jeudi 11 août 2016

resurrection of the human soul

At this particular time with the lion`s gate portal transmission happening now i am feeling pushed and guided to write this article which i find congruent and coherent with my previous articles on the topic of soul healing and heart space connection.

For me it feels like we are entering a stage of ascension where we will be resurrecting the pieces and fragments of the human soul,the original human consciousness or dna template that we need to reassemble,to heal,to love and to express with authenticity and freedom.When we are connected to our heart space and soul it feels like being larger than life ( from a 3d perspective ) we are existing as this cosmic inner child that only wants to live in alignment with his/her higher self.In our old patriarchal paradigm/fictitious reality of our 3d world this is quite a challenge for many people,we are living in a linear time frame that is very mechanical and oppressive to the soul and heart based feelings,it feels like a prison and it feels fake.Cosmic inner child cannot exist in such an oppressive paradigm because for the cosmic inner child ( the soul ) time is an endless spiralling movement of consciousness connected to source which only resonates with freedom,joy,integrity,this is the Krystal template of the KRYST CODE,time is not the same as we understand time here in 3d,organic timelines are vast motions of cosmic breaths where we exist as god-sovereign-free beings,the inner child wants to exists in that free flowing,co-creative,and timelessness all the time,this is where the human soul longs to exist and longs to experience again.

To better understand how this will be achievable,we need to understand our inner wounded child better and give this inner child all the sacred and authentic space.The old patriarchal paradigm is based on saturnian black magic system which has punished and shamed the human consciousness to the point of us not wanting to make that connection with soul again,humans were punished and ostracized,and often shamed or tortured for being a human.Let`s make this clear,we are not clones,men are not from mars and women are not from venus ( please let me laugh here ),in other words we are not adam and eve which is a binary mechanical model of consciousness that is really not coherent with the true nature of reality,there are not just 2 types of genders existing in the multiverse although at the cosmic energetic levels there are divine masculine and divine feminine infinite living currents of creation that are at the core of our multidimensional templates ( and again,we are not clones at that level either ),these infinite energetic currents are also part of all planetary consciousness,our planetary consciousness grids at planetary,galactic,universal and cosmic levels,the inner child is connected to all these levels of consciousness when it is not tampered with,but here on this planet the human consciousness has been tampered with on multidimensional levels,and so here we are now.

To resurrect the human soul out of its slumber and the prison of linear time,we have to break free from the grand illusion that has encapsulated us within a fictitious reality in the first place,this can be experienced as an intense shock to the intellectual mind in most cases and may take quite some time to digest and articulate clearly,but once this stage is overcomed the fragments of Self start to appear and communicate with us in phases,the guilt programming will start to emerge frequently also because we have been told so many times through the ages that we have no right to exist,no right to be who we are,no right to be our authentic self,no right to be unique,no right to live as a free and sovereign being,the inner child has caved in and lived in fear for ages.The key here is to give ourselves permission,to stand in your power and to nourish and nurture your connection with your higher Self,your god source if you prefer.This may feel or appear like an impossible quantum leap,it really starts with listening to your own inner voice,if that voice had been buried and ignored for so long it may take some time before you can even hear a whisper,nevertheless it is there,waiting to be taken seriously and to be received openly without condemnation,without fear...The inner child needs to play,to explore,exist in a no time zone,to co-create,to feel,to be true and authentic,to be in alignment with source,to be loved unconditionally,to be in communion with what is natural and organic to his consciousness,to live with integrity and purpose,which is all part of our divine blueprint,so giving space and permission to this inner child will put us in contact with our divine blueprint again,without being naive,because of course we are not living in a fluffy love and light type of world,one needs to protect that inner child,protect that personal space,protect that authentic voice that you are like a roaring majestic lion,don`t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

Lyson Roy