jeudi 21 juillet 2016

healing the human heart and the planetary heart

In the past recent years there has been much intensified work of clearing and purging different layers of the planetary grids in order to make way for organic streams of consciousness to run natural frequencies ( algorithms/instruction sets ) through ley lines and strategic locations ( geographic pinpoints ) for this organic ascension timeline to definitely take place,let`s call this a serious declogging of pores and arteries to illustrate this in a funny way but for many lightworkers,starseeds and indigos these intensified workloads are nothing funny in any way since it may be extremely draining on our system and we may end up exhausted on most days,i can personally attest of this fact because this is how i have been feeling these past 6 years at least.Many of these episodes also include psychic attacks meant to undermine,sabotage,bully and nullify krystics and their mission ( when speaking of krystics it has no religious connotations and this is not to be associated with a superiority complex ).Now that we are shifting timelines and gradually getting synchronized to aurora ascension earth timeline continuum it feels like things are going faster.

What comes to mind the most right now is the healing of the human and planetary heart that we have to experience in order to access a higher level of consciousness that will connect us back to our soul matrix and our higher brain,the spirit body.For a full recovery to occur we must first acknowledge that we have been abused,violated,manipulated,corrupted,raped and de-humanized,we only have to take a look around us to see that most people on this planet are walking around with such a heavy and broken heart,while keeping a façade.For many of us TRUSTING again in ourselves and in life is a big issue which really relates to SELF-ESTEEM issues,the fact that we are living in a global culture coming from tyrannical patriarchy based on the false gods of religions ( that are really off-planet aliens with a psychopathic and sociopathic profile ) and anti-human values where stupidity and ignorance are glorified,making this inner connection from heart to soul matrix will prove to be very difficult for a lot of people on this planet for the simple reason that the disconnection is so deep and so for these people the only rationale will be external influences that are based on the controllers narrative.

If we have been disconnected from our feelings for a very long time,making the connection again with our human heart may feel very awkward or very unpleasant because feeling with the heart is the language of the soul,this is a much broader spectrum of consciousness than 3d consciousness and so this means speaking with the heart is really speaking with the soul.When faced with deep rooted wounds ( psychological/emotional/mental/spiritual ) we need to address them with attention and care and give them voice,but because this is not solely from a 3d perspective but a much broader perspective which is our soul matrix ( 4d-5d-6d consciousness fields of our spiritual anatomy ) this won`t be like a visit to the hospital or a visit to a psychiatrist,we are dealing with past histories related to the earth and the divine consciousness of this planet with all the damage,the wars,distortions and black magic involved.The heart center is heavily compacted with filters and black magic which go back to ancient timelines,and the war over consciousness in this universal time matrix ( our milky way galaxy ),there is a lot of baggage at that level that will need to be addressed if we are to move into cosmic citizenship,the good news is that more and more this is all gradually being revealed and communicated to us through the internet and guardian transmissions,but also through tv series and movies to some extent.Nevertheless,speaking the truth in our world today requires a lot of courage,so in that context being authentic in terms of a god-sovereign-free human being will not resonate with our current 3d culture,it is good to remind ourselves that we are here to change this old fictitious paradigm to a new one that is co-creative within unity consciousness.

We may be inclined to think that healing our heart on a personal level is not much of a thing besides our personal growth on our ascension path,this could not be further from the truth! in doing so i believe that we are helping in rebuilding the planetary crystal heart network which has been infiltrated by the black magic grid and consequently created a black heart grid on the planet,freeing the heart from layers of filters that are literally crushing us spiritually is essential at this time,there is so much guilt programming in our collective consciousness it has destroyed families,relationships,our natural bond with nature,it has destroyed our dreams as co-creators with source,these filters must fall,and as each layer reveals itself we are more and more accessing our true divine human heart and able to reconnect with our planetary crystal heart network by shedding all that false crap we have internalized for ages.The planetary heart is a 4d point access to a larger hologram consisting of our soul matrix ( personal and planetary ),when accessing this level of consciousness,aspects of our soul identity may begin to stream through or be downloaded if you like,this may be experienced as packets/packages of light codes coming through,the key is to be open and trust your link with your soul matrix,in other words TRUST YOUR HEART! we must remember that the planetary soul is TARA ( Alcyone in the pleiades ) and that parts of her soul had exploded in that particular timeline and that the pieces of her soul that fell here are many of the planets within this solar system and that some of these planets ( perhaps all of them but i am not sure ) were also infiltrated by hostile forces in which case the planet Tiamat was completely exploded,the remnants are the asteroid belt if i am not mistaken,that part of her soul hologram had then become a highly distorted field of consciousness that looks like a beast ,the baphomet,which is also used in black magic practices,but this is another topic...basically the larger hologram is also our collective consciousness,our collective soul matrix,we are at a crossroad where this larger hologram will be accessed more and more and this means collective wounds will need to be addressed,some of which are definitely emerging right now ( the persecution of the black people pertaining to the slavery history in the united-states for instance ) it is essential to give authentic voice and space to these wounds for people and all of humanity to heal,there is also more and more collective effort and intent on bringing the suffering of animals to the surface because yes animals are also severely abused all over the planet.

The thing to remember is that most of us on this planet suffer in silence,certainly the animals most of all,the indescribable sadness that all of us experience equally is not to be taken lightly because no matter the level of pain or the degree to which you are feeling pain,it is very real for each one of us and it breaks us apart.The heart is precious.May every heart on this planet and within this universe be healed in complete love and harmony to be redirected to their infinite cosmic heart and well-being,no matter who or what they are.

Lyson Roy