mardi 25 juillet 2017

breaking free from the dark grids and the dark grids entities

These past couple of weeks i am experiencing direct cognitive episodes with dark grids and dark grids entities parasiting the earth and humans, these episodes are so straightforward and surreal i knew they were quite significant and that they are really showing me what is happening at this time.

So i had this very real episode where i saw myself coming down from a higher consciousness grid seeing that a family member was really struggling to break free from dark grids entities that were clinging on her soul body, they were determined to not let her go and it appeared to me that she did not know with what she was struggling with,it was more that she did not have a full awareness of what was happening it seems, nevertheless it was clear she did not want to remain there and she was struggling to break free from their grip.I saw that and quickly i came down to help her,i remember talking to them but i knew that my words were falling into deaf ears so i left as soon as i expressed my thought to them, soon after that me and my family member started traveling in the multiverse and it was like i had no control over this, it was as if eternal god-source wanted to show her something,i took her hand so that  she wouldn't feel scared or get lost while traveling,at one point we were traveling within a space where we could literally see an infinite amount of galaxies and the many many MANY domains of existence contained within these galaxies,i mean this is hard to convey into words as this is so surreal and our distorted earth language cannot express this in a manner that is comprehensible to the human mind in its present deformed and distorted perception of reality, but anyway, there we were traveling as free beings within the multiverse and translucent bio-computer screens/monitors started appearing in front of us, at that point i think it was a bit too much for me to process and i woke-up from sleep,i only remembered half of the whole episode.

The following night i experienced another dark grids episode, again i did not have any control over this it was as if a higher power was tele guiding me through the whole episode,i suddenly became completely aware and conscious within my sleep and found myself flying over vatican city,there i noticed some people, mostly priests and church authorities as far as i could tell were walking around and i knew that what i was seeing is the actual reality,so i was seeing those people in their soul body except that these "people" are not humans but very real dark entities, the soul of these beings is not what appears to be the case in 3d ( i already knew that, but to actually see this without any filter is quite surreal ) these dark entities are inhabiting a human body,in 3d we see a human body and we believe that this is a human being, well things are not as they appear in many cases on this planet.I do not know how to describe these dark entities except by saying that they are very much empty of life, they are like souls filled with darkness, funny enough at one point some of these entities suddenly realized i was there and they became a little scared as caught by surprise, because they knew that i knew ( that i could see their true identity ) then again a higher power/authority spoke through me as i pointed my finger at them and said " YOUR TIME IS OVER " i mean i do not wish to sound self-important or like a holier than thou type of person because i had no control over this, it came from a higher power/authority...quickly after that i was tele guided inside a very large "structure" the structure was a building that we call a bank here in our 3d world, but this was a very large housing structure and i do not think this was happening in 3d,most probably in 4d astral planes, anyway,i was inside flying through the many hallways when suddenly i noticed blood started to drip from the ceiling to soon flow over the walls, it was horrifying! it was clear to me that this "structure" is linked to the vatican,and it should be underlined here that the Roman catholic church is just another name for the roman empire, the empire never ended, it just carried on under another brand so to speak.

In august there is this sun eclipse in capricorn conjunct pluto and i find it very interesting and telling that pluto is the 10th stargate of this planet ( at Abadan in Iran ) which is linked to Lyra/vega.We remember that the planets of this solar system are the pieces of the planetary soul ( Tara ) that exploded and fell here, and that the annunaki invasion occurred through the 10th stargate in our past timelines, for me the moon is an artificial satellite and as i was sharing in a previous article i am not sure where it comes from but it is not an organic satellite to the earth planet,and i believe it is an artificial object used to harness timelines and space-time,it was most probably brought here in this galaxy through the black hole at the center of the milky way a very long time ago, dark entities got here by artificial means.In astrology the moon represents or is symbolic of the mother, nurturing and loving nature of the feminine, which for me is a false representation of reality, the moon is not loving or nurturing at all it is an artificial object brought here to harness and manipulate consciousness! there are many more moons of the same nature in our solar system, most of which are inhabited by predatory alien races or used as artificial portals/spaceships.Artificial moons in our solar system appear to harness the natural and organic magnetic ( feminine ) configuration consciousness field from what i understand, from the perspective of the past timelines which concerns us, the magnetic parts of our consciousness and planetary grids had been harnessed and transformed into a false feminine consciousness configuration, in other words it has been used as a servant to the reversed electric ( male ) consciousness field,this happened following the gender splitting tech with the blue sword technology.

