mercredi 10 mai 2017

dark arts training initiation

Since last year i had been wondering why i am witnessing and experiencing so much dark "stuff" at an increased and intensified rate since my awakening in 2010.I am not a dark person in the sense of being attracted or supportive of dark forces but it seems i had to really wake the fuck up in this life time to understand what is going on here in this world.Being exposed to this type of energy constantly is a wake-up call to open the eyes and the heart on the true nature of reality and the journey we took with this planet while remembering who we really are.

What has become very clear to me is that the human template of this universe is embodying the wisdom of eternal god-source WITH SOPHIA as Sophia is the eternal cosmic expression of wisdom.But to understand and consciously embody such a vast and incredibly deep knowledge and awareness we had to go into the depths of hell in order to acquire this type of cosmic awareness based on individual and collective experience,and so we fell with her into this very long and very deep dream that has turned into a nightmare, believe it or not we are dreaming with sophia,it is HER cosmic dream about us, the human template she "fell" in love with, this was no accident! and personally i am now seeing the divine purpose behind all the drama and behind all the dark crap we have been through within this universe, it may be very hard to see at this time but those that are on this ascension timeline with their full conscious awareness are becoming cosmic Ninjas and cosmic Jedis while we are embodying the wisdom of eternal god-source,in a way we are becoming the guardians of this vast and very deep body of knowledge to be preserved for the benefit of all,we could see this as a new breed of cosmic librarians in a way.I do not know if it was meant to be that way or if it was pre-destined but we have to bear in mind that we are cosmic co-creators and as co-creators we have this innate divine free will for choice and self-authority.

I find that dark arts training is very similar to martial arts training, you become a master at it once you  have gained mastery in all aspects of the arts.Mastery takes discipline, dedication,patience,presence,perseverance,courage,and mental clarity, for many of us on their ascension path, we have gone through many life times or cycles to gain all these skills to such a level they have become second nature,many of these skills are the virtues of the cosmic Christ consciousness ( take note that i am referring to the authentic and truthful Christ consciousness and not the false Christ consciousness which is an inorganic overlay/grid on this planet ) that we are also embodying as a support and ally to the Sophia body of consciousness.This type of training is very hard as it involves many seen and unseen dangers and also  a high level of risk to the consciousness going into really heavy densities such as ours in our universe.I mean this is very real, this is not some kind of simulation where we get to practice these skills to be then thrown into real situations when we are ready, i don't think any of us was ready for this.By "this",i mean a very large array of dark themes assaulting the planet and the human consciousness,most of which i have experienced myself or witnessed/observed on several occasions.

several DARK ARTS training themes ;

-waking-up from a very deep amnesia where you begin seeing the bogus reality we are living in as opposed to sleep walking into a spoon fed beliefs system that we are told to be true and natural.

-different layers of mind-control programs like religions, cultural socio-political engineering, education system, trauma based conditioning,gender based conditioning,victim/victimizer programming and salvation programming, oppressive patriarchy ( and it could also be oppressive matriarchy ) through religious system indoctrination,official 3d science, mainstream and alternative media, new-age movement, the medical system etc...

-black magic grids ( dark encryptions narratives and practices that involve satanic rituals, demonic possession, reversals grid, sexual abuse,entities attachments, energy siphoning ,black magic rituals, astral realms, recycling of souls, the monetary system and its related institutions etc... )

-war over consciousness which involve different forms of psychic attacks by entities/PSYops/artificial technologies,psychological and spiritual warfare,frequency barriers to block access to our higher cognitive functions of our multi-dimensional anatomy and star networks,armaggedon world war theater,stargates and portals takeover, information wars through disinformation,archontic interference, imposter spirits, holographic inserts, different sorts of implants etc...

-Luciferian conglomerate/consortium ( false light consortium )

-satanic forces and occult based groups/cults

-military industrial complex which may involve different things like black operations projects, secret intelligence agencies, divide and conquer strategies,pharmaceuticals,secret space programs,alien abductions and underground bases,psychic warfare, terror etc...

-cloning centers

-other types of interferences that may involve artificial intelligence, black hole entities, hostile ET races,DNA harvesting, manipulative/hostile alien technology etc..

these are the basic themes, but if the reader wants to learn more about these topics and much more, the ENERGETIC SYNTHESIS website is a fantastic resource.

So one of the most recurrent difficulty as one wakes-up more and more is the many forms of bullying she/he/they will experience, the targeting is very real and may be similar to a track field of obstacles course that you have to jump over like an athlete, the discouraging, depressing and disheartening episodes are very real too! i have had so many of them i can't count.The point is to make the choice and the  decision to engage the inner will in alignment with the higher Self or eternal god-source if you prefer, in a conscious state where the awareness grows to become an Adept...i do not know if the earth was intended to be a school and i find it hard to agree with the idea of earth being an experiment which is a dangerous slope towards cold hearted scientism in my point of view, the co-creative factor could very well be a fundamental element to our journey back to source that the ascending human template will have to integrate in terms of a fully aware, conscious and free being as cosmic citizens ( perhaps all of these elements/factors happen to be the whole picture ),in this context it would be only fair that at least one learns from past mistakes to understand existence on a cosmic scale yes, but also having the humility to understand why all the dark crap happened and where did it all come from.

Lyson Roy