jeudi 9 juin 2016

black magic infused reality bubble

This past weekend i have had this "dream" where i was in a very large class with many other students in that specific class,in parallel and in the middle of the class there was a man standing before a large board on which were written dark encryption signatures,the man was a teacher/researcher and he was actually studying those dark encryption signatures and analyzing them.The teacher/researcher wanted to share his knowledge and findings with others but all the students were passing by him ignoring his research and ignoring him mostly because they were fearing what this knowledge would bring on them ( with very good reason ),at that point i was the only one in that specific class who was open and interested in learning and hear what he wanted to share and communicate so i was all ears...i do not remember everything we discussed in details but i do remember in detail that i knew that he was right because of all the things i have witnessed so far,and that he was clearly indicating that the only way to defeat or rather to completely neutralize all this black magic is the Krystic encryption held within organic rays from the Krystal star which were shown on the board as a cluster of cells/suns emerging from a far away universe ( a cluster of pastel Aurora rays coming from the Andromeda core galaxy ),as he was showing me this i saw some people in the crowd of the class who were definitely not human but demonic entities with a human body with the intent of blocking this knowledge from reaching human awareness but to also destroy humans who had this knowledge and dared to share/communicate this information,some of them had their eyes on me at that point.

Such a reality is very hard to conceive in our supposed modern "scientific" evolutionary world,it defies what we believe to be "logic" and all the false concepts of reality that we have learned,all of which are indoctrinated from birth.Black magic does not necessary implicate blood and sex rituals or a group of people conjuring dark forces in a thick and dark forest as it is often depicted in films or tv shows,it is so much more than that,currently this planet is under a global black magic spell which involves our own participation on a daily basis and puts us in a constant hypnotic state of being at the same time.The whole thing is very well orchastrated and may even defy imagination to some extent,in other words we are living in a completely delusional reality bubble that we believe to be true and factual,when in fact this is all a black magic system implemented on this planet ages ago...

Any type of magic consists of rituals,rituals made or created to impose our will or influence outcomes to serve different needs/hopes/interests/agenda.As far as i know these rituals are practiced and passed down from generation to generation,sometimes as traditions,often within closed occult circles,but also among less secretive groups of people sharing their practices together as communities,no matter which group to which the magician is affiliated with there is a hierarchical template to be followed or to rely on,but the gist of the matter is THE RITUAL,and this is what i want to get at.If you really think about it and observe your own life,one soon realizes that all of our life consists of RITUALS,from the moment we get out of bed to when we go back to bed,from being a baby to when we get to old age,every phase of our life is imprinted with different rituals that validate our existence in the eyes of others ( or in the eyes of "god" for many others ) and in the "eyes" of authority/society,getting baptized,our first day at school,our first date,our education within the system,getting our drivers license,getting married,raising a family,getting a job,our bank account,saving money for retirement and so on,but we could break this all down to minute details that really count in the long run and really add up in the whole hypnotic effect of these rituals,i am sure the reader will get the idea,waking-up from the dazed and confused black magic hypnosis will not set you free but it`s a start.We can easily observe this on a personal level,we can also observe this on a global scale with the whole fashion industry for instance where they have to produce collections every season and every year they have to repeat the same whole neurotic loop,but we can also observe this with the holidays season insanity as well every year as exemples,and each year they create new or more rituals to put people in a deeper state of hypnosis as to become completely zombified culture as far as this all goes...And then there are trauma based and fear based rituals as tools for psychological and social engineering on a larger scale,and rituals of the same nature practiced within pockets of hierarchical structures that control society.The monetary/financial system is black magic ritual system that enslaves humanity.

The fact of the matter is,this is all made to keep us in a loop.And if you want to get out of that stupid and dumb loop you better know and understand what you are dealing with because they won`t let you free that easily.But for many,stepping out of the prison will be too scary as this is all that they have known or remember,so they will make it their home.

Getting out of the loop is quite challenging,and from time to time you fall back into it or you get dragged back into it again for multiple reasons,there are several dark alliances and hostile forces who have all the interest of keeping us in the loop so they do whatever it takes to dumb people down.But for those who know and understand that we are living in a fictitious reality the challenge is much more intense spiritually speaking,mentally and emotionally they have made the jump,it is the interfacing with all the fakery that is hard and the isolation.A dark night of the soul episode may be experienced at some point when you reach a level of awareness that cannot identify with this fictitious reality anymore.