At this time of the ascension cycle i find it is critical to be aware of this, the reason being the dark grids entities won't let go that easily of the souls they have captured/ensnared in their grids,these grids interface with the layers of the human mind of our multi-dimensional anatomy, personal and planetary, we could picture this as a dark web around our body/aura and the planetary body/aura,which has been there for millennias and has had a black magic conjuring effect on our reality and our consciousness expression, the struggle will be very real for a lot of people i think, and it is not necessarily a struggle that will be seen from a 3d perception but most probably more at the soul level where the majority of people on earth are in a state of disconnection or unconsciousness.It is my understanding that the people who have made their spiritual homework are now ready and able to realign their external lightbody to the eternal organic earth time wave, the shift is very real and opens to the Adashi cycle return ( ascension back to source ) portals, it is like having your consciousness moved to a higher and organic grid, you are still here in 3d but your consciousness has moved to a future which does not exist yet in appearances although it feels like it is streaming through you already.

Another episode of dark grids entities i had seemed to have been an ancient memory of when these entities entered into the Andromeda galaxy ( the previous location of the milky way galaxy before it became a falling system ),from what i understand so far this came about through the wesedak or wesedrak matrix/the Bourgha-Buddhara races of that particular system, the invasion came quite quickly and it was very traumatic, i am saying entities but really they are a collective of very real beings,of dark avatars,it seemed to have been a very crushing experience on the lightbody at the time with very serious consequences.A close encounters with these beings is the very real feeling of heart-sickening sensation, the crushing morbidity, anti-life and anti-human vibe that you get right away, it was the exact same feeling and heart-sickening sensation i got when in close encounter with the black cube software program ( which in my understanding, these dark avatars are trapped within that artificial hologram, the artificial hologram IS the black cube software program itself ),so my impression is that i am experiencing an outer and inner lightbody purge of the dark grids right now, it is my understanding that it is happening now because we are right into a planetary grids split, which will most probably last for the rest of the year until the definitive split of the grids.


Before the grids split actually happens we may feel the pull on our mind and body by these dark entities ( where they still have access to our multi-dimensional anatomy ) to keep us in their dark grids,i am witnessing this energetic pull for several days now while my physical body is asleep but i am completely aware and conscious within my sleep enough on some occasions to witness what is happening behind the 3d veil, it is not something pleasant or fun to see but seems to be necessary to witness as part of gaining the clarity of mind in terms of accessing healing and the awareness of a conscious multi-dimensional being.The conscious memory of the personal and collective memory from the perspective of a multi-dimensional consciousness,the real human history and all collectives involved with the human template of this planet goes very far back in time indeed...i do not know how this will play out in our 3d reality but it does feel like a very close event about to happen,this can also be thought of as a timeline split,referring to a ascending timeline and a descending timeline,one does not need to be "perfect" to be on the ascending timeline but only engaged on their personal ascension path which may not be the same as mine or the same as a starseed for instance,i think it has much to do with choices, choices we make for ourselves and the collective well-being and of course this planet which is a very real divine consciousness and deity.

I think the solar ecplise may be a "time mark" in our consciousness field of when things start to really shift, and most probably very intense, as i was sharing the planetary and personal lightbody is going through a purge,it appears to be part of the process before saying goodbye to our past and everything we may have experienced in those past timelines before being really engaged with the organic future of this planet,i know this is what i am witnessing in my own reality and hologram,my personal eternal time wave is engaged with the eternal time wave of this planet and it involves a time wave expansion where these toxic entities won't have access to, i do not mean to be judgmental or condescending to these dark entities i am only saying this from a point of observation,and besides as an empath i can only say that many times i have felt genuine love and compassion for them, it's just come to a point of no tolerance, enough is enough right.So yeah, my choice is to ascend with the planet to our real and cosmic future, to participate in engaging myself for re-building the divine blueprint of humanity, to co-create with the divine consciousness of this planet ( who is a very real living DEITY in the D-planes located in the 4.5 density ) a love sourced field for all life and all beings on this planet, within the divine cosmic intelligence language of a god-sovereign-free existence.

I wish everyone all the support, love,clarity of mind and kindness at this time because we will all need it in the months to come.

Lyson Roy.

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