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major lightbody realignment to organic time wave field

Since my last blog article last may i have experienced a major lightbody realignment which was  followed by the activation of aqua crystal bio-keys in my DNA.It took me by surprise literally to say the least but mostly it has been very difficult and intense for my physical body.The realignment began with my sphenoid bone activation ( which is explained by Lisa Renee on her Energetic synthesis blog,i will post it under the sources of information menu of my blog ) which was communicated to me by my higher Self a couple of days before it actually occurred,the direct cognitive experience i had with it was very strange and unless i had the information i would not have understood what it was all about.Basically,the sphenoid butterfly bone is housing our internal higher intelligence apparatus in the brain which connect us to the star networks for communication with star systems and star families and to direct cosmic energies, unfortunately this internal apparatus has been degraded through the timelines of our planetary histories, but also a planetary misalignment ( in my understanding ) which happened in the planetary grids had harnessed our sphenoid bone structure into that particular misalignment for energy harvesting for instance but also harnessing that structure into a black magic system grid.

What was clearly shown within the direct cognitive experience i had was demonstrating how a particular central bank owns the pieces of land directly connected to this internal higher intelligence apparatus we have in the brain, which in turn are directly linked with the atlantean timeline, what was demonstrated were an islands archipelago located north of england/UK which i believe were part of the Lohas Atlantis tribe-11 Maji Celtics,location of stargate-11,planetary stargate-11 links to our 11th chakra of our multidimensional anatomy and is part of our avatar identity and its related timelines.In other words the ruling elites of this planet ( through central banking system ) are owning this particular level of the human consciousness and trade the harnessed energy amongst themselves as they please ( in this particular case,hired brokers sell and swap these pieces of land as merchandise for commodity and profit ) because we are in a very deep state of amnesia we do not know that we are owned by the global monetary system and its related corporations conglomerate,usually when people think of energy they do not make the connection with consciousness they just think of energy as a commodity, very little do they know of the bigger picture.Our natural organic state would not require that we eat anything, at all ( not even plants ),for us to grow and to live since we would be breatharians,in other terms we would get our sustenance from the sunlight that we would breathe through this internal brain apparatus that we have, but since this has been modified many ages ago we need intermediaries to sustain our genetically modified metabolism ( our natural and organic cosmic metabolism is the Kryst code encryption within a completely natural functioning monadic reuche configuration ) since we lost that knowledge and memory we treat everything on this planet as a commodity, animals,nature,women,relationships,technology,humans,information,and so on, we just completely forgot where we came from.

With this activation simultaneously followed a lightbody realignment in a sequential synchronization to the krystal pattern, sequences of direct cognitive experiences where i could see and observe myself at several levels of my multidimensional anatomy, one of these sequences involved what appeared to be a galactic realignment to a natural male energetic configuration, this sequence was so surreal it was like suddenly snapping out of a huge hallucination and i mean this literally, it looked like i was inside this deep state of unconsciousness, the victim of this incredible distortion filter where i saw a large group of hostile and threatening men all standing around me and staring at me,when suddenly regaining consciousness it was like i was seeing them in "the wrong light" before the realignment,i had the chance to observe the realignment which appeared to be a shift of a couple of degrees in angle,i could tell that there was a misalignment of about 20 or so degrees when the realignment occurred,then i could see them as they truly are, not hostile to me or against me but here now with me as a support and partners, there was a voice in that particular sequence stating and reclaiming the original 12 strands DNA template for myself and perhaps that galactic group of men ( most probably a galactic race related to my twin flame body ),it was communicated to me a few days later that these men had been turned into cyborgs.It is my understanding that the significance of this sequence could also be interpreted in our 3d reality as to which extent both hemispheres of the human brain have suffered this same misalignment and severe distortion, our brain is supposed to function as a harmonious single unit with the organic left to the right and the organic right to the left, this relates to the inorganic time loop where the magnetic and the electric are not in their divine blueprint configurations the left side of the brain and the right side of the brain are always in a constant battle for expression and perceives the "other side" as an enemy.It is very clear that the left hemisphere of the brain is predominant in our earth culture,the right hemisphere took the back seat as a result of constant humiliation, ridicule,shaming and vilifying,and it is also my understanding that the left hemisphere of the human brain has been turned into a cyborg just like that galactic group of men,what this means is that part of our male energetic configuration has been turned into a cold senseless thinking part of our consciousness completely disconnected from nature and its natural divine cosmic origin which is fertile ground for artificial intelligence infiltration.This relates to time wave reversals where the electric current and its organic positive charge was harnessed into a reversed spin...

After this realignment episode i also had a direct cognitive experience of seeing a part of my avatar identity being held captive in a dark space by what appeared to me to be moon chain lineages, it was such a surreal sight to see these beings face to face while they were throwing stuff at me with the very clear intent to harm me,they were throwing different types of objects like blades and knives for instance for fun and entertainment, i had no choice but to defend myself, as soon as i regained consciousness within that dark space,i started using self-defense techniques to protect myself and i did not forget to communicate a big FUCK OFF to them at the same time by throwing back some of their harmful objects at them ( just so they know and remember ) soon after that i decided this was ENOUGH,and i kind of made a backflip into the air to get out of that space and i made this exit into a  silver disk that was a couple of feet above me slightly on the right side,i am not sure if this was my encryption disk or maybe a signet shield but anyway i clearly made an exit from what i think was a dark space that is directly linked with a time space misalignment.It is my understanding that the fall of the milky way galaxy into such darkness is sourcing from another universal timeline within the Andromeda galaxy billions of years ago,i am not entirely sure where the moon comes from but may have infiltrated the Lyran constellation where we have our avatar identity, i understand the moon to be an artificial object which harnesses timelines/space time.

This lightbody realignment ( external lightbody ) i believe was produced by the integration of the Paragon complex/integral bridge ( see Shiftmasters course 1 and 2 on the Arhayas website ) which is the natural organic time wave of our eternal cosmic earth,this is made possible through the Krystal river fail-safe host which is hosting the planetary ascension cycle we are in now.

Experiencing such a realignment in the physical body has been difficult for me, for over a month i had serious mobility problems with my left side,recalibrating was also experienced with the brain,feeling like my brainwaves were switching "sides" or one side was struggling harder than the other to recalibrate, very strange sensation.

It is very possible that this level of realignment of the personal kathara grid is required to move into the Aurora continuum context, which to me only makes sense, some people will be realigned earlier than others perhaps but there is plenty of time still for anyone who wishes to make that time jump into this organic time wave field.It was communicated to me recently that the earth is changing her plasma body, there are control centers located within the planetary body at different geographical positions which are linked to the earth's planetary plasma anatomy,it is her only that has control over these centers.It was also communicated that it will be very hard for a lot of people to understand what is happening, and so i'm guessing some people will be needed to offer assistance and guidance to understand and integrate this whole process,in fact i had the chance to meet with a large group of children who are the next generation of interplanetary/intergalactic/intercosmic emissaries that are already incarnated here.In my point of view it is important to understand that each person is unique and different,which simply means each person will ascend at his/her own pace and also gain more perspective and awareness to their own internal rhythm,otherwise we would only be robotic clones.More and more,the information will come through to help us heal and manifest our divine blueprint and help us access our own internal and organic dynamics, in other words our eternal cosmic consciousness is going to come through and overcome all the darkness of this universe.That is my belief.

take care and be well,
Lyson Roy.

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