dimanche 2 juillet 2017

aqua crystal bio-keys activation

So following my lightbody realignment to the organic time wave field ( see previous article ) i have experienced the aqua crystal bio-keys activation which was first communicated as an upgrade of DNA.The episode was a direct cognitive experience where as soon as i re-integrated my encryption disk of organic time wave field ( at avatar identity level ),i saw a cluster of aquamarine crystals assembled in a specific pattern.There were about 7 individual aquamarine crystals forming the cluster, my conscious awareness kept its focus on the cluster as it moved in a way that i could see it from a 3d perspective, then after a moment it stopped moving and the crystal cluster "opened" itself in the manner of unlocking it self to reveal information contained within the crystals.Each crystal opened a translucent bio-computer screen displaying information,simultaneously,so it was hard for me to read everything all at once and unfortunately i was not able to retain all the information in my conscious memory at least from a 3d perspective, but i do remember snippets of what i had the time to read before waking-up;


-strenght and muscles production through replenishment of bone

-production of a new type of hormone/enzyme/protein/brain chemistry/neuro-connections

-elevation of consciousness, although it was clearly explained what exactly i do not remember the exact information

each piece of information coming from one crystal, there were about 7 crystals as far as i can remember and so this is only half of the information being transmitted ( in very short since i can only remember snippets ).

Simultaneously,there was a very harmonious music/song that i was hearing while experiencing the activation and i started feeling a circulation of energy occurring on the left side of my body, mostly in the upper area shoulder, back and neck level, it was tingling so much that i could hear myself giggling within my sleep!

I have been struggling with identifying exactly the source of that particular crystal cluster, if this was the 13th aquamarine chakra in the universal mind matrix or if this was the pole sun bio-keys of the A-RHI-yah earth ( aqua sun in d-planes density 4.5/ see shiftmasters course 1 and 2 on the Arhayas website ).My interpretation is that it may relate to both.

The aqua crystal bio-keys activation activates the Crystalline Markhet'Ure mesh collagen network & bio waters/collagen water matrix ( see the Shiftmasters course 1 and 2 on the Arhayas website for reference and much more details ) within our bio spiritual anatomy, this relates to the organic eternal time wave field of our natural and organic plasma body anatomy that is composed of different layers and interfaces with the planetary plasma body anatomy.This engages a healing process which is not happening overnight of course,it is a gradual process that will clear the great cycle of sorrows implant within our cellular memory matrix.For instance,it is my understanding that the activation will gradually trickle down within my bio-field until it modifies my chemistry.


following this activation i began perceiving white lion humanoid guardians and the white lion planetary grid which is an universal interface system that connects to the Christos-avatar body of consciousness, and so there was a Christos re-alignment mission that seems to have been taken place,at least on a personal level.My higher Self communicated that it was necessary for me to travel through the cellular memory matrix of the human template,a review of the cellular memory record ( in this case, from the perspective of the past ) was required to access DNA healing and to access higher + elevated awareness, to begin clearing of the cellular memory implant ( the great cycle of sorrows ) which is held in the collective memory matrix of humanity.Personal lightbody interfaces with planetary lightbody,planetary lightbody interfaces with galactic lightbody,galactic lightbody interfaces with universal lightbody and then we have to take into account all the historical timelines of the invaders and the many forces we are quantum entangled with in the much much larger picture.Our external lightbodies also interface with internal lightbodies and the much larger spirit bodies within the cosmic structures and configurations of consciousness but i won't get into this now.There is a lightbody purge taking place right now.

The aqua ray is a universal frequency held within the universal logos spectrum of consciousness and it is a mother ray which connects to the Amoraea central flame of the Reuche ( see Energetic synthesis website for more details and reference ),it is my understanding and impression that what is happening now is we are accessing our future Selves and we are anchoring our eternal organic time wave simultaneously with the consciousness of this planetary body, our eternal cosmic interface is coming through and this is engaging a healing process to reset the Kryst code in our templates, basically we are returning to source,to our natural organic eternal selves.Our cosmic heart is a diamond grid template,we connect to this cosmic hearth through earth's prana seed which is her dream stream ( cosmic breathing tube ) that is forever linked to the central point of all creation and pre-existence field of existence of our own multi-cosmoversal matrix,while healing we are breathing again with the earth the frequencies of divine and eternal love, joy,freedom,unity consciousness,creativity,health,real growth and expansion back to this planet and this universe ( at least the parts that are on the ascending path and return to source ),once you experience this in your own lightbody it is my understanding that it starts manifesting in your own personal reality, it is the projection of your eternal time wave manifesting itself within your hologram.

Lyson Roy

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