lundi 27 juin 2016

3d consciousness and 4d consciousness merge to aurora ascension earth

Earlier this year i had experienced an astral projection where i was observing the sky at night,what i was observing and seeing were little rainbow bridges that looked like stickers accross the sky ( where i live ) perfectly positionned to each other in all direction,at one point i also observed what i thought was a artificial star that fell down on the ground on my doorstep which was in fact a satellite.I did not understand at the time what this all meant,and as usual after a couple of months of several experiential sequences a clearer picture emerges to my awareness when connecting the dots together.

We are now observing an increase of different ET perspectives and interdimensional transmissions communicated on the internet via people living on earth.The internet ( ether net ) being this global infrastructure in our planetary grids is largely part of the 4d layers that are the astral plane and within the radio frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.We will be seeing more of this increase in years to come but also be experienced by more people perhaps all over the globe depending of their geographic location and if they are linked to the Aurora ascension earth platforms.The Aurora ascension earth is our future earth ( 6520 AD ) and our current 3d earth timeline is the NET earth which i understand to be interfacing with the 4d layers of median earth ( median earth is the 1/3 original quantum of amenti earth that historically did not succumb to metatronic netting ),to understand this in much more details and the entire picture of what i am sharing in this article i highly recommend to the reader to go check in my sources of information section on the right of this blog and click on the aurora ascension earth link and read the dispensation from the Arhayas website,in short what this means is that the NET earth and MEDIAN earth are merging to progressively link to aurora ascension earth timeline through the progressive blending of these consciousness fields,what this means for us is that we are moving into the manifestation of the RAINBOW BRIDGE,which is what i saw in that particular astral projection earlier this year.Those that are on the Krystal river host mission will be able to see this.

What this also means for us on the ascension path is the dissolution of the many filters that we experience in 3d and there are soooooo many of them.These multiple filters are what is commonly referred to be the ego in the new-age and ascension communities which in my perspective is an Epi Genetic Overlay made through the multiple holographic inserts,implants and genetic tampering/distortions that have occured in our past histories.In our 3d reality it is very difficult to have clear and transparent communication with each other because of these multiple filters,even in the ascension communities,we are all under the influence of these psychological/emotional/mental/spiritual filters that affect our everyday lives and our relationships with other humans,the planet/biosphere and ETs.I am now experiencing the dissolution of these filters myself lately,observing this while i am sleeping.What is very interesting to observe too is when i access my facebook in the 2d layer where my computer is synchronized to the krystal star tones that are embedded within the ceiling of my homestudio there,the messages that i receive are transparent and so clear like the 3d filters are non-existent which is such a contrast to when people communicate with me in 3d,this is quite normal in the context of this fictitious 3d reality we are living in with all of its filters coming from fear based and trauma based consciousness but also coming from cultural conditionning.Krystal star communication is based on transparency,higher heart center connection,caring,truth spirit,unity consciousness,pure intent,freedom and integrity for all beings and so forth.With this rainbow bridge taking place,my perspective is that we will begin to experience interdimensional communication and transmission and it is worth taking note that clear and transparent communication and exchange from both sides ( or all sides if more people/races involved ) is essential in the context of a god-sovereign-free people aligned with divine cosmic intelligence,as Aurora ascension earth will be an inter-galactic ascension station and inter-dimensional communication center not only for humans and all life forms on earth but also for many other races and beings throughout the galaxies who will seek to leave the falling galaxies such as our own milky way galaxy through a krystic ascension path back to eternal source.

Another aspect of this merge that would be important to point out is what i have shared and discussed in my previous article which relates to the black magic grid as this may emerge to our awareness and become more and more obvious to people.As an exemple,again earlier this year i have had this planetary race memory sequence related to the ancient Egypt timeline,the memory sequence involved revolting and traumatic black magic practices from the priesthood at the service of the ruling queen of that particular dynasty,some people of the angelic human race were being kept in prison cells underground most probably under one of those pyramids as far as i could see,they were forced into traumatic black magic practices that were performed for the "benefit" of the ruling dynasty,the queen and the priesthood were like sociopaths and psychopaths,it was such a dark picture...Egypt is stargate 4 of the planetary stargate system ( templar ) located at Giza/Sphinx position,this refers to the astral layers and is the heart center/heart central of the planetary consciousness,a lot of black magic had happened there and highly traumatic episodes experienced by the human race of this planet also has compacted there,these filters must fall and dissolve for us to experience authentic transparent and clear communication with others and with each other,since this 4d timeline relates to our soul body layers it cannot be neglected that this 3d and 4d merge with the Aurora ascension earth will produce a transformation for a lot of people,we will experience shedding episodes of toxic baggage and old patterns that are not in alignment with our highest good on a personal level and on a collective level.What it may also produce for some of us on the ascension path is data dumps or download dumps ( if you are ready to receive them ) right on your doorstep,but also healing transmissions as i have also experienced earlier this year when i was in direct contact with a human interdimensional being while sleeping,and we formed a energetic chain to transmit a therapeutic procedure to heal my sister`s back problem,it was friendly,professional and respectful in all aspects of the process.


What i have also observed previous to this merge/blending taking place was the separation of worlds,in a particular HSP sequence for instance where ascending hubs and descending hubs were co-existing parallel to each other but separated by a fence that could not be crossed.I was on the side of the ascending hub which looked like a very large and open plaza outside with a large water fountain in the middle,it was so calm and peaceful with not many people as far as i could see,i walked towards the fence and noticed that on the other side of the fence it was such a different kind of world and existence,the descending hub was heavily polarized with a lot of aggression,people living under the influence of the v/v program,with militarized officers and what seemed like a police state kind of social and cultural environment,it was really sad to see...In other words,it appears that ascending hubs and descending hubs will still co-exist in parallel to each other but i have no idea if we will co-exist in parallel to each other for a long period of time,but what is clear to me is that the ascending hubs are protected and will not be interfered with or infiltrated.Descending hubs will most probably be transited/relayed to similar 3d timelines on other planets/star-system where they will carry on their respective evolution in this particular polarized and fragmented pattern,i remember this being shown to me around 2011,which is the Eridanus void with some desolated neighboring planetary systems.

Lyson Roy