mercredi 13 avril 2016

Self-responsability & the authentic Self

We are at a crossroad where i feel the higher-Self ( our core god source matrix ) is asking "are you really ready to embrace and welcome the totality of who you are? are you really ready to take on this path of ascension?" this may sound like a very simple question for any starseed/indigo/lightworker for which the answer seems quite obvious in terms of our mission for this planet....I can only speak for myself and for me ( and perhaps for many others ) the choice even if it is crystal clear in my heart and mind comes with some struggle and a little apprehension.The difficulty with dealing with the harsh reality we encounter everyday does not make my choice easy or simple,in fact i have to reasses and sometimes reexamine myself and my own thinking processes on multiple occasions to make sure that i am taking the right path for myself and for the planet,this is not a time to compromise and it is necessary for me to underline that this has nothing to do with a savior complex but a probability dominion that each one of us has the opportunity and choice to choose that will interface with the planetary consciousness as a whole for this ascension timeline.

In the aftermath of my awakening process,which took 5 years for me to accomplish,i find that at this point with the bigger picture in mind and having succeeded at remaining alive ( and well despite all the intense ascension symptoms that do not make my life any easier ),i needed to take a pause and just take the time to digest everything.

The life of a starseed/indigo/lightworker is like living a double life,the "regular" everyday life and the life of a spiritual secret agent on multiple missions at the same time,this is very exhausting but this is also very frustrating in the sense that you never get to share who you really are and your true authentic life with the world ( family/work/social circles etc...) unless you are lucky enough to have found a community that supports you,loves you and understands you and where you come from,i suspect that for many starseeds/indigos/lightworkers such a community is hard to find but this might change soon.I feel that the next stage of the ascension timeline will kick in around 2017,this is at least my impression but i also have the impression that we are not all on the same timeline,i remember when i was seeded on Gaia ( 9th/8th dimensional realities ) and my Sirian incarnation ( 6th dimensional reality Sirius B ) so these are my related timelines that i am working with and engaged with as an Oraphim.For the time being it feels like 2016 is to prepare myself for the next ascension stage.

So at this point i find myself where myself is meeting with its higher-Self ( if that makes sense ),these past 5 years were pretty much about investigating the planetary hologram without me being much aware that this was what i was doing,while waking-up and doing a lot of ascension work,then at one point your higher awareness sends you the message that "you are now inside the hologram" and it becomes clear that this is so much bigger than what you were thinking in terms of awakening,you first have to acknowledge and process all this information and what you experience at an individual level to then make the jump in awareness within the larger hologram.For me the self-responsability that the ascension timeline implicates intimately involves the authentic Self in the same token,one is not possible without the other.When taking the steps to be self-responsible for my own thoughts,my actions ( and reactions to external influences ),my choices and my decisions for instance,i take ownership of my life/my consciousness and the direction of my life/my existence,it is not always simple,life is so complex,certainly in this galaxy anyway,and we all have some baggage we have carried through the ages and through the timelines,but this ultimately leads back to the true and authentic Self that we are originally.And i find this particularly true in terms of freeing ourselves from the influence of the V/V program ( black cube software victim/victimizer program ) where it is all about polarity patterns and blaming the perpetrator or the victim,but this is also very true when it comes to being able to free ourselves from the mind control matrix running the human populations of this planet.

Self-responsability may be hard at times,after all it is not like we were all raised to behave and think in that way,we have all been raised and educated within the V/V program and archontic mind control matrix parameters for such a long time so it does not come naturally as breathing,a soul and mind detox may be necessary along with a reprogramming of the mind and much healing work...but eventually and ultimately,this all leads back to the true and authentic Self.The authentic Self is infinite,real and has a divine purpose ( no religious connotations here ),it is an organic spiritual identity with its own template in the co-creation of cosmic matrices,in our world this truth is very challenging to convey to the masses let alone present this fact as an idea to contemplate as the real narrative of their existence.And this is another challenging mission for all starseeds/indigos/lightworkers when interacting with this world ( fictitious reality as i call it ),how does one live authentically in a fake world when even fake is said to be authentic,well i do not have the answer for that although i think that this cannot be resumed to an ideal lifestyle,we are so much more than what the current culture is telling us we can be,we are so much more than what any belief systems told us what we are or should be,we are so much more than just a species living on a planet,we are here with our beloved goddess Sophia sharing her divine consciousness with us,we are here with the plants,the animals,the oceans,the many life forms populating the planet with us,we are here with the many ET races/Alien intelligences involved with us,we are here with the many cosmic and guardian collectives helping us and assisting us at this time,we are not alone and never will be left behind because THEY BELIEVE IN US,and that is what our cosmic mother is asking of us,to believe in our authentic Self,our authentic voice,for many humans on this planet this is a struggle as we are constantly pressured to not listen to this authentic voice and to bury it,the struggle may be harder for starseeds/indigos and lightworkers since we are hypersensitives and are living the multi-dimensional reality on a daily basis.

Once you are fully awaken though it is not possible to go back,you either jump to the challenge or you die miserable,i do not see many options here for myself so there it is,and so my higher-Self is asking "are you really ready to embrace and welcome the totality of who you are? " and "are you really ready to take on this path of ascension? " in a way it is asking me,are you ready to be an ascended master,in other words " are you ready to be a grown-up and to co-create with your eternal god-source? ".

Lyson Roy