mardi 9 août 2016

occupy your heart space now

Letting go of the old patriarchal paradigm and all that it implies in terms of false concepts,mind control,filters and distortions is not an easy process to go through,even if we are familiar or knowledgeable in the awakening and ascension path for the simple reason that when incarnating on this planet we all take on these distortions and filters they become part of our personal hologram/lightbody whether we are aware of it or not acknowledge it or not,no matter who we are,and we also get indoctrinated into this patriarchal system and all the false concepts of reality from a very young age,on top of that we are interfacing with a electrostatic net located in the upper atmospheric layer of the planet that is blocking our higher cognitive functions ( if i had not seen that electrostatic net for myself i am not sure that i would believe such a claim myself ),but here we are shifting timelines and beginning to interface with a new reality in the making,having said this there is still some caution to bear in mind since we are still living in a 3d time frame all over the planet,how i experience this on a daily basis is pretty much like a fluctuating circadian rythm,at times being positioned and living within an artificial and false BPR and at other times being positioned and living within an organic and natural BPR,BPR means base pulse rythm,so what that means is that my beingness or my consciousness if you like is constantly fluctuating between our NET earth and our Aurora ascension earth,Aurora ascension earth is the organic BPR,which also means that my sleeping pattern is also fluctuating all the time trying to adjust but i always end up with not enough sleep or being sleep deprived.This is particularly very tiring for me this year,adding to the fact that my ascension symptoms of the past 5 years have been incredibly intense and that i was already sleep deprived even then,basically i would do anything to have just 5 days in a row of restful sleep except sell my soul or take ambien.Anyway i`m digressing here...

There are many reasons for us starseeds,indigos and lightworkers to despair at this time,since we feel this shift happening very strongly while not seeing much concretely,we all want this new earth so much,i mean to experience it concretely and clearly on a daily basis and we may get super discouraged,sad,disheartened or just plain angry that all the work we are doing is not bearing fruit,that all this ascension "mumbo-jumbo" is only that after all,a big soup of mumbo-jumbo and a large collective of delusional people claiming to be unicorns.Well,the fact of the matter is that we are a very large collective of human souls completely disconnected from the true nature of reality,this is the core and the essence of it.Human souls and non-human souls by the way are populating this planet and different timelines relating to this universal time matrix.

For me what this means,at this time anyway,is to pay more attention to my heart space,like,BIG TIME,to occupy my soul now.The heart space or heart chakra if you prefer is the gateway to the soul,on the planetary level this is the 4th stargate located in Egypt at sphinx/Giza location and this is linked to the planetary collective consciousness,as i was discussing in my previous article,this gateway had been heavily infiltrated with black magic in our past histories and off-planet overlays that have contributed to our disconnection from our soul matrix.This disconnect is being pushed much further with artificial intelligence paradigm attempting to take over the planet and the human consciousness on a larger scale,i have seen artificial intelligence take over the soul of a family member who had passed away and was stuck in the astral layers/4d last year,it was such a surreal sight but nonetheless very real as she was defenseless,when a soul has been taken over by A.I the eyes are completely black with black goo fluid,the original consciousness is not there anymore...what i`m trying to say is that the disconnection from soul,from heart based feelings is what makes it easy for A.I and its related entities to take ownership of the soul body,and the soul body is just as real as the 3d physical body only it is existing on a higher frequency spectrum and having existence on a much broader/larger scale of reality linked to our collective consciousness.The point being made and to underline is that there is no easy way or magic pill to reestablish heart/soul connection,this can be hard to achieve on some days with all the external/social/cultural pressure,and all the distractions available to us on a daily basis.

The result of such a disconnect from heart based feelings,which by the way are not the same as the typical primitive emotions we usually and generally feel from a 3d perspective,is becoming a GMO type of consciousness,a synthetic soul that has no authentic feelings but only mimics the "original thing ",or replicates what used to be authentic,original and natural,it is very much the consumer culture and related corporate conglomerates who decide what you will like,buy,support,detest,dislike etc...the creepy thing is that this is already happening.So being authentic in such a GMO synthetic reality will feel extra difficult and unbearable on many occasions.This is the epitome of a controlling culture.But there is a way to circumvent or at least avoid to be harnessed in that type of paradigm.

The way i find to be most congruent and coherent with this ascension timeline is to take ownership of our own life,i mean there is no way around it,if you are not taking ownership of your life something or someone else will,it really starts with listening to your heart,listening to your own voice and to simply engage your quantum in being authentic.We do not mean that our life has to be perfect as a matter of fact there is no such thing as perfection as this is just another tyrannical filter that was imposed on us through religious mind control,we do not live in a perfect world and it would be arrogant to expect anyone to be a perfect person with a perfect life ( what is referred as a saint in religious beliefs ),the reality is that nobody is perfect and nobody is living the perfect life on this planet,the key is ACCEPTANCE OF WHAT IS,not meaning to be a doormat or to be complacent but just find peace and balance within ourselves will be a strong base on what we will build and anchor our template from now on.To achieve such inner peace and inner balance takes a strong core also i find otherwise anything can throw us out of balance and disturb this inner peace we need to hear our authentic voice.The heart portal must be protected and cleared from invasive and aggressive pathogenic forces that want to take ownership of the human soul,we will also need courage to express our true and authentic Self in a world pushing us to lose our humanity and pushing us to give in to agendas that do not resonate with a god-sovereign-free soul.

Lyson Roy