This whole black magic system had been inserted to the planetary hologram a long time ago,this may have taken place in the atlantian timeline when the dark magicians ( priesthood in power ) took over and started implementing a secretive occult system to push a hidden agenda that would be beneficial to them while having dominion over the human race and the planetary hologram.Things got more and more sophisticated over time with industries/corporations and conglomerates running the whole system...The stage is set for a more sinister agenda already occuring on the planet while we are all asleep and divided in consciousness.In 2013 i was informed by my Melchisedek cloister guardians family member that the Martians ( not little green men ) are now inserting a nefarious genetic creation on the planet,the nefarious genetic creation is a type of demonic entity disincarnate that are inserted within a hybrid-human body template,from my understanding this is not an entity attachment,it is a creation made possible through a soul manufacturing center,they use planet earth as a manufacturing center for anything and everything,i know this to be true because i have seen it from my own eyes as i have shared in a previous article when i was able to travel outside the 4d realm ( astral plane ) and landed on the Aquafareion shield where the shield showed me that specific timeline where this is occuring which i understand to be the highjacked 5d ascension timeline ( beware of the false and artificial 5d timeline that is heavily promoted in the ascension and new-age communities.


My first articles that i had written on this blog included some astral projections experiences,but at the time i did not have the awareness and the knowledge that i have today and so they missed the mark in many respects so i deleted them a while ago since i felt they were not written with full clarity of mind.I have experienced many different things in the astral plane and if one does push herself/himself enough to understand and to know the truth she/he will find out that we are being manipulated and deceived in such a way that it defies logic and mental clarity.I started doing astral projections very young,which does not make me an expert but what i can tell you is that there are several layers to the astral plane ( 4d reality ),a lot of crap happens in the astral,all sorts of entities and all sorts of deceitful and toxic locations/scenarios,in other words the astral plane is such a mess it is best not to travel or remain too long in it especially if you are not wearing your 12d shield protection...It is when you get to the higher layers of the astral where your clarity of mind will be tested so to speak,if you are able to astral project at the top of the spectrum you will find out that this is literally a virtual reality where they can simulate anything they want,and this is where so many people get deceived and manipulated by many ETs and entities,and of course the archons.This virtual reality is like a fake hologram being projected upon the planetary hologram,it is an artificial simulation reality,just recently i have realized that the zodiac belt is a false construct,i have seen this for myself last year and to be honest it was hard to believe but this is what appears to be the case,the zodiac is a fake timeline which creates a birth chart loop,the constellations look like silly papier maché glued to the sky,it is really astonishing to see this and it makes such a clear contrast with the rest of the sky.Upon realizing this fakery it has become clear to me that astrology and astro-theology is another source of mind control,the zodiac belt is a false construct which is linked to the unnatural 23.5 degree tilt of the earth`s axis which causes the precession of the equinoxes,this false construct has made us go backward in time meaning a de-evolution or digression of consciousness as opposed to a natural krystal spiral which links to organic timelines connected to source,so in other words not only have we de-evolved in consciousness but we have been existing in a false timeline construct within a looping system that has harnessed humanity in karmic bondage for "ages".

Just a quick thought about the flat earth theory.Flat earth believers might not be crazy after all,or at least not totally wrong.I have heard of 2 individuals that have reported seeing the earth from high above and saying that it looks flat with a dome over it,i have to be honest and say that i have not studied the flat earth theory myself,but we do know from the guardian alliance through the CDT plates transmissions that the planet TARA which is the soul matrix of our 3d earth experienced a massive explosion millions of years ago,the parts that had exploded fell in density one which is our 3d consciousness field ( dimensions 1-2-3 ) and that those pieces of TARA ( which is Alcyone in dimension 4-5-6 ) is what have created this solar system in the most part,it would only be logical to think that those pieces were part of the planetary shield ( TARA/soul matrix ) and not an actual round planet as we tend to believe,the shield in itself is a holographic projection,so we would be living on a piece of that shield that had exploded,for us it is a round planet because it is after all the holographic projection of its core creation that we experience as a holographic projection ourselves as a human race,but from an external angle of perception we would probably see the planet as a piece of the shield that fell here,the hologram is still there and it is alive and organic but it is a fragment,which is probably why some have actually seen this for real.The dome could very well be the hologram that we experience or perceive as a round planet,or it could be the virtual fake reality being projected in the astral,i may be wrong,this is just my thought for now.

Lyson Roy