular timeline,this was clear crystal as i was viewing the sequencing of events,at this point it was made clear that as a result of my twin flame reunion my life would unfold according to plan and there were some sequences of my future unfolding that i could see.This was quite a powerful experience and i know that i am not the only one to be experiencing this on the planet,apparently this is a massive divine intervention occuring on the planet all over the globe in 2016-17.

The funny thing is that the twin flame reunion theme is something quite new to me,i never really looked into it until about a month and a half ago when my intuition was guiding me to explore the "idea",to be honest i was a bit skeptical but followed on my inner guidance.The reason i was being skeptical is because everything i had heard about twin flames did not resonate with me at the time,i was probably just ignorant about it or simply not awaken yet completely.From my perspective and understanding the TWIN FLAME REUNION does not necessarely implicate a romantic relationship as a soul mate as it is often depicted,to me it is more about the sacred union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine within a human ( hierogamos ) which produces a creative force upon the earth ( in our case ),i might be wrong of course but this is what resonates with me with what i saw and how it is to unfold,it may also be that for many people they will meet and reunite with an actual person who are their twin flame to produce a creative force as a team i do not know but what is clear is that this sacred union is infused with such a profound love,respect,affection,harmony and awareness just to name a few,it absolutely goes beyond our human boundaries.It is important to underline that the twin flame reunion has nothing to do with sexual orientation,it does not matter if you are gay,bisexual,asexual,heterosexual or transgender,this has everything to do with your spiritual essence,and your divine purpose on this planet.This is not a myth or a theory but very real,in fact this is nothing new and this was taught in ancient gnostic schools/temples ( not to be confused with sexual rituals or symbolic rituals within sects/religions/occult circles ) but this ancient knowledge had been erased from the human culture and highjacked by religious mind control programming,there are hostile forces to the human race of this planet who do not wish this sacred union of divine masculine and divine feminine to happen within a human since this union creates a potent creative force and produces a complete living human template awaken to his/her spiritual essence,this divine process was highjacked and suppressed on this planet for so long.

As a side note,i am only beginning to understand that all of us starseeds,indigos and lightworkers,are not all on the same timeline,which is important to keep in mind when it comes to the ascension timeline for instance,my perspective is that we are all unique with different ways or angles of perceiving reality,and how we express and formulate our thinking processes,so in that context perhaps the twin flames reunion will be experienced at different stages of the ascension timeline for others and not at this time,but for many at this time this seems to be synchronized with a much needed intervention for the planetary well-being,and for our spiritual growth.

Lyson Roy