mardi 26 avril 2016

satanic streaming of consciousness on earth

This earth mother Sophia transmission took me over a week to take in and digest as this was so much to take in,the way that i can describe this,i mean the communication/transmission from the goddess is very much like having your brain synchronized with the planetary brain and her consciousness...

I suddenly became fully aware and conscious within my sleep time and my visual function was brought to a specific location on the earth,the location is an island which i understand to be a spot where the streaming of satanic consciousness is happening,at this point everything i am seeing and looking at is shown onto a giant translucent bio-organic screen and they have a name for this island which was written onto the screen,after that my visual function was brought to the oceans of the planet and their water gates/portals network ( stargates/portals in the oceans ),then there was a whole map of the planet being projected and displayed onto the screen and it was clearly being shown that there is this huge garbage and waste dumpings heavily affecting not just the oceans but the water gates/portals of the planet.Simultaneously i was being shown each country ( in a zooming in manner ) that are involved in a global parallel financial system stemming from these garbage and waste dumpings all over the planet,all kinds of garbage and waste products,from what i understand this is done hand in hand with big corporations and companies who may also bribe governments of these countries to get an open door for their illegal activities,in other words the governments pay these corporations/companies to get rid of their garbage and waste products by illegal means,and in return the same corporations/companies may bribe the same governments to keep silent on their illegal activities.At this point i was shown how these corporations hide their illegal activities,for instance dumping animals that are still alive into crude oil facilities ( think of illegal deforestations here ),at that point within the communication i was feeling and perceiving everything the consciousness and i was filled with pain,despair and sadness,it was just too much and i snapped out of the communication.In a nutshell this is what earth mother Sophia was transmitting to me and i am still feeling disturbed and still digesting the information.

My feeling and impression at this moment is that the purpose of this communication was to point out to the source of this global problem of massive garbage and waste dumpings that are directly linked to our hyper consumerist culture and how it is destroying life on this planet,let`s face it they just don`t know what to do with all our garbage anymore.

But the intent of this article is not to perpetuate guilt programming or to hammer people with "green" slogans that really do not work,in most cases they don`t reduce our consuming of the planet`s natural resources...the fact is that we are 7 billions of people living on this planet and that the majority of earth population do not have much spiritual awareness and how this impacts the planet at all levels.In my perspective,the satanic consciousness also needs to be healed,i understand the satanic consciousness to be a Seraphim collective that fell from their original unity consciousness and they are a part of us in terms of our DNA matrix that is linked with this universal time matrix.The satanic consciousness or forces if you like is very real and not a joke ( i have described my encounter with Satan in a previous post ) and seems to be impacting the planetary consciousness within the horizontals most in terms of planetary grids which are the golden eagle guardian grids that are reversed to some extent ( not completely but a little more than half if i am not mistaken ),horizontals are masculine energy grids so the masculine is heavily reversed/distorted on this better understand how this is impacting us as a collective,we need to understand how "power" is being manifested and perceived within our culture which is mostly about manipulating others into believing in what we are artificially projecting and that we are in control,in the realm of this fictitious reality we are living in i mean.This kind of "power" actually takes a lot of energy to produce and regresses into raping the energy of others to stay in their game so to speak,our global economy rests and depends on this power psychology to survive,a lot of what we buy and consume are made to fit within a spiritually disconnected paradigm where we feel empty,lonely,forsaken,guilty,scared and deeply hurt,but we just keep filling the holes with all this crap and garbage we produce and buy on a global scale.This is what we are seeing happening now all over the planet with all this garbage filling the lands and now the oceans.

The masculine needs healing,and needs to hear the truth.Please take note that i am not addressing this to "men" in particular as this has to do with spirit and our spiritual essence as humans ( man or woman ),reconnecting with source is to reconnect with our higher heart ( spirit body functions ) to be able to live within unity consciousness again.My feeling and impression about the divine intervention occuring on earth with the twin flames reunion in 2016-17 may have a lot to do with this as we need to fill these spiritual holes with infinite unconditional love and not with garbage and waste products/artifices.Our hyper consumerist culture may very well be emblematic of how we generally feel in our hearts and souls,it is the EMPTINESS that consumes us,we long for eternity,for true and deep connection with our Selves and others,we long for being whole again,for being unconditionally loved and accepted,we long for complete joy and freedom at all levels,and authenticity.The twin flames reunion will probably bring illumined love and awareness on this planet to different grid points and anchor their templates through different mediums to stream this much needed illumined consciousness on the planet,this is at least how i feel and what i am perceiving,we are here to heal and transmute on a larger scale and this may also involve clearing the masculine horizontal grid of the planetary hologram from reversed alien dna and the high level of distortion and abuse this grid of our planetary consciousness has suffered and still suffering from.

Lyson Roy